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MINE part 4

Once she was entirely secured, he slammed both hands onto his desk, on either side of her head, leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Now, Dear, I am going to make sure you never again forget just who you belong to.” With those words, he walked around so he was standing behind her. He grasped the waistband of her skirt, making sure to include the top of her lacy thong and quickly tore them down, leaving deep nail scratches on her back and ass as they plummeted to the floor. He picked up a bone-handled letter opener, which had previously resided in the cup that had shattered across his head, and used it to slice open the back of her sweat soaked blouse. He leaned over her and placed the sharp pointed tip between her shoulder-blades. Leisurely, he began to carve a straight line. She screamed out in agony as the score lightly oozed droplets of blood.

“NO! NO! PLEASE SIR! I will be good, I PROMISE!” Her tears and pleading went unheeded as he continued to etch the letters down her back. When he was finished, the word ‘MINE’ bled slowly, filling the space between her neck and the small of her back.

“Now, my Dear, I don’t think you will be forgetting who you belong to again, do you?” he asked sardonically.

“No, Sir. I will remember, I promise, Sir.” The broken tenor of her voice let him know that he had won. He walked around behind her, caressed her alabaster ass and slid his fingers between the folds of her exposed sex.

“Well now, little one, you seem to be all ready to receive me,” he serenely affirmed as he pulled his glistening fingers from her dripping wet hole, and wiped them across her dry lips.

“Yes, Sir. I am ready,” she breathily uttered.

With those words, he plunged his pulsating cock into her awaiting pussy. He grabbed a handful of hair with one hand, and with the other, pulled vehemently on her hip, making sure to slam into the deepest recesses of her hole with each thrust. She moaned out in ecstasy as her body quickly relented to the assault, and a body-wracking orgasm consumed her entire being. Within seconds, he too let out a loud groan of release and collapsed on top of her still bent and bound body.

After pausing a few moments to catch his breath, he scurried around the desk and released both bound hands. As soon as she was no longer restrained, she slowly slinked down the side of the desk and landed in a compressed ball on the floor. He returned to her and scooped her limp body into his strong arms. She coiled into a fetal position with her face nuzzled in his neck. He just held her.

Eventually, he broke the silence with a whispered question, “Why didn’t you use your safe word, Mrs. Rodgers?”

She raised her head so she could see into his adoring eyes, smiled a loving smile and quietly replied, “Because, I didn’t want to, Sir.” She returned to her neck nuzzling location, and they just held each other until it was time to go home.

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8 thoughts on “MINE part 4

  1. It is very well written but I can’t say it’s been my favourite of yours. I always have very hard time with unwilling participants.
    I will be honest I was hoping you were getting to the point where it was clear that it was some form of role play albeit slightly more aggressive. I will be re-reading the 4 parts with this in mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry that it bothered you. Of course, as I am writing it, I know it is completely consensual. I don’t do unwelcome rape, EVER. I wrote it as an aggressive scene between a committed couple, hiding that until the end. It was something different for me to try. Thank you for reading and honestly commenting. I truly appreciate that.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t be sorry. It is your story to tell and to be honest sometimes I do like to keep the element that reveals the truth for the end. Makes for a better climax (pun intended 😛 ). Besides, I’m a big girl, I decided to get to the end.
        It’s a case of trusting the author to get us to the end of the journey in a way that’s honest and true to the story. If that makes sense… I’m a little tired so may not be as clear as I’d like.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for sticking with me when you didn’t know where I was going. I TRULY appreciate that. I also LOVE a good climax (pun intended too.) 🙂


  2. subspeak on said:

    Aha.. I knew there was more to it than the first parts and I am so glad that it ended how it has 🙂
    I can now read it safe in the knowledge that it’s fully consensual and I can be turned on not disturbed!
    I love how the emotions whip round at the end and you can see the relationship for what it really is

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that is how this D/s dynamic is and looks to outsiders. They see the force, pain and violence. They don’t stay around for the ending. They don’t see the connection, love and affection that remains and grows. I just wanted to show that things aren’t always what they seem at first sight. Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading my crazy, twisted words. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. iamdaphneblake84 on said:

    Steamy! Nicely done, I loved the surprise reveal! Sardonically sweet.


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