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Do You Lose Consciousness Too?

Seriously, do you ever lose consciousness while you are having sex? I guess it’s not while I am having sex, it’s after multiple, intense orgasms. Professor tells me that my body lurches hard as I orgasm, my hands clench into tight fist, usually entwined in the sheets, I writhe and twist and then suddenly just go completely limp. I begin to stir within seconds and my body is completely relaxed. I usually feel foggy and a little disoriented, but fine otherwise. I assume it happens due to a lack of oxygen. It only occurs when we have been playing hard and I have had multiples, like 5+. Does this happen to anyone else?

Voyeur’s View part 2

The Second man again spun her to face the First. He encircled his arms around her chest and with one violent downward tug of her shirt, released her breasts into the open air. They were beautiful breasts, large, round, and creamy white, with perfectly pink nipples standing hard and erect in the sea breeze. The First man turned her so the rays of the sun reflected off her exposed chest. The glare of the bright sun off her alabaster skin almost hurt my eyes through the magnifying glass of my binoculars. My eyes blinked hard, my skin flushed an embarrassment pink and my heart rate fluttered in double time. I should go. I shouldn’t be watching this. It’s wrong, yet, my feet won’t move. I NEED to see this, but I don’t want them to see me, so I seek the barest of shelter behind a wispy bush along the guardrail and continue my voyeuristic view.

Now, one man was on each breast. They were setting their own individual rhythms of sucking, licking, kissing, pinching and pulling. Each man seemed lost in his own divine ingestion of her delicate flesh. She stood still, shoulders back, chest pushed forward and face to the sky, as if she were presenting herself for their complete enjoyment. And their enjoyment was completely evident in their hunger to consume her.

The First man arose from her breast and began kissing her mouth. It was a passionate, all-consuming kiss and I could see their tongues dipping wildly in and out of each other’s mouth. The Second man, still suckling at her breast, suddenly plunged his hand down the front of her pants, wildly grasping and searching until his hand came to rest at the spot he had been seeking. I knew he had found her clit, and I could tell from his movements he was pleasuring it in little, concentrated circles. She was no longer able to kiss the First man, who now just supported her as her body showed all the signs of eminent release. I was unable to hear the sounds, but could decipher the ragged breaths and moans passing from her glistening lips. In one intense, body-wracking spasm, I watched as she plunged into her unyielding climax. Her legs buckled and the two men supported her quivering frame as they slowly lowered her into a squatting position where she labored to regain her breath.

Her dropped head suddenly shot up to look the First man directly in the eyes as her hands raised and began releasing his hardened cock from its cloth cage. With one, slight nod of his head, she plunged his huge member into her waiting mouth. With long, rapid and wet strokes, her mouth teased and tortured him as he tilted his own head back to absorb all that the sun and her mouth had to offer. She began a lovely cadence of licking and sucking at the delicate tip, making sure the complete rim of his head was pleasured from every angle. She showed great talent and desire in her attentions.

The First man withdrew his saliva-soaked cock from her mouth, and with the assistance of the Second man, spun her on her still squatted toes, to face the Second man and his already exposed cock. The First man, speaking some undecipherable words, suddenly grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust her forward onto the Second man’s awaiting cock. Using her hair as a hand-hold, he thrust her mercilessly up and down the full length of his shaft. He slammed her face into his belly and ripped it back to the tip over and over again. He finally handed the control of her head to the Second man, who continued the brutal pounding.

The First man remained with his hands on her shoulders, but soon began looking around. He seemed to be scanning the beach in both directions, the trail which they must have taken to get down there, and then the cliffs above. Oh my GOD! Did he see me? Could he see me? I scrunched myself up as small as I could and closed my eyes tight. I guess I thought that if I couldn’t see him, then he couldn’t see me. Crazy, I know, but I was intruding on their intimate moments, uninvited. But he didn’t seem to have noticed me watching, and soon took a step back from her and tucked his hard cock back into his pants. But why? Was he done? Wasn’t he going to take her again? I just HAD to know what was going to happen next, so I continued to watch.

to be continued….

Voyeur’s View part 1

I was enjoying my drive down the coast along Highway 101. The sun was shining, the water was calm and colored a deep azure blue that blended effortlessly into the cloudless sky. I had been giddily anticipating this trip to whale watch for months. It gave me two days of peace, quiet and indulgence into one of my favorite pastimes. I had made several stops along my route that day, but the whales had managed to elude me.

On a small stretch of straight highway, I noticed a group of people pulled over on a minor turn-out, glassing with their binoculars out on the ocean. I decided to stop and hopefully see my first whales of the trip. I was able to squeeze my car in at the very end of the small gravel pad, stopping right against the railing as the road began a sharp curve away from the ocean. I was up on a cliff top, with an unobstructed view of the vast ocean below.

I immediately noticed the spouts, not too far out, amongst some protruding rock forms in the ocean. I anxiously lifted my binos to my eyes and began counting. One, two, three, four…Yes, at least four whales. They were spectacular. I watched as they rose and sank. I saw sprays from their breaths, their backs gracefully glide above the water’s surface, and the thrilling flare of tail flukes as they again dove into the depths. I was so completely mesmerized and enthralled by these great beauties that I hadn’t even noticed all the other watchers had returned to their cars and left.

I decided that I should take a quick scan of my surrounds, so I swiveled my head in all directions to survey. I glanced down the cliff’s edge, to the sandy beach below and noticed three people I hadn’t seen before. I did a quick glassing of them and noted one woman and two men gathering driftwood, which had been thrown by the ocean in great piles against the base of the cliff. They were placing short pieces of it in boxes, and I surmised that they must be camping nearby and needed the wood for their campfire tonight. Humm….maybe they would be making S’mores. I hadn’t had one in years, but DAMN how I loved them when I was a kid. With the lovely thought of gooey S’mores floating in my head, I again turn my focus to the ocean and the whales.

After an unknown amount of time had passed watching the whales, I decided to give my eyes a quick break from the pressure of the binoculars, and I again glanced down and to my left to the beach below. The woman and the tallest man were standing amongst the driftwood, kissing. I smiled to myself, wondering what kind of love story those two shared. Were they married, engaged, dating? The thought of love always brought a lightness to my heart and a smile to my face. But my daydream subsided as my eyes opened wide and I gasped at the sight I now watched down on the beach. The Second man had walked up behind the kissing woman, placed his hands on her waist, turned her away from the First man, and was now taking her mouth in a passionate kiss of his own.

WOW! Oh, Wow! I don’t know what is going on down there. What are they doing? That isn’t right. People don’t do that. I turned and again clumsily brought the binos up to my eyes and tried to find the whales that I had so longed to see. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t find them. Where did they go? What are those people doing? I was breathing hard, flustered and I knew that what they were doing was wrong, yet, I slowly turned the binoculars to the side and again began watching the three on the beach.

to be continued….

I’m Out of Here!


Don’t Panic!

I am just going on vacation.

I will be gone for several days so I won’t be posting or commenting. Professor and I are loading up our Brand New Travel Trailer and heading out to meet up with another couple for 5 days of adult fun, interesting conversation, tons of drinking, great food and debauchery. I CAN’T WAIT!

See you when we return!

Have Fun, Be Happy and Go Fuck Somebody! 

Desperation and Desire

Monday morning email from HIM:
How was your weekend?

HER desperate reply:
You want to know how my weekend was?
FUCK IT! I am going to tell you what has been swirling through my head. Take it or leave it, that’s up to you.

PLEASE, Sir. YES, PLEASE! I am here to serve you, to fulfill your every need and desire. Teach me, show me, and guide me to serve you better.

My entire body tingles, convulses and sings out when I read your name on my screen. I NEED to be used. I CRAVE your cum and attention. I SERVE!

FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! I want to hurt. I want to beg for mercy. I want pain and ache and pleasure. OH GOD, PLEASE! PLEASE! Please.

Don’t tell me no. Don’t tell me I have to wait. Don’t tell me someday.

Tell me you want it NOW! You crave it NOW! You want to get in your car, and I will get in mine and we will drive recklessly fast until we meet and crash into each other in a fireball of destruction.


Why You Got to Be So Mean?

Recently, I have been thinking about this medium and wondering why people feel the need to be so mean. I will give you a recent case in point that I experienced.

I have been following the blog of a man that cheated on his wife. There are a million detail, reasons and extenuating circumstances, but no excuses and he is brutally punishing himself for it. So, I left this comment on one of his recent posts.

I have a question for you. I fucked another man, one of my husband’s best friends in fact, does that make me a terrible person, a horrible wife and a bad mother? Should I be condemned to a life of pain, misery, heartache and be forever unforgiven? Is that the life you would wish upon me, my husband and my children? I sure hope not, because that is definitely NOT the life I wish for you. As you already know, you are the only one that can forgive yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to condone it, you just have to accept it and let it go. Those families that forgave the shooter who gunned down their loved ones in the church in South Carolina, didn’t forgive him because they condoned what he did. They forgave him because they needed to so THEY could heal. Heal yourself, my friend. You have done NOTHING that is unforgivable. NOTHING. ❤

First, I have NEVER cheated on my husband! Yes, we have introduced third parties into our life, but ONLY with complete knowledge and consent from ALL concerned. I wrote my reply to purposefully imply that I had, to make my point. I think this guy HAS to forgive himself first, so his family can heal. Anyway, I received a reply from someone else and it said,

You fucked one of your husband’s best friends and you’re asking if that makes you a terrible person?? Err, YEAH, it does actually. And a whore. I hope your poor children never find out, otherwise that’s them screwed for life. Ugh.

This was directed at me and offered NOTHING to the writer of the Blog. I went to this persons page and found out she is a wife that has been cheated on, is trying to work things out with her husband and thinks any woman that even walks down the same street as her husband is a whore, slut, bitch, and tramp. I understand she has had pain and disappointment, but I don’t understand the need to be so vicious in her comments to someone she doesn’t even know. I am NOT the one her husband fucked.

She can call me any name she wants, it doesn’t make it true. I am DEFINITELY NOT a whore. I don’t get paid for sex. I give it away for free.  I know I brought up my kids up in my reply, but that was the only thing that REALLY upset me. You can say anything you want about me, attack me and crucify me, but you had BETTER leave my kids the FUCK ALONE! Mama Bear don’t play.

So, I sent this reply.

I am truly sorry that you have been hurt very badly by someone. I hope that you are able to find some peace, because your angry reply, made with you having only the barest of information, is very judgmental, hostile and unforgiving. My point was that really, really good people make bad decisions sometimes. And yes, some really, really shitty people do too. Even if terrible mistakes are made, love, forgiveness and compassion can still lead us forward to a life that is changed for the better.

I could have been really pissy and mean right back, but that’s my whole idea behind this post, why would I? I have never seen the need to bring someone else down to your level when you are hurting. We ALL hurt sometimes. I would much rather find someone that is down and do my best to bring them up. I usually find that by doing that, I am raised a little along with them.

In conclusion: Don’t be mean, Love your fellow man and have wild, kinky mind-blowing sex!

Best NEW Things!

I am not one who usually hocks merchandise, but I thought I would share this little find with you. We all know that shaving can lead to those awful little red bumps, painful nicks and sometimes we don’t have the time to go get a good wax or sugaring. Well, at least I have had those problems. So, I was at the store getting more shaving cream and saw this on the shelf. I decided, what the hell, and I tried it. Well, I LOVE IT! I actually love it so much that you won’t find me shaving my va-j-j EVER again. It’s quick, easy and does a really good job. It glides on like a deodorant so I am able to leave a nice landing strip or V if I choose. I put it on, wait the desired time, about 8 minutes for me, climb into the shower and rinse it off. It just wipes away and leaves everything silky smooth.

The only down side I found was once, when I was in a real hurry, I got some a little too far into my tender opening, and that burned like a Son-of-a-Bitch. Since there isn’t even any hair there, I recommend you DON’T do that. 🙂 Besides that, it has never irritated or burned anything else.

So if YOUR Va-J-J needs some attention, give this a try.

Trinkets and Possessions

I want to tie you to a chair. In the corner of a room, perhaps the bedroom, perhaps a dimly lit rough cabin in the woods somewhere. I want to leave the room, and return with another woman. She is pretty. Blindfolded. A little scared. I want to push her in front of you, and drag her close to you by the chain attached to the leather collar around her neck. Not a pretty, artfully made collar that speaks of ownership. You, and you alone wear that collar. But a strong, black, solely functional collar. This one is made for restraint and control.

As I stand her in front of you, she has no idea you are there. Your hands are bound to the arms of the chair, a heavy chair of dark, hand-worked oak. Your ankles are bound in leather to the front legs. A short chain, attached to your collar, keeps you from tipping your head forward more than an inch or so. You cannot move. I spin my trinket on a leash to face me, with her back to you, and casually lean over her right shoulder. I put my fingers to my lips in a signal to you that says you’d better not make one fucking sound.

I return to my trinket, and slowly begin to undress her. First her pants, which I drape over your left arm. Then her shirt, which I peal slowly over her head, careful to keep her blindfold snugly in place. I throw her shirt over your right arm. She stands before you, in a dark blue thong and matching lace bra. You cannot help but admire the round curve of her ass, and the clear, beautifully unmarked skin of her back. She is breathing hard, and shaking just a little. You struggle to maintain your own breathing, so that she does not hear.

I turn her around to face you, and in two deft motions her panties and bra lay draped across her other clothes. You admire her breasts, round, nipples already hard with anticipation. Your gaze shifts to her shaven mound, a petite slit surrounded by slightly swollen lips. You are beginning to feel the frustration of your restraints. I see you want badly to reach and touch her, but you can’t move.

I slide my hand up her belly, over her breast, producing a sharp gasp and a further hardening of her nipple, and continue up to the side of her face. In one swift motion the blindfold is off and she inhales sharply when she sees you bound in the chair just a mere foot in front of her, decorated with her clothing. “What the….!” she begins, but falls silent when I jerk her chain and bark a low but commanding “Quiet!” You look into her eyes and offer the first words spoken since I entered the room with her. “Oh Baby” you say softly “He won’t hurt you. He WILL use you though, and I suggest you do EXACTLY what he tells you”. The slight beginnings of a salacious grin touch the corners of your mouth. But it is your eyes that speak volumes. They are wide, fixed, and hungry. Ravenous. I move my hand from where it is gripping the chain at the back of her neck, down to the leather loop at the end of its short 20″ length, affording her a small scope of movement. It is then that I begin to instruct her.

“Step forward, and stand straddling her knees.” She dutifully complies, spreading her legs just slightly so they are touching your knees. Her thighs are just an agonizing inch from your bound hands, just out of reach of your fingertips. “Cup your breasts, then circle, knead, and pull your nipples.” Instantly her hands are tracing around her breasts, pulling and kneading. “Show me how hard you can twist them – take them right to their breaking point”. She does so, and as her pain builds she cries out involuntarily, before letting go and covering them with her hands.

“Now,” I intone in a low, authoritative growl “lean forward, and feed my hungry wife.” She reaches past you, placing a hand on the back of the chair on either side of your head. Slowly she leans in, bringing her aching left nipple towards your parted, moistened lips. Your chain affords you enough slack to tilt your head back, and your breathing now matches hers in intensity. Just before she gets within reach of your tongue, sitting hungrily on your lower lip, I stop her and look directly at you. “Are you hungry, Baby?” I ask. “Oh, yes Sir” you say barely audibly “please feed me Sir.” I swiftly push her forward and you lock your mouth on her nipple in voracious hunger, greedily sucking, licking, pulling, tasting… I push her sideways to land her right nipple in your mouth, and you dutifully lick and suck it, offering them both relief from the self-inflicted torture.

I lean to the side and look under your chair, and am very pleased to see small drops of fluid hitting the floor, running from your sopping cunt through the slats on the seat of the chair. I lean back and look at my trinket’s ass, again pleased at the trickle of juice I see running down her inner thigh. I yank her upright, and you both whimper at the loss of your connection. “Now, Trinket” I croon “push two fingers inside your pussy, and find my wife some of your delicious cunt juice. Put your fingers under her nose so she can smell them.” She does as instructed, and you drink deeply of her scent.

Your eyes are wild, and your restraint becomes ever more agitating and aggravating. You so badly want the use of your hands. “Now, Baby” I say switching my gaze back to you “Suck her fingers clean”. Trinket gasps as you tilt your head back and hungrily suck and lick all the juice from her two middle fingers. “Does she taste good, My Love?” I ask you sweetly. “Do you think this is a pussy I would approve of?” You offer a muffled “Yes, Sir” around her fingers, not wanting to let them out of your mouth. “Good” I reply. “Because in just a few moments, you will be cleaning her off of my cock”.

I grab both her arms and place her trembling hands on top of your forearms, just below your elbows. Your eyes are locked on one another, and you offer her further words of comfort. “Oh, Honey, he is going to fuck you now. I will warn you, when he fills you, it will hurt. But it will be well worth it – for both of us”. You smile wryly, and I drop my jeans and underwear to the floor, positioning the head of my throbbing hard cock at her opening, which is now positively dripping to match yours, the puddle on the floor under you having grown 5-fold in the last few moments. You and I lock eyes, and I put one hand on her left hip, the other on the back of her neck, and push her lips to yours. “Kiss her!” I growl, and I thrust my cock fully inside her in one motion. She cries one anguished “Ahhh!” across her teeth and into your mouth, as you begin hungrily tongue-fucking one another. I slowly withdraw until my head is again poised just outside her, preparing to ram into her again. Only this time, she knows what is coming. And so do you……….

Written by Professor

Gone in a Puff of Smoke

I have been following a REALLY GREAT Blog. I LOVED the posts, how the writer wrote, exchanging thoughts and the playful banter we had back and forth. I was relishing some of his AMAZING works, just this morning, and this afternoon, POOF, gone. His Blog has been erased, cancelled, deleted. But why?

I know this happens every day for a million different reasons. I am sure he had a very respectable motive, that there were unknowns and justifications, but still, I wonder why?

This medium is so unique unto itself. With the anonymity it affords, we can be anything we want to be, act any way we want to act, and come and go whenever the mood strikes. Each individual has their own reasons and rationalizations for posting. Some are exploring their beginnings, while others are lamenting their ends. There are those who are working on building themselves up, and others hell bent on tearing themselves and everyone else down. The lonely can be popular, the blemished can be beautiful, the attached can be free and the meek can be heroes.

You can be ANYTHING you want to be, say ANYTHING you want to say and come and go at will. But I still ask, Why?

A Drink on Tuesdays

I am sitting alone at the Bar, drowning my loneliness in one more drink.

I catch you watching me from the other end of the bar and softly smile at you as I watch you out of the corner of my eye.

You rise from your seat and come sit next to me, shyly asking if you could buy me another drink.

I say, “Well, I wasn’t going to have any more tonight. But, one more wouldn’t hurt.”

You signal to the bartender to deliver another round and we begin to talk. We talk and laugh, about nothing in particular, but a little bit of everything just the same.

I toss my hair, lightly lick my lips and gently brush my hand across your arm or leg, every change I get. You slowly and subtly move closer and closer to me until we have a source of constant body to body contact.

Our fingers soon begin lightly touching, caressing, tantalizing and teasing. My eyes show a rising desire and yours flash to black.

“Would you come with me, NOW?” you growl at me. I slide from my stool and simply whisper, “Yes.”

You take me by the hand and lead me out the front door and toward the parking lot, the whole time my feet barely touching the ground as I float toward the promise of what is yet to come.

Just one short block until the parking lot and you jerk me off balance and between two dirty brick buildings. Slamming me against the wall, you grasp my face between your strong and sweating palms and begin to consume my mouth with yours. Your tongue twists and turns with great urgency in time with mine. The gasps for breath, the wonderful wet, lapping sounds and the low moans flood our ears.

You suddenly pull back from me, look into my wanton eyes and growl, “NOW! I NEED YOU NOW!”

You grasp my shoulders, spin me around and use one hand to pin my face against the rough brick façade. Your free hand lifts my skirt, pulling it up until it is firmly anchored under the thumb of your hand still holding me in place. You then reach down, and without any tenderness or care, remove my silky panties in one violent rip.

I hear the clanking of your buckle and the unzipping of your pants, followed almost immediately by an all-consuming, heart stopping gasp from my own throat as you ram your engorged cock into my unsuspecting, but dripping wet cunt.

You are brutal, uninhibited, rough and forceful as you continue the assault. In a guttural, grunting, breathless voice, you inform me, “I am going to cum NOW!”

In a breathless, desiring and pleading voice, I answer, “Yes, Sir.” Those two words send you tumbling, crashing and falling over the edge as you bury your cock into the deepest recesses of my hole and release your full load in a body quaking spasm.

The sensation of your orgasm alone pushes me over my own peak and I release a flood of juices down my leg, landing in a puddle on the dirty pavement beneath.

You release my neck and take a step back. I slowly spin and rest my weary legs as I lean against the strong building. You straighten yourself, as I do the same, picking up and placing the torn panties neatly into my purse.

We stand and look at each other in awkward silence. I break it with a polite, “Well thank you….um sorry. I didn’t get your name.” You just smile and reply, “That’s OK. I didn’t get yours either. I will be back here next week, same time.” A smile spreads across my lips that carries all the way to my eyes and I answer, “See you then.”

We exit the alley and go our separate directions, until next week.

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