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Game Night part 5

He placed his palm on her bare and exposed ass. He gently rubbed across both cheeks, relishing the softness of her skin from the long soak in the penetrating oils. His hand quickly flashed across her bottom and pulled back just in time for the first contact of the paddle. She stifled the urge to moan out as the pink streak appeared across her skin. A second strike quickly followed, much harder this time and the force caused her body to eject the King chess piece. It hit, bounced on the floor and caused his face to spread into a large, mischievous smile. “Oh, that was unexpected,” he slyly spoke. “Now I want to see what it will take to get you to expel all the pieces for me.” He extended his hand to the edge of the desk and retrieved the clicking dice roller from a game of Trouble. He laid it down next to her head and joyfully said, “Now, let’s play a new game. Every click will determine the number of strikes. I want you to count them out for me when I tell you the number. Understand your instructions?” She hesitantly whispered, “Yes, Sir.” And with that, he clicked the dice. “Oh, that’s a great one to start with. Six. Ready Dear?” He brought the paddle down 6 times, and she dutifully counted out each strike. The game continued with a click, a count and the hits. The rolls produced a random cacophony of numbers beginning with a one, four, three, five, two, one, and finally another six. He set to a rhythm of blows with an ever increasing intensity, turning her ass fire engine red and finally producing the Queen.

Knowing her as he did and reading her body the way only he knew how, he decided she had all she could take. He was also growing tired of playing. However, there were still chess pieces unaccounted for. So, he again leaned over her, felt the twitching of her body trying to relieve the pain of the pieces, and whispered in her ear, “You have done a very good job my little whore, not moving or making a sound as I marked that beautiful alabaster ass. I am done playing that game, but before we move to the next, I am going to retrieve my lovely chess pieces. I won’t guarantee that this won’t hurt, but I will guarantee that I will very much enjoy it. So hold on tight to the desk and remember, Shhhh…..” With that, he again stood up and ran his palm across her marked ass cheeks. He slowly moved his hand down, between her legs and cupped her sex, giving it a slight squeeze. He slowly inserted one finger into her dripping wet hole, easily using it to capture and remove another chess piece, allowing it to fall to the floor. He then inserted two fingers, a little deeper this time, again capturing another piece and sliding it out until it bounced on the floor. At the third attempt, he inserted three fingers, causing her to breathe heavy at the fullness. He twisted and turned those three fingers, finding a third piece and slowly removing it, allowing it to join the others. For the fourth and final piece, he decided to show no mercy. With most of his hand already wet and juices visibly flowing from her drippy cunt, he plunged his entire fist inside her. Even trying desperately, she couldn’t stifle the moan of agony she felt as she was stretched beyond all reason. The pull, tear and burn of his complete insertion of his fist was overwhelming. As he twisted and turned it, her body rebelled and agonized and finally gave way to a gushing orgasm that flooded across his hand, dripped from his elbows and puddled on the floor below her. As he removed his fist, the final piece flooded out with the remainder of her juices and splashed to the floor.

To be continued…..

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11 thoughts on “Game Night part 5

  1. Oh, I think I want this woman for myself.

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  2. Oh, just now catching up on all 5 pieces. Too hot to be reading while home alone! Really enjoying it.

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  3. Mr Modigliani on said:

    So pleased I stopped by… I think checkers would be a little more comfortable inside there.

    Liked by 1 person

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