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Do You Lose Consciousness Too?

Seriously, do you ever lose consciousness while you are having sex? I guess it’s not while I am having sex, it’s after multiple, intense orgasms. Professor tells me that my body lurches hard as I orgasm, my hands clench into tight fist, usually entwined in the sheets, I writhe and twist and then suddenly just go completely limp. I begin to stir within seconds and my body is completely relaxed. I usually feel foggy and a little disoriented, but fine otherwise. I assume it happens due to a lack of oxygen. It only occurs when we have been playing hard and I have had multiples, like 5+. Does this happen to anyone else?

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52 thoughts on “Do You Lose Consciousness Too?

  1. Omg, yes…it happens to me.

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  2. Hmmm… Good time to choose my words carefully methinks.

    Will tell you that it isn’t uncommon.

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    • Have you had a lot of experience with this?


      • Seen the general reaction more than a couple of times in my younger days and can’t imagine things have changed much. (Doubt evolution took place over last couple of decades!) If you have the patience and ability, the real determining factor seemed to be the lady. Some are just more “responsive” than others. The other major factor was the mental state. My kind of, sort of ex considered any type of release a bad and shameful thing to be avoided at all cost, others were more than willing as they had heard of an amazing thing. It largely depends on the interaction, skill and mental states of the participants.

        Worth noting that when it did hit, it had a different effect on different people. I always took it as a sign of a job well done.

        Have no interest in appearing too lewd but I hope this helps.

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      • Nothing about that comment was lewd, so mission accomplished.
        And thank you for your response. I do find the differences between people to be fascinating. What one loves, another hates. The perfect spot on this body can be unwelcome on another. The mind absolutely plays the biggest role in the quality of any sexual encounter. There is always good, mindless sex, BUT when all the people involved are able to reach that euphoric plateau, THAT is something truly AMAZING. 🙂


      • Always seemed a good place to apply the Golden Rule. Yet another area where greed ruins everything.

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      • I love that thought. Do unto others….ABSOLUTELY! Greed is an extremely insidious thing. That is why I warn subs who have a Dom that just takes, takes , takes. I have never seen the D/s dynamic as one sided. I choose to give myself to Sir because I know that when he is pleased, I will be rewarded with pleasure of my own. Right back to the Golden Rule. 🙂


  3. Can I say “I wish!” ?

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  4. 27spankings on said:

    Yes…that has happened to me a few times now

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  5. Sometimes I giggle unexpectedly when I finish orgasming. I really like the disoriented/contented state.
    You’re a lucky girl.

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  6. Yup several times. I’m not usually aware of it though till Oberon points it out. 😊

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  7. bmayes76 on said:

    Yes I have. The next thing that I remembered is shaking, sweating and CRAVING orange juice!!!!

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    • I sometimes have the shaking and sweating too, but I hate orange juice, so that won’t be happening for me. 🙂


      • bmayes76 on said:

        I was craving it fiercely. My husband was on the verge of panicking, which would not have helped me at all. I was burning up and freezing. My body shook and it took forever to come back to my senses…..pretty spectacular 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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      • I completely understand. I LOVE that feeling of being unable to decide. I want to lay, stand, sit, roll, twist, turn, be covered, uncovered, held, don’t touch me, hot, cold, focused and foggy, all at the same exact time. SPECTACULAR indeed. 🙂

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      • bmayes76 on said:

        Trust me, there was NO WAY I could stand. My legs wouldn’t have supported me. And everything you mentioned, except standing, I felt the exact same way.

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      • I never said I could, I just said I thought about it. I often have to crawl to the bathroom after a really GOOD night. But that is OK too, because he likes me on my knees. 🙂

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      • bmayes76 on said:

        Lol!!!! I had to hold onto the walls and furniture, otherwise I would’ve been more than a puddle than I already was. Oh and my husband enjoys me on my knees as well. What is it with women being on their knees? Not that there’s a problem with it 😉

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      • I think Professor just likes keeping mine constantly bruised. He’s sick and twisted that way. Probably the reason I LOVE him so much. 😉

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      • bmayes76 on said:

        Yeah mine too. And we have hardwood floors in our room. Guess we’re angels with tarnished halos and bruised knees!

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      • I haven’t been accused of being an angle for a LONG, LONG, LONG time. And I don’t know where the Hell that halo went. 🙂

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      • bmayes76 on said:

        Yeah, but it sounded nice, did it not? And really, we’re ALL angels with halos when it suits us, would you not agree?

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      • ABSOLUTELY! I can be sticky sweet when I want to be. I can also eviscerate you if you REALLY deserve it. But, let’s go with the Angle thing. I like that. 🙂


  8. Annie B on said:

    A few times over the life of the vehicle 😜

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  9. It’s more of a “different” kind of consciousness thing, I think. Funnily enough I get the giggles sometimes too. Sounds like a drug doesn’t it? 🙂

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  10. ALL . The. Time!!! lol or most of it. I’m one of the pass out subspace kind of people. It never happened before this relationship.

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    • It had never happened for me until we entered this D/s dynamic about a year ago. Actually, I have NEVER been as happy, centered and satisfied as I have been in that time. Not everyone approves of that style of living, but I KNOW it has made me a MUCH more complete person. And the sex is AMAZING too. 😉

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  11. subspeak on said:

    I definitely think it will be from the lack of oxygen/blood flow as I get like this when MJ strangles me.. I totally spaced the other day (he said i dribbled a bit, I deny this) and it took me a while to come back around to what he was saying. When I do come back I am all floaty and blurred and happy 🙂 I think it’s probably adrenaline rush and things as well but I ain’t no doctor hehe
    Just enjoy it and smile like you know what’s happening 😛


  12. stacieinaz on said:

    Yes,it happens to me! Whether I have 5 or 64 orgasms ( I actually tried one day before my body just went out) , they are usually this hard convulsive kind. And if I use clit cream, there are more and they are harder, you swear I’m having seizures or someone is exercising demons. So I do get it!


  13. This has been happening a lot to me over the past several months. I start to see bright white light and then bam! I don’t remember a thing else for a while. I also get what M refers to as fuck drink. He says it’s like I had vodka… silly, slurring words and very lovey. I know one thing.. the man gets absolutely cocky and smiley when he puts me in that zone. 😉


    • That’s what I experience too. The first time it happened, Professor was REALLY concerned. Now, I think it is his goal. When I finally get myself back to the present, he is grinning ear to ear. I tell him he is being cocky, but actually I LOVE IT. He can do it anytime he wants. 😉

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  14. Drunk.. fuck drunk. Sheesh I can’t type. Lol.


  15. darkgemdom on said:

    Nope. Never had 5 in a row
    1 and recovery.
    1 and recovery
    1 and recovery

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