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5 Days Apart

My Love,

I write this in anticipation of having to spend five days apart from you. Five whole days feels like an unending eternity. But, even one day, one hour or one minute, away from you, is almost unbearable. Yet, bear it, I must, for we will have to spend time apart in order to continue in our day to day lives. I will spend every second of the next five days thinking of you, wanting you, desiring you and needing you. The memory of your kiss, touch, caress and soft, loving words will hold me until we are together again. Travel safe, for you are the protector of my heart. Return to me and be greeted with all the love, fire and passion I have saved from this moment, until we are together again.

Forever and Always,
Your Amelia


How do You define Yourself?

I don’t know why, but I have been asking this question a lot lately. I guess I am trying to decide exactly who I am at this place in my life. This is what I have come up with so far.

I am a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, employee, cook, maid, gardener, seamstress, caterer, mechanic, laundress, blogger, actress, comedian, counselor, personal shopper, pain craver, submissive, mistress, lover, fuck bitch, cum slut, and housewife whore.

Who are you?

(Photo is Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman)


I am still reeling from a recent experience. With everything that has been going on in our lives, both Sir and I really needed some relief. We had been having amazing sex, but I was still needing more. I decided to start pushing Sir’s buttons. I joked about his hearing, his sight, him falling and breaking a hip, basically, that he was an old man. He kept warning, and I kept pushing. (Playfully, of course.) Now, I know that I am not “suppose” to do this. It makes me a “bad” sub. Topping, yada, yada, yada. BUT, I did it anyway.

Sir finally snapped, I fought, and he drug me down the hall into the bedroom. There was LOTS of wrestling, pushing, pulling, kicking and fighting. He was able to finally get a set of metal cuffs on my wrists and used them to drag me across the bed and around the room, several times. I have such dark bruises around my wrists and hands, thank God for watches and bracelets. I actually can’t stop rubbing them. The pain and soreness makes me tingle and wet. 🙂 He finally got my hands and one ankle, tied to the bed so I couldn’t move.
There was lots of spanking, slapping, twisting, whipping, biting and fucking. We were both dripping with sweat and completely exhausted when our daughter called and needed picked up. I am VERY thankful that he decided to untie me before he left to get her.

When he returned, we climbed in bed and talked. He described the charge he had as he drove to pick her up and the AMAZING rush he experienced as he took me. Sir was never that kind of man. He was raised to be kind, affectionate and loving to women. He has had a little trouble and reservations about being so rough with me. To tell the truth, if you had told me that I would crave a man whipping my ass and bruising my body, I would have called you crazy. I once told a very special friend that if a man slapped me across the face, I didn’t know if I would want to kill him or fuck him. Well, my friend, FUCK HIM! DEFINITELY FUCK HIM! 🙂

I know a lot of people would call us crazy. You can call me anything you want, just PLEASE SPANK ME, SIR!

Tears of Sadness

I have not felt like writing for the last several days. On Monday, my family, along with many others, suffered a terrible loss. My daughter’s best friend, all through Elementary school, took her own life. This young lady was quirky, funny, adventuresome and intelligent as hell. There were no signs, no bullying, and no cries for help. She just decided that she was feeling too much pressure in her young life. We don’t even know exactly what that pressure was. Because she was so smart, she was successful in her suicide attempt. Maybe if she wasn’t, we would have had another chance to help her.

I keep looking for something that gives me answers to all the questions in my head. There are no answers that will bring her back to us.

My heart aches for her parents. She came from a very loving, involved and dedicated family. I just don’t know how you continue to breathe in and out after suffering this kind of loss.

Please take a moment, hug your loved ones, especially your children, and remind them that NOTHING is ever bad enough to take the irreversible step of committing suicide. If you pray, please keep this family in your prayers for me today. They need all the support they can at this time.


After a wonderful morning, I sat at work yesterday, with Sir continually running through my mind. I NEEDED to let him know I was thinking of him. I sent him a quick email, describing some of my thoughts. I was blown away and overwhelmed by his loving response. I KNOW I am loved more than any woman ever deserves to be. Thought I would share.

My email to Sir:

You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you!
You make my heart sing!
You make my soul soar!
You make my insides feel like I am floating!
You make me happy!
You fulfill me!
You satisfy me!
You stimulate me!
You complete me!
Most importantly, you love me!

Sirs Loving response:

Yes to all those feelings. …They are all true for me as well. I feel good again today, really good. I have found myself standing straight and tall, striding with a purpose, and smiling… thinking about you….your mouth….how I wanted to hold your face in my hands and taste your lips….feel the light brush of your tongue. Thinking about running my rough hands over your smooth skin makes me tingle, as much for what it does to you, as for what it does for me. Thinking about how much being IN LOVE with your spouse of 20 years is the most amazing drug…better than anything else I could imagine.

Let your insides float, and I will be there to keep you from floating too far from me
Let your soul soar, and when you come back down, my soul will be there to meet with yours
Be happy, and your happiness will blind me like the light of the morning sun, and my happiness will reflect back on you
Let me continue to stimulate you, and I will keep your fists clenching and your toes curling
Feel satisfied by me, but know that satisfaction will NEVER mean boredom
Let you and I continue to complete one another, knowing that we are always a perfect work in progress
Let your heart sing at the top of its voice, and mine will sing with you in perfect two-part harmony
Most of all, let your love and mine collide with one another and combine to make something so huge and powerful it nearly hurts……..Ever, always, you are MINE, and I am YOURS…


The WORD – part 3

Abruptly, he thrust his cock through her parted lips. She fought for breath through his merciless plunging. He pulled back just long enough for her to fill her lungs and then resumed his attack. He leaned forward and began swatting her ass with each forward thrust, alternating cheeks, and intensity, leaving bright pink prints behind with each stroke.

He raised his hand and slapped her across the face as he withdrew from her slobbering mouth. His sting on her cheek was heavenly. She redirected the intensity of the blow to her core, causing her cunt to clench tightly. It was the clench that made his forceful entrance into her wet pussy that much more concentrated and amazing. He began pounding deep inside her, and the repeated contact of his hips against her stinging pink ass almost transported her to a place where she would come totally undone. She knew she had to wait. She knew she didn’t have permission. But, oh my, her body quaked with the denial.

He knew he was close to release. The feeling of her muscles clenching him tightly brought out the most guttural groans from his throat. He knew he would be needing release soon, but where? He withdrew and quickly returned to pounding her throat. He couldn’t deny that she was an expert in oral pleasures. If he had known she could deep throat like this, he would have taken her long ago, with or without permission. Rapidly, he moved back to her dripping cunt. The warmth, the tightness, and the sweet juices almost overwhelmed him. But, no, that is not what pleased him most. With that revelation, he returned to her mouth, grabbed her hair with one hand and wrenched her face upwards. With the other hand, he gripped his throbbing cock, pulled two aggressive strokes and released himself, coming across her face.

He stilled and lightly convulsed in front of her, dropping her hair from his fingers. Cum dripped from her cheeks, chin and open mouth. She used her tongue to lick up all that she could, craving the salty taste, as a pleased smile grew across her lips. She raised her head, following her blue eyes as they searched for his face. She locked eyes with David, and her smile grew as she breathily whispered “Thank you, Sir.”

He extended his hand, helping her to rise and stand in front of him. He gently used his shirt to wipe her face clean. He clasped her jaw in his hands and tenderly kissed her inviting lips. Pulling back with a grin on his face, he simply said, “Good Girl. I will DEFINATELY have to remember that word.”

Thirty minutes later, Lawrason and Marie returned, laughing again about some seemingly new private joke. The final dishes for lunch were being placed on the perfectly set table. David arose from the barstool where he sat, drinking an iced tea, and greeted his wife with a chaste kiss. Kay came around the table to greet Lawrason with a loving and lingering embrace.

Lawrason pulled back with a smile on his face, and that mischievous twinkle in his eye and inquired, “Everything looks and smells amazing. Did we give you enough time to get EVERYTHING done?”

Kay swatted him with the dish towel that was again in her hand. “Plenty of time. I was able to make lunch and David and I had enough time left over to get to know each other a LOT better.”

Lawrason walked over to David and extended his hand in a firm handshake. “Well, my friend, I appreciate you taking care of my wife while I was gone. I am VERY happy to say, I was able to get to know your wife a LOT better too.”

The End
written by Miss Amelia
edited by Professor

The WORD – part 2

She quickly raised her arms and skillfully unbuckled his belt. Her small but nimble fingers made quick time of his button and zipper. In one fluid motion, she rose higher on her knees, smoothly slipped her hand inside the waistband of his underwear, releasing his straining cock and plunged it deep into her open and salivating mouth, causing him to let out a carnal groan while giving a violent tug to her hair.

She had often been complimented on her exceptional oral skills. She took great pride in delivering great pleasure to the men she served. This time was no exception, so she set to pleasing him. Her mouth salivated the perfect quality and quantity of natural lubrication. Her lips glided up and down the full length of his pulsing, ridged cock, making sure to circle the tip with her luxurious tongue before plunging it down deep into back of her relaxed and accepting throat. Long, slow strokes were peppered intermittently with rapid, dripping and manic sucking. All the while she adjusted to his hip thrusting, hair pulling and guttural groaning responses.

Suddenly, he yanked her head back, pulling his cock from her mouth. As she knelt there, lips dripping, eyes begging for more, he commanded, “Get naked and position yourself on your hands and knees on the ottoman in the living room. Now Bitch, GO!”

She jumped up and began stripping. She shed her shirt first. Next came the bra. She skillfully dropped her pants and panties while in mid-stride. She assumed his requested position on the ottoman, making sure to leave her ass and mouth prominently presented. She was ready and anxiously awaiting further instruction.

He couldn’t help but slightly raise the corner of his mouth in a smirking smile, as he surveyed the trail of clothes that he followed into the living room. The smile became a serious, determined look of wanting when he saw her positioned there, waiting for him. As he walked around her, he glided his hand down her back, across her ass, along her side, brushing the edge of her tit, over her shoulder, up her neck, along her jawbone, stopping to raise her chin to face him. “I am going to take you now, using you in any way I want. I will pleasure myself using your body, your tight pussy, and your talented little mouth. When I am done, you will thank me. Do you understand?” His stare, piercing her core, through his dark eyes.

“Yes, Sir,” were the only words able to drift from her lips as her head wandered and drifted into glorious subspace.

to be continued……


They were all very excited about the visit. The time between visits was as long as the miles to be traveled between their homes. But finally, they were getting a wonderful long weekend together. David and Marie had arrived at Lawrason and Kay’s to great fanfare and lots of hugs and kisses. They quickly returned to the same old familiar routine, and stayed up that night until the wee hours of the morning, talking, laughing and drinking several bottles of great wine.

After sleeping hard straight through the breakfast hours, they finally woke, got cleaned up and charged forward into the day. Kay was in the kitchen beginning to gather the ingredients to make a delicious late lunch, to fill their wine ravaged bellies. David sat on a barstool, sipping his coffee, casually talking to her about the latest project at work. Lawrason and Marie rounded the corner, arm and arm, laughing wildly over some inside joke, silencing quickly as they entered the kitchen.

Releasing Maries arm and slowly gliding across the room, Lawrason declared, “We are going to run to the store and I am going to take Marie for a quick tour of the town. You are going to stay and take care of my lovely Bride.” He pointed at David as he gently kissed Kay’s cheek.

“I can have food ready in about an hour. Will that be enough time for you?” Kay asked with a sunny smile on her face.

“Better make it closer to an hour and a half. Maybe even an hour and forty-five?” he said with a raised eyebrow, and the look of a spoiled child on his face.

“What am I going to do with you? Go, have fun and behave yourself,” Kay said with a playful roll of her eyes. A raised eyebrow and penetrating look from Lawrason made Kay suddenly regretful of the eye roll. Another quick kiss among the couples and the two were off.

As the front door latched close, Kay spun to turn the unneeded oven off. She clicked the last dial, and was suddenly aware of a presence standing directly behind her. She rotated to find David standing mere inches away with a strange expression on his face. In one swift motion, he clasped her face between his masculine hands and claimed her mouth with his. The kiss was hard and intense, yet very short. He pulled his head back to stare into her wide, shocked eyes.

“What are you doing?” Kay whispered in a breathy and overwhelmed voice.

“I am doing the ONLY thing I have thought about since pulling out of my driveway,” David replied in a low growl, as his mouth found hers again, his tongue probing its way between her parting lips.

Momentarily lost in David’s beguiling aura, Kay suddenly burst back into reality. With both hands firm on his taught chest, she forcefully pushed him away. Weightily and breathlessly she yelled, “No! We can’t! We HAVE to Stop! YOU have to STOP!”

Regaining his balance, he powerfully stepped up to face her, staring darkly into her eyes. He commanded, “NO, I Don’t!” He inhaled slowly, stared fixedly, opened his mouth, and said IT.

Kay’s mind flashed – He just said IT! How did he know IT? Did Sir tell him? He MUST have! I have no choice! He said The WORD! The dish towel, in her hand, drifted to the floor as Kay dropped to her knees, assuming her position of total submission. Sitting low on her knees, palms positioned flat on her thighs, face and eyes turned down, Kay awaited further instructions.

David stood, looking down at the welcome site. Her body told of a woman, submissive and ready for his every desire. He gently glided his hand over her silky smooth hair and sweetly asked, “Are you a Good Girl?”

Without changing position, she whispered, “Yes, Sir. If that is what you want me to be.”

Fisting a handful of hair at the nape of her neck, he yanked her head back, so he was looking directly at her delicate face. “Good answer my little Slut.” His eyes were now completely black and devilishly wicked. “Now, undo my pants and suck my cock like the good little Cock Slut I know you are.”

to be continued……..

So This Has Been Bothering Me

Not having a Safe word or some trusted safety net, doesn’t make you more submissive, dedicated or authentic. It just makes you more likely to be abused. Don’t be blindly stupid, educate yourself, choose trustworthy partners and ALWAYS be Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Sir's ginger

"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls." ~Coco Chanel ...and Ms Chanel was SO right...

Confession: I like to read naughty stories.  I know.  I write naughty stories, so it’s not like this is a shocker.  Not long ago I finished reading a book.  I can’t recall the name off the top of my head and I don’t really want to mention it anyway.  I don’t want to publicly criticize another writer.  But…

Some things about the story really bother me.  In this book, a woman meets a man who turns out to be a Dom.  You’re with me so far, right?  However, in this guy’s version of BDSM there are no safe words.  If this sub doesn’t like what’s happening, she’s free to say so, at which point the relationship will be irretrievably terminated, end of story.

As a result, because her only other option is losing the relationship, this woman goes along with a lot of things she doesn’t want to do…

View original post 280 more words

Crazy Week = Hurt Feelings

What happens when you feel disconnected, unattractive and all around blah? This is an absolutely CRAZY week for me. I won’t go into the boring details, but I still haven’t figured out how to be three places at once, and that is exactly what I need to do. My head is spinning and it has caused a slight problem with Sir.

The other day, my head was going a million miles an hour, as I was trying to go to sleep. Sir knew this, calmly asked me to roll over onto my belly, and proceeded to give me 6 good swats across my ass. It was remarkable how it just instantly calmed me and set my mind at ease. I slept great that night.

Fast forward to last night. We had already had a play session earlier, because he was super charged. He pounded me hard, made me feel wonderfully used and he had an amazing release. As we pulled ourselves together, before our daughter found us, we teased about making sure I squirted all over the sheets, before the end of the night. I was excited and looking forward to going to bed.

When we got there, he started to explore my body with his mouth and hands. I was beginning to find that heightened space where your body and mind start to float. Suddenly, I crashed back into reality as I realized he was laughing at a show on the TV (it was on as a light source in the room). Seriously, he was actually watching TV? To say the mood changed in a HUGE understatement.

I was instantly devastated. Was he so bored that he had nothing better to do than watch reruns? Was he bored with me? Am I unable to captivate him anymore? Of course he’s bored! I am old, my body is quickly going south, there are no surprises left and he had definitely been there-done that. My mind began going wild. I know, poor me. Self-deprecation seems to be one of my first defenses.

Sir quickly picked up that something was wrong. I didn’t really want to talk about it, but he wouldn’t relent until I told him. I couldn’t get the words out before the chest heaving sobs started. He was instantly devastated. I know he didn’t mean to upset me. I know he loves me. He apologized and apologized. He wanted to make it up to me, but I was COMPLETELY done for the night. He relented and just curled around me and held me until my emotions subsided.

I am a semi-intelligent woman, who understands that I am tired, stressed and freaking out for no apparent reason. However, I still feel the hurt this morning. I hope that putting it down in words will help me release it. Must go get ready for work and another full day. Crazy, Here I Come!

photo taken from google search, unknown photographer.

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