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Voyeur’s View part 2

The Second man again spun her to face the First. He encircled his arms around her chest and with one violent downward tug of her shirt, released her breasts into the open air. They were beautiful breasts, large, round, and creamy white, with perfectly pink nipples standing hard and erect in the sea breeze. The First man turned her so the rays of the sun reflected off her exposed chest. The glare of the bright sun off her alabaster skin almost hurt my eyes through the magnifying glass of my binoculars. My eyes blinked hard, my skin flushed an embarrassment pink and my heart rate fluttered in double time. I should go. I shouldn’t be watching this. It’s wrong, yet, my feet won’t move. I NEED to see this, but I don’t want them to see me, so I seek the barest of shelter behind a wispy bush along the guardrail and continue my voyeuristic view.

Now, one man was on each breast. They were setting their own individual rhythms of sucking, licking, kissing, pinching and pulling. Each man seemed lost in his own divine ingestion of her delicate flesh. She stood still, shoulders back, chest pushed forward and face to the sky, as if she were presenting herself for their complete enjoyment. And their enjoyment was completely evident in their hunger to consume her.

The First man arose from her breast and began kissing her mouth. It was a passionate, all-consuming kiss and I could see their tongues dipping wildly in and out of each other’s mouth. The Second man, still suckling at her breast, suddenly plunged his hand down the front of her pants, wildly grasping and searching until his hand came to rest at the spot he had been seeking. I knew he had found her clit, and I could tell from his movements he was pleasuring it in little, concentrated circles. She was no longer able to kiss the First man, who now just supported her as her body showed all the signs of eminent release. I was unable to hear the sounds, but could decipher the ragged breaths and moans passing from her glistening lips. In one intense, body-wracking spasm, I watched as she plunged into her unyielding climax. Her legs buckled and the two men supported her quivering frame as they slowly lowered her into a squatting position where she labored to regain her breath.

Her dropped head suddenly shot up to look the First man directly in the eyes as her hands raised and began releasing his hardened cock from its cloth cage. With one, slight nod of his head, she plunged his huge member into her waiting mouth. With long, rapid and wet strokes, her mouth teased and tortured him as he tilted his own head back to absorb all that the sun and her mouth had to offer. She began a lovely cadence of licking and sucking at the delicate tip, making sure the complete rim of his head was pleasured from every angle. She showed great talent and desire in her attentions.

The First man withdrew his saliva-soaked cock from her mouth, and with the assistance of the Second man, spun her on her still squatted toes, to face the Second man and his already exposed cock. The First man, speaking some undecipherable words, suddenly grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust her forward onto the Second man’s awaiting cock. Using her hair as a hand-hold, he thrust her mercilessly up and down the full length of his shaft. He slammed her face into his belly and ripped it back to the tip over and over again. He finally handed the control of her head to the Second man, who continued the brutal pounding.

The First man remained with his hands on her shoulders, but soon began looking around. He seemed to be scanning the beach in both directions, the trail which they must have taken to get down there, and then the cliffs above. Oh my GOD! Did he see me? Could he see me? I scrunched myself up as small as I could and closed my eyes tight. I guess I thought that if I couldn’t see him, then he couldn’t see me. Crazy, I know, but I was intruding on their intimate moments, uninvited. But he didn’t seem to have noticed me watching, and soon took a step back from her and tucked his hard cock back into his pants. But why? Was he done? Wasn’t he going to take her again? I just HAD to know what was going to happen next, so I continued to watch.

to be continued….

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10 thoughts on “Voyeur’s View part 2

  1. Beautiful! I can’t wait for more.

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  2. Mr Modigliani on said:

    So much fun…

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  3. really enjoying your trip!

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  4. bmayes76 on said:

    I have enjoyed reading Part 1 & 2. You are obviously a very talented writer with a vivid imagination and skilled at writing. I feel this is something that you could continue and possibly turn into a novel. I look forward to more of your writings! Kudos to you for an amazing job!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW! Thank you. I don’t know about the talented part. I have never really written anything. But recently, I have found I needed an outlet for the crazy shit floating around in my head, and this seemed like a fairly safe and sane place to let it live. So, I write. I TRULY appreciate all the kind words I have received. It makes me want to continue. I don’t know how much my family or my house will like my continued devotion to writing. I will have to find a happy medium for it all. 🙂


      • bmayes76 on said:

        You are welcome! Trust me, there is talent there. It’s all in your attention to details. I have several journals that I write in, mean to write in, want to write in, but I can never put the pen to paper to get my thoughts straight. My husband, yes I am really married, blissfully, happily, encourages me to write, but alas, I am stubborn. I am flabbergasted you have never really written before!!! Floored actually. I could not, in a million years write like that, although I have had poetry published. Again, that was a push, a very strong one, from my husband.


      • You have made my day and put a HUGE smile across my face. I don’t feel worthy of the kind praise, but it feels good just the same. I doubt, however, that you couldn’t write like that. For one, if I can, ANYBODY can. Secondly, we all have a story to tell. You just need to find the time to sit and write yours. I have found that I usually write with my eyes closed. I position my fingers on the keyboard, close my eyes and just type the movie playing in my mind. The editing comes later. If you desire to write, I say WRITE. My writings have also served as a sort of journal of our journey into D/s. Not everything I write if factual, but everything I write is inspired by some real event. It’s fun to look back and remember what it was that inspired each story. Give it a try. It doesn’t have to be a mini novel, just some thoughts and feelings that you experienced that day. Oh, and when the sex it good, the writing is AMAZING! 🙂


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