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The Else


    adverb: else
    1. in addition; besides:
    “anything else you need to know?”
    2. different; instead:
    “isn’t there anyone else you could ask?”
    3. short for or else.
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    Why are we always looking for the something else? It doesn’t matter what we have, or how good it is, we always seem to be looking for the else?

    If your hair is straight, you want it curled and the naturally curly curse the humidity and those with straight locks. If you are rail thin, you want curves and the curvy want to be a waifs. You can dye your hair any color, other than your own natural. Heels help the short and slouching help the long legged. Nip this and tuck that. Add here and take away there. You want it bigger, smaller, tighter, looser, straighter, curvier, newer, better. We are always looking to look like something or someone else.

    Our homes are never big enough, unless they are too big and we really want something smaller. Our car is never new enough, unless we can’t have the classic we desire. Our trips aren’t grand enough. Our jewelry not shiny enough. And we never have that other boat, car, trailer, vacation home, trip, furniture, gadget or gizmo we REALLY wish we did. Where is the else?

    And our relationships, the else is ALWAYS present. The single are on the lookout for the perfect mate, while the married are often looking to escape their commitment. We desire whatever it is we don’t have, and sometimes, just more. I have never hidden the fact that Professor and I have invited others into our relationship. We do it very seldom and only with great thought and care. But, we do it just the same. Why? Because there is something missing, something unsatisfying, something wrong? ABSOLUTLY NOT! It is just the else.

    What else are you looking for?

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14 thoughts on “The Else

  1. So…is the else good or bad? I’m confused by this post.

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    • Both good and bad. That is why you are confused. It’s not an either or, it’s an else. We all want something more, something different than we already have. I am just exploring my thoughts on why we can’t seem to be happy with just what we have, even when we are happy.

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  2. Annie B on said:

    A new phone plan! Any ideas? (wait you were being serious weren’t you?)

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  3. Ponder that some live life without “else”. They have neither curiousity nor aspiration. Typically they feign even exasperation. There should be a sympathy card for that condition.

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