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Trinkets and Possessions

I want to tie you to a chair. In the corner of a room, perhaps the bedroom, perhaps a dimly lit rough cabin in the woods somewhere. I want to leave the room, and return with another woman. She is pretty. Blindfolded. A little scared. I want to push her in front of you, and drag her close to you by the chain attached to the leather collar around her neck. Not a pretty, artfully made collar that speaks of ownership. You, and you alone wear that collar. But a strong, black, solely functional collar. This one is made for restraint and control.

As I stand her in front of you, she has no idea you are there. Your hands are bound to the arms of the chair, a heavy chair of dark, hand-worked oak. Your ankles are bound in leather to the front legs. A short chain, attached to your collar, keeps you from tipping your head forward more than an inch or so. You cannot move. I spin my trinket on a leash to face me, with her back to you, and casually lean over her right shoulder. I put my fingers to my lips in a signal to you that says you’d better not make one fucking sound.

I return to my trinket, and slowly begin to undress her. First her pants, which I drape over your left arm. Then her shirt, which I peal slowly over her head, careful to keep her blindfold snugly in place. I throw her shirt over your right arm. She stands before you, in a dark blue thong and matching lace bra. You cannot help but admire the round curve of her ass, and the clear, beautifully unmarked skin of her back. She is breathing hard, and shaking just a little. You struggle to maintain your own breathing, so that she does not hear.

I turn her around to face you, and in two deft motions her panties and bra lay draped across her other clothes. You admire her breasts, round, nipples already hard with anticipation. Your gaze shifts to her shaven mound, a petite slit surrounded by slightly swollen lips. You are beginning to feel the frustration of your restraints. I see you want badly to reach and touch her, but you can’t move.

I slide my hand up her belly, over her breast, producing a sharp gasp and a further hardening of her nipple, and continue up to the side of her face. In one swift motion the blindfold is off and she inhales sharply when she sees you bound in the chair just a mere foot in front of her, decorated with her clothing. “What the….!” she begins, but falls silent when I jerk her chain and bark a low but commanding “Quiet!” You look into her eyes and offer the first words spoken since I entered the room with her. “Oh Baby” you say softly “He won’t hurt you. He WILL use you though, and I suggest you do EXACTLY what he tells you”. The slight beginnings of a salacious grin touch the corners of your mouth. But it is your eyes that speak volumes. They are wide, fixed, and hungry. Ravenous. I move my hand from where it is gripping the chain at the back of her neck, down to the leather loop at the end of its short 20″ length, affording her a small scope of movement. It is then that I begin to instruct her.

“Step forward, and stand straddling her knees.” She dutifully complies, spreading her legs just slightly so they are touching your knees. Her thighs are just an agonizing inch from your bound hands, just out of reach of your fingertips. “Cup your breasts, then circle, knead, and pull your nipples.” Instantly her hands are tracing around her breasts, pulling and kneading. “Show me how hard you can twist them – take them right to their breaking point”. She does so, and as her pain builds she cries out involuntarily, before letting go and covering them with her hands.

“Now,” I intone in a low, authoritative growl “lean forward, and feed my hungry wife.” She reaches past you, placing a hand on the back of the chair on either side of your head. Slowly she leans in, bringing her aching left nipple towards your parted, moistened lips. Your chain affords you enough slack to tilt your head back, and your breathing now matches hers in intensity. Just before she gets within reach of your tongue, sitting hungrily on your lower lip, I stop her and look directly at you. “Are you hungry, Baby?” I ask. “Oh, yes Sir” you say barely audibly “please feed me Sir.” I swiftly push her forward and you lock your mouth on her nipple in voracious hunger, greedily sucking, licking, pulling, tasting… I push her sideways to land her right nipple in your mouth, and you dutifully lick and suck it, offering them both relief from the self-inflicted torture.

I lean to the side and look under your chair, and am very pleased to see small drops of fluid hitting the floor, running from your sopping cunt through the slats on the seat of the chair. I lean back and look at my trinket’s ass, again pleased at the trickle of juice I see running down her inner thigh. I yank her upright, and you both whimper at the loss of your connection. “Now, Trinket” I croon “push two fingers inside your pussy, and find my wife some of your delicious cunt juice. Put your fingers under her nose so she can smell them.” She does as instructed, and you drink deeply of her scent.

Your eyes are wild, and your restraint becomes ever more agitating and aggravating. You so badly want the use of your hands. “Now, Baby” I say switching my gaze back to you “Suck her fingers clean”. Trinket gasps as you tilt your head back and hungrily suck and lick all the juice from her two middle fingers. “Does she taste good, My Love?” I ask you sweetly. “Do you think this is a pussy I would approve of?” You offer a muffled “Yes, Sir” around her fingers, not wanting to let them out of your mouth. “Good” I reply. “Because in just a few moments, you will be cleaning her off of my cock”.

I grab both her arms and place her trembling hands on top of your forearms, just below your elbows. Your eyes are locked on one another, and you offer her further words of comfort. “Oh, Honey, he is going to fuck you now. I will warn you, when he fills you, it will hurt. But it will be well worth it – for both of us”. You smile wryly, and I drop my jeans and underwear to the floor, positioning the head of my throbbing hard cock at her opening, which is now positively dripping to match yours, the puddle on the floor under you having grown 5-fold in the last few moments. You and I lock eyes, and I put one hand on her left hip, the other on the back of her neck, and push her lips to yours. “Kiss her!” I growl, and I thrust my cock fully inside her in one motion. She cries one anguished “Ahhh!” across her teeth and into your mouth, as you begin hungrily tongue-fucking one another. I slowly withdraw until my head is again poised just outside her, preparing to ram into her again. Only this time, she knows what is coming. And so do you……….

Written by Professor

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11 thoughts on “Trinkets and Possessions

  1. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Gosh, it’s amazingly kinky 😉


  3. subspeak on said:

    He’s as bad as you with the leaving me wanting more!! What is it with you people 😮 It was amazingly intense, maybe not as good as yours but I’m sure he’ll get there hehe


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