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Lunch Time

Sir stopped dead in his tracks when he walked through the door for his noontime lunch visit. A devious smile spread across his face. You see, she had prepared more than just food for his lunch time pleasure.

She had made a lovely lunch for him. It consisted of a hearty ham and swiss sandwich, dressed with all the lovely fresh fixings, a pasta salad, fresh melon and a cold glass of iced tea. It was set on the table in the proper fashion with the nicest white china plates, gleaming silver utensils and the finest of linens. The table was topped with a small vase of flowers, picked fresh from the garden outside the kitchen window.

She had also prepared herself for his dining pleasure as she had been instructed. Not by Sir, but by the one who occupied her days, while Sir was away. He had given her a very detailed list of exactly how she would present herself when Sir came home for lunch. She was stripped naked. In red lipstick was written, “FUCK ME” across her DD chest. She had placed four clothes pins on her body, one on each nipple and one on each labia. There was a vibrating plug, turned onto high, humming in her ass. She had wadded up his favorite pair of underwear, shoved them into her mouth and used electrical tape to wrap around the back of her neck and mouth several times, to secure the panties in place. She was presented on her knees, eyes down cast and waiting.

His bag dropped to the floor with a loud thud as he made quick work of the distance between them in two long strides. Without breaking his momentum, he grasped her by the hair and jerked her to her feet as he continued down the hall. When they reached the bedroom, he spun her to face him and pushed hard on her shoulders, flinging her backwards onto the bed. He shoved her ankles up over her head and ripped out the plug residing in her ass, turning it off and tossing it to the side. Releasing her legs, He gazed at her laying there, smiled again and growled, “Where is that FUCKING tape? Is it out in the living room?” Unable to speak, she nodded in an over-exaggerated yes. He spun and exited the room.

He returned and immediately proceeded to use the tape to bind her wrists together, arms stretched above her head. Moving to the other side of the bed, he clasped her feet together, sole to sole, and bound them tightly with the tape. “Don’t go anywhere,” he amusedly said as he walked into the closet. She could hear him rummaging around, and when he returned he had quite the collection of implements in his grasp.

First he produced a long, clear acrylic rod that he used to assault her tits and wide open cunt, causing her body to lurch every time it made contact with the punishing clips. She squealed through her full and muffled mouth at the pain of hit after hit. He then rammed it into her presented hole. After his fill of thrusting it in and out, and seeing the trickle of wetness beginning to flow, he sat it aside and replaced it with her favorite manzanita toy. He began an unyielding assault, plunging in and out with great force, resulting in a torrential release that flooded the sheets beneath.

He flicked the clips, with his fingers, which still remained on her breasts. Excruciating anguish flashed across her face as he released their grip on her aching points. He dove head in to lick, suck and relieve the burning hot pain that flooded her overextended, taught and bright pink nipples.

He quickly returned his attention to her soaking wet pussy. He removed the clips and resumed pounding it with the large wooden toy. “How much can we fit in her?” came inquiringly from his mouth. He grabbed the long acrylic rod and inserted it along the side of the wooden invader that already filled her hole. She felt the burn and stretch and a deep moaning emanated from her throat. He removed the acrylic rod and paused for a moment.

He raised her taped feet up toward the ceiling and began to circle her ass with the end of the rod. He mischievously uttered, “I know where THIS should go.” She felt the splatter of the cold lube at her opening and inhaled sharply at the insertion of the rod, into her tightly clenched ass.

With the acrylic rod shoved in her ass, and the wooden cock, buried to the hilt in her pussy, He grabbed a jet black vibrator, turned it on low and began circling her swollen pink clit. “You need to hold it. You need to wait until I tell you to cum, you little afternoon cum whore,” he commanded. She moaned and groaned and fought to control her need to cum. His circling increased in speed and pressure and he suddenly moved the dial to high, causing her to scream out in tortured delight. With his free hand he manipulated both toys as he continued the pressure on her clit.

For a brief moment, she had a reprieve as he removed the vibrator from her engorged clit. The respite only lasted a moment as he replaced it with his tongue and touched the vibrator to the deeply inserted toys. The vibration flowed through them to the depths of her holes. The lapping of his tongue and the sensations coming from deep inside her collided into an uncontrollable, mind warping, body quaking explosion that twisted, turned and wracked her entire body.

Standing up and laughing as he removed the last of his clothing, he walked around the bed to stand at her head. He calmly said, “Bad Girl. I didn’t give you permission for that one, but considering how your body just reacted, I doubt that God himself could have stopped it. Now it is time to get access to your last hole.” With those final words, he ripped the tape from around her neck and mouth and yanked the saliva soaked panties from her lips, dragging them across her face, leaving a streak of wetness behind.

He forcibly rolled her to her stomach and rammed his engorged cock into her dripping lips. He was merciless as he pounded harder and deeper with each thrust. She gagged, gasped for air and the tears streamed from her eyes. He withdrew himself from her aching throat and jumped upon the bed so he was straddling her thighs. In one hard, unyielding thrust, he slammed into her swollen and sore cunt. Pounding hard and fast, she screamed in agony at the assault. He withdrew, flew again across the bed and growled, “How do you like the taste of your creamy cunt, you wanton little fuck bitch?” as he drove his cock again deep into her warm, wet mouth. He continued the barrage until, grabbing a fistful of her hair, he raised her head up and shot his entire load across her unprotected face.

He rolled her over onto her back, so he could admire his offering as it slowly seeped down her cheeks, chin, mouth and neck. She looked at him with her submissive eyes and the fire flashed in him again. He returned to her bound feet and exposed holes and gave one more unyielding attack on her burning, wet cunt. He commanded her to cum, and again, her entire body convulsed and quivered uncontrollably. As the seizing began to subside, he heard her whimpering, “Hands, hands, hands.” He looked up to find her hands clenched in tight, white-knuckled fists beginning to turn a slight shade of blue. In her uncontrolled release, she had pulled the tape into a tourniquet around her wrists. He quickly grabbed for his pocket knife and deftly sliced the bindings free. He pulled her fingers from their death grip and massaged her hands until all the feeling and color had returned. He laid them gently across her chest and moved to cut and release her still-bound feet.

He wrapped himself around her completely spent body, then stroked and caressed her as she drifted into an unstoppable floating slumber. When she awoke, he was gone. She sleepily staggered into the kitchen. She gazed upon the table where a handwritten note was perched upon his empty plate. It read,

My Love,
Thank you for the most memorable lunch. I have had my fill and returned to work. I hope you enjoyed your rest. I know you needed the time to recover. I will be home around 6 and I CAN’T WAIT to see what you are making for dinner. 🙂
Forever and Always,


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26 thoughts on “Lunch Time

  1. Yes WOW! That was hot! True or fantasy?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. iamruled on said:

    Love this..I must try

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Annie B on said:

    I’m hungry now!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. littleannab on said:

    Holy F. Need to change panties 😉


  5. subspeak on said:

    I need to stop reading your writings before bed because I then have to wait half an hour just to calm down enough to try and sleep. Plus I have no idea how my bedding survives all the tossing and turning I must do because of the dreams I get haha… I think you can tell that as always your writing is amazingly HOT 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • If your bedding can survive you and your man, it can handle a little story. 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely complement. It is nice words like yours that keep my fingers flying around the keyboard. I hope the best is yet to come. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  6. BallsyBilly on said:

    Mouth drooling, solider saluting and dripping fun. Very hot! The thought of a cold shower comes to mind, but wouldn’t help. Thanks for the arousing post.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. So HOT!!! I loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. blonde vampire on said:

    Wow!! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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