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Game Night part 5

He placed his palm on her bare and exposed ass. He gently rubbed across both cheeks, relishing the softness of her skin from the long soak in the penetrating oils. His hand quickly flashed across her bottom and pulled back just in time for the first contact of the paddle. She stifled the urge to moan out as the pink streak appeared across her skin. A second strike quickly followed, much harder this time and the force caused her body to eject the King chess piece. It hit, bounced on the floor and caused his face to spread into a large, mischievous smile. “Oh, that was unexpected,” he slyly spoke. “Now I want to see what it will take to get you to expel all the pieces for me.” He extended his hand to the edge of the desk and retrieved the clicking dice roller from a game of Trouble. He laid it down next to her head and joyfully said, “Now, let’s play a new game. Every click will determine the number of strikes. I want you to count them out for me when I tell you the number. Understand your instructions?” She hesitantly whispered, “Yes, Sir.” And with that, he clicked the dice. “Oh, that’s a great one to start with. Six. Ready Dear?” He brought the paddle down 6 times, and she dutifully counted out each strike. The game continued with a click, a count and the hits. The rolls produced a random cacophony of numbers beginning with a one, four, three, five, two, one, and finally another six. He set to a rhythm of blows with an ever increasing intensity, turning her ass fire engine red and finally producing the Queen.

Knowing her as he did and reading her body the way only he knew how, he decided she had all she could take. He was also growing tired of playing. However, there were still chess pieces unaccounted for. So, he again leaned over her, felt the twitching of her body trying to relieve the pain of the pieces, and whispered in her ear, “You have done a very good job my little whore, not moving or making a sound as I marked that beautiful alabaster ass. I am done playing that game, but before we move to the next, I am going to retrieve my lovely chess pieces. I won’t guarantee that this won’t hurt, but I will guarantee that I will very much enjoy it. So hold on tight to the desk and remember, Shhhh…..” With that, he again stood up and ran his palm across her marked ass cheeks. He slowly moved his hand down, between her legs and cupped her sex, giving it a slight squeeze. He slowly inserted one finger into her dripping wet hole, easily using it to capture and remove another chess piece, allowing it to fall to the floor. He then inserted two fingers, a little deeper this time, again capturing another piece and sliding it out until it bounced on the floor. At the third attempt, he inserted three fingers, causing her to breathe heavy at the fullness. He twisted and turned those three fingers, finding a third piece and slowly removing it, allowing it to join the others. For the fourth and final piece, he decided to show no mercy. With most of his hand already wet and juices visibly flowing from her drippy cunt, he plunged his entire fist inside her. Even trying desperately, she couldn’t stifle the moan of agony she felt as she was stretched beyond all reason. The pull, tear and burn of his complete insertion of his fist was overwhelming. As he twisted and turned it, her body rebelled and agonized and finally gave way to a gushing orgasm that flooded across his hand, dripped from his elbows and puddled on the floor below her. As he removed his fist, the final piece flooded out with the remainder of her juices and splashed to the floor.

To be continued…..

Game Night part 4

He extended his hand, and she gently placed hers in his as he lifted her from her seat. “Ready for another game, my dear?” he lovingly asked. “Anything that you desire, Sir,” was her submissive reply. He led her over to his desk. The desktop was covered with the pieces from a dozen different games. She could recognize the Monopoly pieces, those from the game of Sorry, a large and small sized game of Jacks and several other random pieces. He moved her so she was standing with her hips against the desk and he moved into a position behind her. With the one hand still holding firm to the back of her neck, he uses his legs to move her feet further apart. Her stance spread as wide as those high heels would support. “Raise your hands above your head,” he instructed. She immediately complied. He then placed his free hand in the middle of her back and used both to force her body forward across the desk. The sudden pain of all the game pieces pressing into her belly and breasts caused her to audibly gasp. As he leaned over her back, pushing her body harder into the uncomfortable pieces, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Shhhh. Not a word my dear. Grasp the other side of the desk and don’t move a single muscle, don’t utter a single sound and do everything I tell you, exactly as I instruct. Understand? You may respond.” She then gave him a breathy, “Yes, Sir.” He stood up, looked around the desk top, found two large metal jacks, instructed her to remain holding onto the other side of the desk but slightly raise her torso, proceeded to place them directly under each nipple and pushed her body weight back down onto the game pieces. She let out a muffled breath as the points embedded into her tender, erect nipples.

He stepped back from the desk to admire the view. How beautiful she was, lying there, legs spread, wearing only her stockings, garter, heels and a string of pearls. She was HIS and he was going to take her and claim her any way he desired. And right now, he desired to inflict some pain. He walked over to a set of cabinets, opened a drawer and retrieved a beautiful blood-red, studded leather paddle. As he ran the textured leather across his open palm, he could hear her breathing, heavy with anticipation. It made him aware of the strain beginning in his trousers. He wasn’t yet ready to release himself, so he readjusted and returned to the woman waiting for him across his desk.

To be continued…..

Game Night part 3

It was exactly 6:30 as she opened the double doors into his study. He had moved his brown leather winged-back chair so he sat directly in front of the door, blocking her entrance. He sat back in the chair with one ankle crossed over the other knee. He was wearing his button-up shirt with his tie loosened, top two buttons undone, and a pair of dress slacks. He held a partially drunk glass of Bourbon over ice in one hand, and strummed the fingers of the other along the leather chair arm. He just sat and stared at her, not saying a word and took another long draw of his drink. “Take the dress off,” he firmly directed. A puzzled look crossed her face, but she didn’t speak a word and shifted the dress off her shoulders and let it puddle at her feet on the floor. His gaze intensified as he took another swig of his drink, polished off the last drop, and let the glass fall to the floor with a hard thud.

He arose from his chair and stepped up so he was nose to nose with her. One hand grasped her firmly by the back of the neck and kissed her hard. No tongue, just firm pressure lip to lip. He pulled back, but his hand remained decisively gripped. “We are having a Game Night, my dear. Shall we begin with a game of chess?” He guided her around his chair toward the far side of the room. She hadn’t noticed anything beyond him since entering. Now, she saw that the chamber was awash in games of every kind. Her eyes scanned in astonishment at the sheer number of boxes that now stood stacked all over the room. Some were still closed, some open and ready to play. The possibilities were endless and the anticipation piqued her curiosity.

He guided her to a lovely antique chess set that had always resided in his study. He placed her in one of the two matching chairs. She had sat in this exact spot many times as they played games over the years, but this time, it felt different. He sat in the opposing chair, smiled and said, “Ladies first.” She silently made her first move. After a slow back and forth of five moves, he claimed her first pawn. With not so much as the slightest warning, his hand came rapidly across her cheek with a whipping slap. Her eyes showed surprise and her hand immediately raised to cover her now red and warm cheek. He sat back straight in his chair and calmly informed her, “I suggest you do better. I will be punishing poor play. Now take this disgraced piece and place it in your dirty little cunt.” Still feeling the burn on her cheek, she slowly retrieved the piece from his fingers, leaned back in her chair and gently slid the piece into her hole, her finger disappearing for a brief moment making sure it was securely lodged deep.

The game continued. Her pussy soon contained two pawns, a bishop and a rook. Each cheek wore the stinging pink tattoos of two hand prints. She wasn’t sure how she was going to withstand the slaps or how her body would contain the pieces through an entire match. She came out of her distracted thought to find him taking an extraordinarily long time to make his next move. Looking up from the game table, she found his eyes dark and staring intently at her. She glanced back down at the board and noticed his fingers dancing on top of his King and Queen. Snatching the two pieces from the board, he flew out of his chair, forcefully grabbed hers and spun it 90 degrees as he knelt down. “Spread your legs. Wide,” he commanded. Feeling the blood racing through her thumping heart, she parted her legs, exposing herself openly to him. He ran his fingers leisurely through the wetness of her slightly parted lips, and used them to open her completely, exposing her awaiting hole. Staring her directly in the eyes, he slowly inserted the Queen into her, giving it a firm push, causing everything to readjust. Then, without breaking gaze, inserted the King, again pushing even more forcefully until all pieces had completely disappeared from sight. Placing a hand on each knee, he slowly pushed her legs back together and stood up in front of her.

to be continued….

Game Night part 2

When she finally opened her eyes, she scanned the room for a clock. Her time was already half way over, so she had better get moving, because she didn’t want to be late. The oversized towel that had been placed within reach absorbed all the water from her now pinked skin. She reached for her satin robe hanging behind the bathroom door, but decided not to tie it around her waist. She wanted the fabric to freely move and the air to lightly blow across her exposed skin. The next tasks included a quick fix of her make-up and a slightly tussled up-do of the hair, just the way she knew he liked it best, and dabs of her very expensive French perfume, in all her secret warm spots.

She returned to the bedroom and sat at the lovely table. The first sip of wine was deliciously refreshing. She proceeded to partake in the wonderful flavors that had been laid out for her. He had remembered all her favorites. The thought made her smile. She ate some of all the goodies on the large plate, savoring each bite, but doing it in anticipation of another taste of the chocolate dessert still waiting for her. She leisurely reached and gently pinched another piece of the chocolate between her fingers. She slowly raised it to her lips, savoring the anticipation of it melting on her tongue. She parted her lips, extended her tongue and placed the confection lightly into her mouth. Her eyes closed as she let it slowly melt from the heat of her mouth and coat her tongue and throat. Decedent and exquisite were the only thoughts floating in her peaceful mind.

She opened her eyes to again search for a clock. Only ten minutes left to get dressed, so she arose and approached the bed. She stood for a few seconds just admiring the beautiful things that laid before her. The time and effort he had put into this made her smile and flush with a loving warmth. She felt completely loved, and completely loved him in return. She shed the silky robe and sat on the edge of the bed to slowly ease her legs into the delicate stockings. She began by gathering them down to the end, delicately pointing her toes and then slowly unraveling them up her calves, over her knee and up her thighs, resting just at the junction of her warm sex. Once both were on, she slid the black lace garter on and secured the stocking in the front and back of each leg. She couldn’t help but run her hands up and down each side, feeling the silky smoothness under her fingertips. She stood and slipped on the black dress. She felt oh so naughty at the feeling of the fabric against her braless breasts. Next, she slipped into the provided shoes and finally, clasped the pearls around her neck. She walked over to the full-length mirror and took a deep breath. Staring back at her was a beautiful woman about to meet the man of her dreams. She could already feel the heat and electricity pulsing through her perfectly attired body.

To be continued…..

I Can’t Stop

I can’t stop thinking about you, your mouth, your hands, your heat, your cock, and your commanding presence.

I can’t stop thinking about the feel of your tongue entering my mouth, the feel of your hands grasping my hair, the feel of your palm stinging my cheek, the feel of your cock pounding the back of my throat, or the feel of your warm cum hitting my exposed skin.

I can’t stop thinking about the sound of your voice, the command of its tenor, the wonderful wet sounds our body connections make or the heavy breathing that you elicit just by being near.

I can’t stop thinking about the taste of your cock, how it mixes with me, how the saltiness of your skin leaves me craving the taste of more.

I can’t stop.

And I don’t want to.

Game Night part 1

He greeted her at the front door before she could even step across the threshold. It had been an exhausting day and she jumped at his sudden presence. “OH! You startled me. Hello Sweetheart,” she said as she leaned in to gently kiss him. She was again startled when both his hands encircled her body, one at the waist and one grasping the back of her neck. He leaned in and took her mouth with such deep pressure and passion. She felt her whole body relaxing into his unexpected welcome home.

When he released her, he grabbed the briefcase and jacket from her hands, stepped back and decisively commanded “You have exactly one hour. You are to go up to the bedroom, relax, bathe, eat and dress. You will find everything you need waiting for you. I will expect you to enter my study at exactly 6:30. Do you understand your instructions?”

With a look of curious bewilderment, a smile stretched across her lips and she replied with a very soft, “Yes, Sir.” With those words, he stepped aside and she headed straight up the stairs to the Master Bedroom. She gasped lightly when she entered the room. Everything was bathed in the most beautiful glow from what seemed like 100 candles flickering around the room. There was a small, round table sitting in the center with a dainty white iron chair beside it. On the table sat a plate of all the specialty meats she adored from the deli on the other side of town. The plate also held an assortment of cheeses, crackers, fruits and nuts. There was a lovely glass of chilled wine and a bowl with the most tempting of chocolates beckoning to her taste buds. She grinned wickedly as she placed one of the chocolates in her mouth, knowing she was sampling the dessert first. The grin quickly melted as the delicate confection did the same across her tongue. She didn’t know if she had ever had anything so unbelievably decadent and delicious. She wanted to sit and partake of everything, but first she wanted to look around the room more.

She next noticed beautifully wrapped boxes on the bed. She carefully began by opening the largest one first. In it was a black dress, made of the most luxurious fabric she had ever laid her fingers upon. It looked to be the perfect fit. She carefully laid it upon the bed and reached for the next box. In it was a pair of perfect black patent-leather pumps with a heel, she thought, just slightly higher than she would have chosen, but wearable. Placing those gently on the floor, she grabbed a third box. The treasure she found inside it was a pair of exquisite stockings and a matching black lace garter belt. She couldn’t help but smile coyly at the naughty thoughts they conjured up in her mind. She laid the fine hosiery next to the dress on the bed and reached for the final hidden treasure. The black velvet box under the wrapping paper gave her pause before opening it. When she did, she was awe struck by the choker length of perfect pearls that she now held in her hand. It was the one thing she had always longed for, but never requested. They were impeccable, and she felt her eyes begin to brim with tears. She placed the necklace back in the velvet box and placed the box alongside the other lovely gifts. She turned to explore further.

She walked through the door into the Master Bathroom. She was instantly captured by the scent of her favorite rose oils wafting from the bathtub. Her soaking claw foot tub had been an absolute must when they built the house. She had always wanted that feeling of luxury, and no money was spared for this little indulgence. The tub was full of glistening hot water, the oils and beautiful rose petals floating on the glassy surface. She was giddy with excitement as she stripped off her work clothes and dipped her toes into the water. “Oh! Very warm,” she whispered as she slowly climbed in and sank below the steaming surface. She tilted her head back, inhaled deeply and felt the stress of the day slowly disappear into the comforting warmth of the water.

To be continued…..

(This post was inspired by a friend of mine. I hope he likes it.)

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