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I Have A Little Problem

I have a little problem. I can’t seem to control my “out loud voice” very well. I have been told on numerous occasions that I have an errant mouth. I guess I have to agree. I also like to push Sir’s buttons sometimes. I know that I am not supposed to, but the flash of fire in his eyes when I do is so unbelievably intoxicating that I can’t seem to help myself.

A few nights ago, the kids were across the street and Sir and I were sitting on the couch. I was reading to him. We have been reading some fun BDSM novels together. It was getting late, so we decided to quit for the night. I don’t even remember exactly what we were talking about, when I made a smart-ass comment and ended with a sarcastic “Yes, Sir!” I don’t know how guys move SO FAST, but in a flash, he had a fistful of my hair and I was pinned over the back of the couch. I know this will TOTALLY surprise you, but I didn’t just accept my punishment quietly. As I struggled, I MAY have made a comment about someone else being able to pin me down better. As you can imagine, that didn’t go over well. He pulled me by the hair down to the floor, “ripped” my pants and panties off and began shoving his fingers into my wet opening. I breathlessly asked, “What if the kids come home?” With a flash of pure aggression, he shot his head directly in front of my face and growled, “Then YOU will have a lot of explaining to do, won’t you?!” He climbed off of me, jerked me to my feet and drug me down the hall, by my hair, and into our bedroom, where he threw me on the bed.

As he locked the door, he informed me I was going to get punished for my bad behavior and reckless mouth. Since my mouth doesn’t know when to quit, I made a comment to the effect of “Good luck with that.” The biggest smile grew across his face as he grabbed me by the wrists and drug me into the closet. Still gripping one wrist, he reached into a basket and pulled out his handcuffs and a bundle of leather rope. My eyes flew open wide and I loudly protested, “HELL NO!” as I began struggling to free myself from his grip. He just smiled and laughed out loud as he drug me back to the bed. He shoved me by the back of my neck, over the edge of the bed as he wrenched one of my arms behind my back. I had to stop struggling a little, because it hurt to move. He just kept laughing, taunting me and telling me to “keep trying to get away little girl.” Once the first hand was cuffed, the other was a quickly restrained too. I began kicking backwards with all my leg strength, hoping to push him off. He just continued to laugh as he grabbed by legs, crossed them at the ankles and pushed them up to my ass. With the rope he tied my ankles together and secured them to my already bound hands. I was officially “hog tied” and he just stood back and laughed.

I couldn’t move, and the rope and cuffs cut into my skin. He used this as an opportunity to continue to taunt me as he began fucking me with my amazing little wood Manzanita friend and then I heard a familiar humming. Soon my Magic Wand was showing me a little of its “magic” too! By the time he was finished, I had squirted all over the bedspread and was BEGGING for relief and release.

He carefully untied and released me. He gently massaged all my bound and bruised body parts. When he leaned in to give me a loving kiss, I looked longingly into his eyes and pleaded for his cum. His eyes flashed again and we fucked hard, until his complete release, deep within me. We spent the rest of the evening, sweat drenched and curled up in each other’s arms, talking.

My mouth wasn’t errant anymore that night.

But two nights later…………….

Just Another Day…

I was at work today when I received an email from Sir. I immediately opened it and read. As I finished, a tear rolled down my cheek, because I knew, from the deepest places in my soul, that I was truly loved by this man. I would like to share his words, with his permission, with you.


Today is just another day…..

Jack and I were standing in the classroom this morning, looking at his new culvert samples (he gets excited over the oddest things….but then again, so do I…….SQUIRREL!!!!…..)…..ANYWAY…..we were standing there talking about all the ways we could use the culverts in teaching, and math exercises the students could do with them, when a student named Sarah walked past us, to the back corner of the classroom, and sat where she always sits, even when she had my class last term. Sarah is quiet, doesn’t talk much, and rarely smiles. But she is drop-dead gorgeous, has an amazing figure, and always smells really nice. This morning was no exception. She walked by, and I stepped back into the breeze that always follows pretty girls when they walk with a purpose, and there was the smell, and it was really nice. I swung my head just enough to the right to check out her ass, and then went back to my discussion with Jack. And you know the funny thing? As soon as she was past, she evaporated from my mind like mist before the morning sun…and all I could smell was you, all I could feel was my hands running all over you….and Jack kept talking, and I tried to be in the present, and engaged….but it was just another day….

“And the plastic is so nice because you can cut it in the field with a hand saw…” god her hair smells so good when she is right out of the shower…..”……steel lasts longer, but will rust out eventually”…….her skin is so smooth, and when I touch her she closes her eyes and inhales…..and tingles…….” ….too smooth for the fish, so steel is actually better because of the corrugations”……when I push her to her knees she goes quickly and willingly, and moans softly in her ecstasy, before mine even begins………”…and they could calculate volume differences in different size culverts”……Fuck! What is he saying? Yes, culverts….ok….culverts belong in the woods…….. she lets me take her to the woods…lets me fuck her in the sun….makes the wind stand still……..”…..math skills from resources measurement should allow them to…..” ……….skills….yes, skills…..god she has skills….and lavishes them on me…….”so thanks again for getting them, I’m sure we’ll find lots of ways to use them”……… yes…lots of ways…..lots of places….to use her, make her know who she belongs to…..make her know she is MINE……make her know she is so incredibly loved and appreciated………see her smile……god damn she has such a beautiful smile………….

This is just another day for me. Another day where I have so much to do, and I charge at it forcefully with a purpose, and everywhere I turn, something brings me back to you…remember my message to you way back in September? About threads? Well…..there are still so many threads….all around me. They all lead to you….

Just another day…..

O – Yeah!

I have been floating all day. Sir and I had an unexpected but incredibly intense mini-session last night. The results of our evening left me with one burning question – Exactly how many DIFFERENT Orgasms can I actually have?

I’ll start with the type I had last night. I had already pleasured Sir, as he had instructed, and now he just wanted to play. He told me to lay back and spread my legs wide. He began a series of bites, licks, nibbles and flicks that felt great. He decided he wanted to play a little rougher, so he went to the Toy Chest and returned with some clips. He pinched, pulled and clamped at his will. I was definitely reaching a level of heightened enjoyment from the pleasure and the pain he was inflicting. Then, something happened, and I will do my best to explain it in words. He was continuously increasing the intensity of his play. The euphoria began to take me over and it seemed that the world started to be sucked into this rapidly moving black hole. There was no noise, no temperature, nothing except for black. Suddenly, there was the most brilliant white explosion, just like those fireworks that burst into a perfect round circle and sparkle and twinkle, as it drifts toward you and down to earth. As soon as the flash ended, I could again hear sound, feel temperature and was aware of my surrounding. I was panicked, because I couldn’t catch my breath, my hands were clenched so tight in the sheets that they hurt and I was afraid I had just had a stroke. My Sir instantly moved up my body, wrapped around me, began talking my erratic breathing down, stroking my hair and helped gently pry my snarled fingers from the sheets. Once I could speak, I told him that I felt like was floating away. He smiled, wrapped around me tighter and told me that he would be right there to make sure I didn’t float too far away. He eventually gently moved me into my place in bed, wrapped me in the blankets and him, and I drifted off into a completely blissful slumber. This particular orgasm was a new experience for me.

I have had vaginal orgasms, some resulting in MAJOR squirting, and some not. I have had clit-stimulated orgasms. I can orgasm through nipple play and I have even had a REALLY intense orgasm once when Sir was rubbing behind my knees. (Yeah, I don’t understand that one either.) My pussy clenches and pulses on a regular basis whenever Sir is near or even when he contacts me throughout the day. Orgasms can be very localized and focused. They can be very broad and all-encompassing. They can be instantaneous and sometimes I have to work for them a little harder. They can cause me to convulse, clench, be unable to breath and sometimes, just bring a smile to my face.

While my Sir is an incredibly potent man (I was able to make him cum 4 times in 12 hours on our last trip. Not bad for a 50 year old 🙂 Thank you, Sir.), I am SO GLAD that I am ALL FEMALE. I can orgasm over and over and over and still be ready for more. I don’t think I will ever know exactly how many different orgasms there are, but I am happy to keep doing the research.

Aren’t we the lucky ones, girls? 😉

My Favorite Toy!

I am pretty sure that if you are interested in reading my Blog, you have some form of “Toy Box” of your own. I know that I do. It has all kinds of fun toys inside. I have a nice assortment of vibrators in different sizes, materials, configurations and colors. My dildo collection comes in different textures, shapes, materials and sizes too. There are lubes, creams, oils and emulsions of all viscosities, scents and flavors. Belts, whips, crops and paddles have their place too. We often bring in temporary toys, like an icicle or a nice warm wax or an assortment of cucumbers or Blow-pops. YUMMY! I LOVE the smell of leather that emanates from my Toy Box. And what box would be complete without a “Magic Wand?” Don’t you just LOVE it?!

While I find great pain and pleasure from all these toys, there is one that is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! You won’t be able to find this toy in any store. It was a gift, made just for me, by my Sir. It is about 9 inches long and 5 3/4 inches around at the base. It is made of laminated Manzanita wood. It was carved to perfectly fit me. It is a guaranteed juicy, squirting, curl-your-toes and make you squeal orgasm EVERY time. We have collected special wood from a few of our friends that he is working into custom toys for them too. I have requested one thing, which is he not make another that is exactly like mine. Sir has told me he has other toys he wants to carve for me, and I am absolutely looking forward to adding them to my chest, but THIS ONE will ALWAYS be my SPECIAL FAVORITE! 🙂

What is YOUR favorite toy?

Babygirl Bondage- Talent Post Featuring WWA


Her husband had informed her that they had plans on Saturday. Sir didn’t tell her what, but her day was going to be full. Curiosity and excitement filled her brain. What was he planning?
They woke in the early morning on Saturday and quickly found themselves entwined in each other. She loves it when he wraps around her body and they are able to spoon in the morning. During the crazy work week, they usually don’t have a lot of time for that, so on the weekends she really craves it. Sir informed her that she would be going to the movies with their daughter at 11:45, and then they would be going out together around 4-ish. Of course, where they would be going was not shared.
His hands began to explore her body as hers did his. Her already erect nipples were caressed, squeezed and pinched between his strong and nimble fingers. Her hand slid across the sheets to caress and stroke his already stiff cock. Sir’s other hand slid down her body until it found her soft mound and his fingers slid easily into her already wet slit.
They continued this exploration for a few minutes, until she started to feel a little disobedience flood though her. She moved her body so she was lying flat on her stomach and all touching had stopped. She kissed him firmly on the lips, smiled and told him, “Thanks, but I am done with you for now.” She tried to quickly scamper out of bed, but he was not amused. Sir caught her by the arm before she was able to completely free herself from the layers of blankets. In a flash, his hand was around the back of her neck and she was pinned with her face pressing into the bedside table and the headboard. “I am not done with you!” comes growling from his mouth as he forced his hard cock into her already drenched pussy. Unable to move, and the discomfort of the corner of the nightstand being pressed into her left cheek. She felt the flood of euphoria cover her body as she prepared for his power and release. Well, there was no need to prepare, because after a few exquisite thrusts of his hips, just enough to really get her going, he stopped, withdrew himself from all her folds and whispered in her ear, “NOW I am done with YOU!” He jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom, closing and locking the door. “BASTARD!” she thought.
That didn’t work out at all like she had planned, so she put on her bathrobe and went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. She was sitting in a big, comfy chair when Sir finally came down the hall. He walked around the chair and pulled the big, padded ottoman from under her feet, and into the middle of the room. He extended his hand to her and jerked her to her feet. Walking her across the floor, he stopped, turned her so her back was facing the ottoman and lowered her down. He pulled her by the knees, until her ass was slightly over the edge. In one smooth move, her robe was unzipped and she was completely exposed, naked and in the middle of their living room. Sir quickly released his erect cock from his pants, grabbed her again behind the knees and began fucking her. It was hard, deep, and hit her G-spot with reckless abandon. She reached her climax at the same moment he fully released himself into her pulsing, wet pussy. Panting like a dog, she managed to get out a breathy, “Thank you, Sir.” “Good Girl,” he smiled, and was off to wake their daughter.
She quickly retreated to the bathroom to clean herself and prepare for the day. Her and her daughter went off to the movies. They watched Into the Woods and it was GREAT! They talked about it all the way home. She was sad to see Sir was not home when they got there. She called him to find out where he was, and he told her he was running errands and would be home soon. She was to be ready to go with a warm coat and her snow boots on when he returned. She promised him she would be ready, just as he had instructed.
When he arrived home, he smiled, kissed her and informed her that he had to get a few quick things and they would be leaving. She grabbed her jacket and purse and went to wait for him by his truck. She peeked in the back, and from what she could see, was pretty sure she knew where they were going. He had his guns and targets in the backseat, so they had to be going to The Pit. She was excited and a little apprehensive too. She had shot guns with Sir before, but they still scared her. He threw the last few items in the back and they were off. Just as she suspected, they were indeed headed to The Pit.
The Pit is an old gravel quarry way out in the woods that people use as a backstop for target practice. Usually during this time of the year it is inaccessible due to heavy snow, but this year the roads were manageable in 4 wheel drive. They arrived and she instantly saw that he had been out there earlier in the day, preparing for their arrival. There were targets already set up, and a large pile of cribbed wood in the middle of the pit. It was a very nice day somewhat warmer than typical for January, with the sun setting on the tall pines and snow all around.
Sir turned off the truck and came around to her door to help her out. He took her hand and led her to the back where he opened the tailgate. He quickly set up the propane heater and started it blasting nice hot air to keep her warm. The first weapon he pulled out was a small .32 Smith and Wesson handgun with fixed iron sites. It had belonged to his Great-Grandfather. He had given it to Sir’s Grandfather one day, telling him “I need you to take this so I won’t kill my wife with it.” You see, Sir’s Great-Grandfather was a very strong Roman-Catholic from Italy, and even though he HATED his second wife, he could never divorce her because the church wouldn’t allow it. So, via his Grandfather, Sir now owned this gun. Sir told her all about the gun, how to load it, how to empty it and how the iron sites were used. They put on ear protection and she emptied 24 rounds into the clay targets and paper box. She found the iron sites to be a bit of a challenge, but really enjoyed the power she felt with her finger on the trigger. She may not have hit the bulls-eye every time, but guaranteed, if any of the targets had been an intruder, that intruder was toast. 🙂 Sir told her this would now be her gun, to keep her safe when he was away.
The next weapon to come out of the back was a .17 HMR rifle. It was big, shiny and jet black with a large mounted scope. Sir had won it at a Ducks Unlimited Banquet 2 years prior. Again, he showed her how to work the safety, load, unload, and aim the gun at targets that were MUCH further away this time. He eased her fears, telling her the gun had no recoil, and she rested it across the hood of the truck and took aim. She actually squealed when the first target was hit in the bulls-eye on the very first shot. All subsequent 6 shots hit their target and Sir put the gun away, a big smile on both of their faces.
By now, the sun was almost completely gone and dark was heavy on the trees. She had to wait a few minutes while he fussed around behind the truck. Soon he was trotting away from the truck, toward the nice pile of cribbed wood carrying a gallon jug with him. He placed it on a piece of concrete that sat about 5 feet in front of the crib, and started a small fire in between the jug and the crib. Sir ran back to where she was waiting. He pulled out an extremely large rifle, a .220 Swift, which he said shot at extremely high velocity. With the biggest grin on his face he said, “This is about to be what is known as a ‘Redneck Bonfire’. Fire in the Hole!”, and shot that gallon jug. Well, that jug was full of gasoline, and when it exploded onto that little fire, the erupting fireball shot about 40 feet into the air and rained down onto the snow, setting the cribbed wood ablaze. It was truly spectacular.
They packed up the few remaining items from shooting, and moved the truck closer to the fire. Sir backed it up so the tailgate was the perfect distance from the fire to sit and enjoy the warmth. To make sure she was completely comfortable, he also moved the hot propane heater so she was surrounded by a curtain of heat. He retrieved a small cooler from the back. “Would you eat a picnic dinner with me, my love?”
Her face nearly hurt from the grin that formed on her face, and she quickly informed him “That would be wonderful, Sir.” He used that brilliant fire to slowly roast hot dogs. While he squatted and roasted, she fed them both the delicious Greek salad that he had brought. For dessert, they feasted on carefully prepared, decadent S’mores. It was the perfect end to a perfect date with her Sir.
As she finished packing up the very last of the dinner, she noticed him putting more wood on the almost dead fire. “We don’t want to stoke that and leave it do we?” she quietly asked.
He stood, turned to her with a devilish look in his eyes and said, “I never said we were leaving.” She could not help wondering, what was he up to? That was about all she had time to think as he grabbed her by the waist, spun her around to face the tailgate and commanded, “Bend over, put your hands out flat in front of you and close your eyes. And you BETTER keep them closed!”
She did EXACTLY what he directed and responded with a soft, “Yes, Sir.” He started moving all around her and talking.
“I went shopping today. I have a few new things I would like to introduce to you.” She heard him unzipping a bag. He continued, “You know what this is, don’t you?” as he placed something into her out-stretched hands.
“Yes,” she replied. “This is the wonderful leather rope you wrapped around me a few nights ago.”
“That’s correct. And I know you recognize these.”
“Yes” she responded shakily, with her eyes still closed, as he placed the cold metal handcuffs into her hand. She knew them very well. They were quick-release cuffs, and she had almost mastered escaping from them.
“Now, you won’t recognize these, because you have never seen them before, but I bet you can guess what they are. They are much heavier than the others and you WON’T be getting out of these.”
She almost couldn’t breathe as he place another set of handcuffs into her hand. They were MUCH heavier than the others, and she had no idea how these worked. She began trembling harder.
“Now, we need to see just how well built these Tundras are.” He first grabbed her right wrist and stretched it out to the side. She felt the click of a set of handcuffs on her wrist, quickly followed by another click to a metal object, which happened to be where the tailgate latched. The same sequence followed to the left. She was now stretched, arms secured out to each side of the truck, and bent at the waist over the tailgate. She was completely unable to move.
“I bought a new toy for myself today. Would you like to guess what it is?” he said as she felt a cool piece of leather glide across her cheek. It was followed by a long, slow trip down her back, coming to a rest across her ass. She instantly knew EXACTLY what it was. Sir had bought a riding crop! In one swift move, her pants were down around her snow boots. She was out in the cold night air, bare assed and gasping for breath.
The sudden sting of the leather across her ass was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was sharp, intense, and much more localized than any of her previous spankings. It sent an instant electric surge straight to her core and clit. After several biting stings, Sir said, “Yes. This will do very nicely, but I will have to be very careful with it. I could do some serious damage if I were to get carried away. I will need a little more practice. This is enough of an introduction for tonight. Good thing this isn’t all I brought.”
She heard more rustling and suddenly felt the familiar thrust of their wooden Manzanita toy into her dripping wet pussy. Sir pounded her with such force and aggression that within mere moments she was coming. Seconds later, as he continued his assault, she felt a gush from her pussy that sent streams of fluid running down her bare thighs, soaking into her jeans still wrapped around her ankles.
“Now that is EXACTLY what I wanted,” he said with an air of joy and satisfaction in his voice. Sir went into the truck and returned with a towel to dry her wet legs and pussy. He then pulled up her pants, released her hands from the cuffs, and told her she could open her eyes. There was NO WAY she could possibly have supported herself on her weak legs, so she just remained bent over the tailgate.
After some time, and with the support of Sir, she was able to stand on her own. She looked into his loving face and asked, “Please Sir, may I take care of you now?”
He softly caressed her cheek, kissed her and said, “Not now, but you will. You are shivering and I want to take you home and FUCK you because you are my Fuck Girl, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Sir. I am YOUR Fuck Girl.”
She hadn’t even noticed, but suddenly she was shivering. Sir placed her in the cab of the truck and turned the heat on high. He quickly loaded everything into the back, and they set off for home.
As they drove in the silence of the snow, she felt overwhelming emotion wash over her. Sir must have sensed it and asked, “Are you alright, my love?” The tears came streaming down her face as she caught her breath to reply. “No, Sir. I am not alright. I am so much more than alright. I never thought that I would ever feel this kind of love, devotion, connection and bliss. Thank you for giving me that. I LOVE YOU.”
They rode home holding hands and finished the most perfect night at home, in their bedroom, with Sir’s cum dripping from her smiling face.

Party Time!

Off for a few days to celebrate a friends birthday! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

It’s All About Timing

My husband/Sir and I have been on this new BDSM-D/s journey for several months now.  We have already traveled places that I never even imagined we could go.  I have been writing, all along this journey, as a journal, so I will be able remember both special and ordinary events.  I had hinted at my desire to try bondage for years, but Sir had convinced himself that I was just kidding and didn’t ACTUALLY want to try it.  Well, I have since created a MONSTER!  I will take some responsibility for that because I have given him the permission and the control to try anything that he wants to explore.   This is the story of our first night playing with mild bondage.

We went out to dinner.  The waitress was REALLY cute and P (short for Professor) seemed especially excited by that. Actually, everything that was going on around us that night seemed to excite him.  We shared intense glances, soft touches and lots of dirty talk at the table.  By the time we finished our dinner and returned home we were both super charged, and headed to the bedroom for some fun.  Things were going extremely well, with lots of touching, tasting and fondling, all part of our “normal” fun.  Then he turned me onto my stomach, and laid his body on top of me.  I did not sense anything new was about to happen.  But I noticed that he was reaching under the side of the bed.  It took me a second too long to realize what had just happened.  As I gasped, wide eyed, attempting to free myself from under him, a pair of REAL handcuffs was clicked onto my right wrist.  “OH, FUCK NO YOU WON’T!” came booming out of my mouth just as he flipped me over, onto my back, straddled me and attempted to grab my left hand.  “OH, FUCK YEAH I WILL!” he said with a dark look in his eyes I had never seen before.  He was SO MUCH stronger than I am, so it didn’t take but a second and the other hand was cuffed.

“OK, this is kind of fun,” I thought as I tried to relax.  I started to laugh and asked him where the cuffs came from.  I was thinking that this was a fun game.  He slammed my cuffed hands above my head, sat hard across my chest, smiled a wicked smile, leaned over in my face and said, “Bitch, I am not done with you yet.”  What I hadn’t realized, because he was an expert at distraction, was that he had reached behind my head and pulled out an expertly rigged tether line from the headboard.  Before I realized exactly what it was, the handcuffs were clipped in and he was flying off the end of the bed.  I was in a dead panic now, flailing, cursing and threatening him with every fiber of my body.  He reached down to the corner of the bed frame and came out with one ankle rope.  I quickly decided that if I kicked out all his teeth, it was his own damned fault.  FUCK, he is strong!  No surprise, both my ankles ended up tethered to either footing and I was screwed.  Literally! 🙂

P has never shown this kind of aggression, and when all was said and done, we both LOVED IT!  I can’t tell you how bruised my ankles and wrists were the next day.  I put up a good fight, but was no match for him.  I inquired as to when he had done all the rigging.  He told me it had been set up for almost two weeks.  When I asked what had taken him so long to use it, he simply replied with a smile on his face, “Timing, Baby.  It’s all about timing.” I think his timing was perfect.

My Sir

As we laid in bed this morning, entwined in each other, spooning in our morning connection, my Sir nuzzled up behind my ear and whispered, “Two people.  Two bodies.  Two hearts.  Two minds.  One Being.”  Thank you Sir for knowing EXACTLY what I needed. 🙂

Fact and/or Fiction

Since we have embarked on this journey into BDSM and D/s, I have had an unexpected need to write. I have NEVER had this kind of need before. I wrote the required papers in college, often without much feeling of dread, but with absolutely no feeling of need. I now write about things that actually happen and fantasies that I see playing in my head. I am able to close my eyes and let my fingers fly across the keyboard. I try to capture every sight, sound, taste and feeling that I experience. I have decided that I want to share some of these stories. I am in NO WAY a trained or experienced author. I just hope that I can provide something g that someone will find entertaining. As for the fact and/or fiction part, that I won’t tell you. I will leave it up to your imagination to decide what really happened versus what my twisted imagination decided to crate. 🙂

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