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Happy Halloween!

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Have a Spooktacular Night my Friends!  I hope you find you receive Delicious Tricks and Wicked Treats!

Summer Solace part 5

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As if there was some preexisting plan, everything suddenly and effortlessly changed.  The first man moved back until he was sitting on the edge of the pool.  She saw him releasing his hard cock as she was being moved forward through the water and her head was pushed down until she had fully taken him deep into her throat.  The rhythmic up and down motion of her mouth and tongue as she slurped, sucked and licked caused him to tilt his head back and moan in pure ecstasy.

She felt the second man lean over her back as he reached under the water to continue to manipulate her sexually aching breasts.  She was focused on the man surging toward his release when she suddenly felt the crotch of her suit being pulled to the side and let out an uncontrollable gasp as he drove his cock hard and deep into her needy cunt.

The first man placed his hand on the top of her head, shoving it down, demanding that she not stop.  She tried to concentrate on the member being shoved down her throat as the other pounded harder and deeper with each thrust.  The feeling of being skewered by these two complete strangers was too much for her mind to control so her body reacted with a release that shook her to her core, and caused a hot ripple to course through her entire body.

Again, as if there was a script being followed, almost simultaneously she felt the pulse and release of hot liquid down her throat.  She swallowed and swallowed, making sure that every drop was released and captured by her tongue and throat.  She also felt the final hard thrust and the fingers of the second man digging into the skin of her hips as he released his own offering deep into her accepting and pulsing recesses.

The three of them gently separated from one another and each retreated to a bench seat, forming a triangle of completely spent strangers.  The second man quietly asked, “Um, do you need anything?  Can I get you….something?”

“No, thank you,” she quietly replied in the tone of a completely distracted dismissal.

The first man nervously entered the conversation.  “Well, we’d probably better get some sleep.  The ducks will be ready at 4am, so we will need to be ready too.  Um, thank you, and it was really nice meeting you, um…Ma’am.”

“You too,” she dismissed him just as quickly as she had the other.

The two men arose and exited the pool.  They quickly dried, gathered their belongings and began to head toward the far side of the changing house.

Regaining her senses, she hastily blurted out, “Good Luck hunting tomorrow.  I hope you are successful.”

The second man turned toward her, shining his light so it illuminated her face and said, “Ma’am, this has already been the most successful hunting trip of my life.  If I don’t shoot a single duck tomorrow, I will wear my smile for weeks to come.”  And they turned and disappeared out of sight.

She sat back against the pool and again tilted her head up to look at the sky.  It really was the prettiest night sky she had ever seen.

The End

Summer Solace part 4

When she was within reach of him, both of his hands raised and made contact with her hand. A bolt of electricity shot through her entire body. She didn’t allow the shock to show outwardly, except for the tiniest inhale crossing her lips. One of his hands grasped her wrist as the other one slowly slid its way up her arm and across her shoulder, coming to rest with a firm grip at the back of her neck. She knelt in front of him, deathly still, staring into two of the most enchanting eyes she had ever seen.

With a slight pulsing squeeze to her neck, he stared seemingly straight into her soul and softly spoke. “You were right. That is the smoothest skin I have ever had the pleasure of touching. You seem a little tense. Would you mind if I enjoy the feel of your skin by rubbing your neck and shoulders? I think it would be a win-win for us both.”

Without the slightest hesitation, she replied with a quiet, “Yes please.” He used his grip on her neck to slowly turn her so she remained kneeling, but facing away from him. Letting go of her wrist, both hands now found their way to her shoulders and a slow, firm kneading began. The feel of his hands was incredible. It was as if he was electrically charged and the contact was providing her with an indescribable pulsation. She was confused by the strange, almost surreal sensation. She couldn’t comprehend all the feelings she was having, but as she had done earlier, she shut her mind down and decided to relax and just allow her body to feel.

His hands glided effortlessly down her neck and across her shoulders, taking the straps of her suit with them and letting them fall, leaving her shoulders and breasts now bare and exposed. He leaned in and she felt his hot breath on her neck. A brief moment later she could feel the heat of his mouth as he began claiming her shoulder. He moved up her neck, quickly reaching her jaw as his hand turned her head and he hungrily claimed her mouth. Lips and tongues rushed to consume, plunging and devouring each other in a cacophony of moans and growls.

The first man arose from his front row view, moved forward to find her breasts above the waterline. He leaned in and began his own lapping, sucking and slurping of her beautiful pink and hard nipples. As his mouth consumed one, his hand found the other and conducted the most erotic symphony of pinches, pulls, pain and pleasure her breasts had ever known. Still locked in the passion of the second man’s mouth, she brought her hand forward until she found the engorged cock of the first man and began grasping and gripping it through the sheer layer of his trunks. Reaching back, she
also found the other cock begging to be released.

Blog Post-10-25-15-Summer Solace part 4 2

To be continued….

My Secret Sir / My Lady a Duet with Daydreamwriter

My Secret Sir

As the trains race by, stop after stop into the city we ride
You sit across from me daily, stop after stop, day after day
Only our eyes speak across the aisle

Do you desire to discover me like I desire to discover you, Sir?

Our hands entwined, bodies touching
A hunger building deep inside as the miles pass

Do you wish for this, Sir?

Almost inaudible moans emanating from my throat
The moist, smacking sounds of two lips hungering for each other
The growls emanating from the deepest carnal recesses

Do you hear me, Sir?

Can you feel my hand firmly grasping your growing desire?
The kneading of your needing growing stronger
Your breath quickening as the desire grows and grows and grows

Do you wish to gasp for air, Sir?

I cross the isle
Knees dirty and marred by the dirt of thousands
I release your caged urges
Plunging them down my throat, finally tasting the desires of days gone by

Do you want to feel this talent I have, Sir?

Tongue undulating in long strokes of my lips
Tightness surrounding you as my throat struggles to take its pleasure
The salty coating of my taste buds bursting with desire
Running circles around the rim with my tongue as I had so longed to do
Slurping up your forbidden desires

Do you wish to loosen your restraints, Sir?

Or, do you wish to take me
Rising from your seat to pin my face against the finger smudged glass
Of the door that has accepted and released the same throngs of thousands
Running your hands between my thighs from behind
Discovering the wetness that you always knew was waiting

Do you want?

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Secret Sir 2

Want to feel my deepest recesses and desires
My folds holding you hard and deep
Devouring your thrusts with every throbbing pulse
Receiving and worshiping your liquid offering
With an offering to you in return

Can I feel your raging cock, Sir?

We separate at the sudden jerk of a stop
Doors open, people scurry
I step out, in a daze, foggy, unclear
Only aware of the trickle of release streaming down the back of my calf

Oh, do you wish like I do, Sir?

Do you wish to find pleasure, unabandoned and desperate, Sir?

The train stops and before my mind catches up to reality
I see your lustful stare, and your desire being hidden by the newspaper you don’t read.

Is that hardness for me, Sir?

Am I the one you desire, Sir?

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Secret Sir 3

Written by Miss Amelia https://missameliaandsir.wordpress.com/

My Lady,

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Lady 1

As the trains race by, stop after stop into the city we ride
You read across from me daily, book after book, day after day
Only our eyes speak across the aisle

Do you wish for desire my lady?
A hand upon yours, holding yours, along a journey to writhe with me
Fingers interlocked with yours, someone to hold, control you into ecstasy
Do you wish this my lady ?

Whispers that tingle your senses, needles that run down neck
Your love for words, what words do you wish my lady?
Words moaned against your ear, intentions sighed upon your neck
Kisses that land on those sultry moist lips, inhale my words, my essence to desire you
Do you hear me, my lady ?

Is it the lure in my eyes, to undress you with desire, stroke lust upon your body
Skin so soft my hands melt with it, smoothly skim to barely make contact
Feel you quiver beneath my palms as I reach your swollen breast
How it fits perfectly into my hold as I hear you gasp for air
Do you wish to gasp for air, my lady ?

When i move my tongue across your salty skin, towards your wetness
Nibble and suck those stiff nipples, a rigid arousal beyond your limits
Do you want to feel this talent I have, my lady ?

Lapping between your folds as required by passion, by need
Up and down your sweet honey, lick after lick, savoring your pearl
Swirl, tease, pulsate your bud, submerge my tastebuds into your warmth

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Lady 2

Do you wish to loosen your restraints, my lady ?

Free to blanket your curves with my hardness
Come together, as oral sounds electrify motivation
Release those words you hold inside, within that resistance to let go
Let go and accept my fever to spell orgasm deep inside you
Do you want ?

Want, to feel me press deep inside of you my lady ?
My hands groping your ass, pin your hips to my face
Do you want me to swallow your juices my lady ?
Devour the velvet from inside your sex
Do you want to feel this raging cock my lady?

Thoughts of you spill over me, flood my mind with ecstasy
I want to master your release, let it go my lady
Release yourself from that seat and come to me, come with me
Do you wish my lady?

Wish, to writhe in such pleasures my lady ?

The train stops and before my mind catches up to reality
I see you blush, looking up from the spilled ink left on your lap

Are your panties wet with desire my lady ?

Am I the book you are yearning for my lady ?

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Secret Sir 3

Written by Daydreamwriter https://adaydreamwriter.wordpress.com/

Summer Solace part 3

Quickly turning his head and switching off his headlamp, the first man said, “Oh, sorry. We didn’t know anyone else was here.”

She laughed and jokingly replied, “That’s OK. Your lamps were just very bright to my eyes.”

The second man, now standing in complete darkness, returned the laugh and commented, “This IS a place of peace, calm and serenity, so I guess we shouldn’t expect a big ruckus. Do you mind if we join you in the Hot Pool?”

Although she was feeling slightly uneasy at the thought, she responded with a very cheerful, “Of course not. Come on in. The water is amazing.”

The two men entered the pool and claimed the bench directly across from her. Not wanting to appear rude, she waited for them to get comfortably settled and then asked, “What brings you two out here?”

The first man replied, “Tomorrow is the opener of Duck Season out on the marsh.”
The second man chimed in with, “And his trailer was broken and everything else was booked, so, we found this place. Having a Hot Spring to relax in the night before hunting ain’t a bad thing.”

She gave a shy chuckle and replied, “No, I guess that ain’t a bad thing at all.”
The first man quickly asked, “And what brings you way out here? You here with your family?”

Feeling very awkward about the question, she quietly answered, “No. I’m here alone. Just needed some time away to figure out a few things in my head.” She suddenly wished the pool would just swallow her up whole.

“Sounds like an even better reason to be here than us. Are you figuring things out?” the second man asked.

“No, but I still have another day. Maybe the Hot Spring will provide me with a magical answer to all my questions,” she wistfully replied.

The three sat in silence for several minutes, individually enjoying the amazing power of the water and the heat on their bodies. She broke the silence first. “Hey, have either one of you bothered to look up? The sky is absolutely breathtaking tonight.” Both men turned their heads upwards and oohed and aahed at the myriad of stars being displayed in the sky, both pointing and sharing the stories they knew of each and every constellation.

Once they had settled back into their individual relaxations, she again broke the awkward silence. “Isn’t the feel of your skin amazing? These minerals make it so slippery. It’s better than any lotion I have ever tried.”

The first man ran his hand over his smooth, bare chest and said, “Wow! You are right. I hadn’t noticed but it is REALLY slippery smooth.”

The second man just laughed and said, “I hadn’t noticed either, however, with my hairy chest, there isn’t much slipping and sliding to be had.”

“Here, feel mine. It’s REALLY smooth,” his friend quickly responded, obviously without thinking his offer all the way through.

“Hell NO Dude. I don’t care how smooth it is, I will NEVER be rubbing my hands across your baby’s-ass-smooth chest,” the second guy exclaimed in a disgusted, yet jovial reply. All three of them began to laugh.

“Well, here, you can feel my arm instead,” she offered as she moved across the pool with her arm outstretched.

To be continued…..

Summer Solace part 2

She slowly opened her eyes and inhaled sharply at the view above her. It was the night sky, midnight black yet lit with a trillion stars as far as the eye could see. She had never seen a starlit sky like this before. With no major lighted city for over 50 miles in any direction, the clarity was breathtaking. The first thing to jump out at her was the Big Dipper. Since she was a small child, she had always loved that she could pick that one out of almost any clear night sky. She suddenly realized that the creamy streams of what looked like thin clouds were actually fuzzy cluster of stars that made up the Milky Way. She was awe struck at how clear it was, and she began questioning whether she had actually ever noticed it in the sky before. As she relaxed into taking the entire sight in, she saw two shooting stars and even what she thought was the International Space Station moving in a slow orbit across the heavens.

She allowed her thoughts and her hands to continue their casual wander. Her mind began dreaming of a peaceful existence of seclusion, finally writing that great novel she had carried in her mind since she was a teen. Her hands again began tracing parts of her body. She strummed her fingers up and down her arms, gently continuing by tracing her collar bone and splaying her fingers across her extended neck, trailing them down until they met the resistance at the top of her bathing suit. She slowly slid the shoulder straps down one arm, and then the other, allowing the top of her suit to hang loose around her waist.

She commenced a sensual exploration of her lovely, ample breasts. The minerals in the water had made this skin just as deliciously smooth as all the rest had been. She felt their buoyancy under her touch. Her hands gently cupped and caressed as she continued to relax and breathe. Her middle fingers ran small circles around her fully erect nipples, followed by a quick pinch and pull from her thumb and forefinger, causing her to let out an unexpected gasp. The sensations were beginning to consume her body and mind with needs to continue the exploration further down, when she was startled into reality by two voices rounding the corner of the changing house.

She quickly pulled up her straps and assumed an upright position on the bench. It was so dark that all she could make out from the two approaching headlamps was that both voices sounded male. As they reached the upper pool’s entrance, they both seemed startled when their lights caught her figure in the water, causing her to flinch and look away from the bright direct light.

To be continued…..

Summer Solace part 1

She was needing this SO much. Maybe even more than she had realized when she made the reservations on Monday. A last minute getaway to clear her head and rejuvenate her body. Work, family and life had all been completely overwhelming lately, and she just needed to get away from it all and think. This was a funky little place, out in the middle of nowhere, and she had been just a little bit nervous as she clicked the final button confirming her reservations. But now that she was here, it seemed quite peaceful and serene, just as she had hoped for.

The compound sat on the edge of a wildlife refuge and wetland. She guessed that was where the hot springs boiled up from. But where they came from didn’t really matter as much as the fact that the ad said there were natural hot springs to soak your cares away in, and that was exactly what she intended to do. So, she made her way across the uneven field through the darkness, with only a tiny pen-light she had found in her glovebox to guide her way. She tried desperately to ignore the movement around her feet, as small mammals scurried for the taller grass when she came near. The sound of pouring water became louder and clearer as she rounded the back side of the small changing house, and the faint smell of sulfur wafted through her senses.

There they were. Three stonework pools with differing degrees of cascading spring water flowing into and filling them with steaming hot water. The lower pool was the first she came to and quickly left after discovering it was the cool pool. The middle pool was warmer, but the upper pool bubbled and steamed, so she didn’t even test it before shedding her cover-up and stepping in. This one was DEFINITELY hotter, but it was nothing her worn out and exhausted body couldn’t take. She smoothly slipped under the surface and glided across the small pool to the bench on the other side.

With her eyes closed, she tilted her head back and let her body begin the process of relaxing. Her measured, deep breaths began releasing the tension that had been consuming her for months now. Problems at home began to invade her thoughts, but were quickly silenced by her overwhelming need to let it go and just relax. How she wished she had paid the extra for a massage. She allowed her hands to brush the tops of her thighs at the thought, and was pleasantly surprised to feel an unexpected smoothness to her skin. There was something about the minerals in the water that caused her skin to feel almost liquid under her touch. Her fingers glided so smoothly, she found herself letting them wander across all of her exposed skin, relishing the slippery feel and touch.

To be continued…..

His Hands – Her Hands

Thank you SO much for writing with me again. I hope that we will be doing it again VERY soon. Hands are INCREDABLY sexy, aren’t they?


Miss Amelia and I have tried our skills again. Seeing things from both sides in Your Eye Too she decided to challenge our views with ‘His Hands’ and ‘Her Hands’. I enjoyed writing this with such a talent and hope to join words again in the future with her.  Hope you enjoy !!

His hands

Are strong, sensual and commanding

They demand my soul to bend to his will

They grip and grasp and pinch and pull

Yet my body stands, unyielding to his torturous touch


They become the liberators of love, passion and fire

Lighting my skin with a fleeting brush

Electrifying my core

Leading me to indescribable ecstasy.



Delicate petals, soft sensuous silk

Tenderly stroke roughness away 

Scratch, claw, pleasures to sin

Comfortable warmth, feelings of home 

Knead, massage, muscles and core

Magnetic pull of release 

So eager to explore

Stimulates, piece by piece

Her soothing touch will sear

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Hello all. You don’t hear from me much, but I am Miss Amelia’s Professor. Funny, that title “professor”, brings up images of a spectacled, gray haired patriarch, ready and able to imbibe great knowledge and wisdom on those who would seek it. If you read Miss Amelia’s last post, you know that while I am turning gray and find myself in desperate need of my glasses, I am still very much learning what it means to be wise.

You may have heard the story of how we got started in a whole new way of living and interacting as a couple. It was not something we actively thought to seek – it presented itself in a most unexpected way. But prior to that, something in the strength and momentum of our life and relationship had been changing, growing. Amelia recognized it before I did, a restlessness, a need, a desire, to be more, feel more, to be completely free and happy with who we were as individuals, and as an incredibly committed, loving couple. In an instant, we were off, on a wild ride experiencing a whole host of new feelings and emotions. Amelia says in hindsight, she drug me along for the ride, and that was her mistake. Make absolutely no mistake about it, no one drug me anywhere that I did not go completely willingly. I went more slowly, more cautiously, more uncertain than my Amelia. I also made many mistakes. Oh, but I went so willingly, and found love and power and beauty and satisfaction beyond anything I could have imagined.

But I was also ignorant, of many facets to this new place we were in. I fell down, unable to provide what was my job alone to provide. I thought, we were living OUR lifestyle, not THE lifestyle. All I needed to know was what worked for her and I, and my naiveté eventually caught up with us. Amelia was left feeling forgotten, crushed by the realization that I was making what seemed like the same mistakes over again. She ended up feeling that this new place was never something I wanted, but only something I did for her. I see very clearly now how she was made to feel that way.

But this WAS something I wanted. And while the intense physicality of our relationship was a very important part of our new way of being, there were many, many other pieces, things that in their collective totality were every bit as meaningful. I’d like to do my part to help protect some of these other pieces.

One of those pieces, as you all have seen, is that Amelia became a writer. Something she was not before a year or so ago. I was the writer in the family – a tiny, tiny body of published things behind me, and grand plans to write for the future. But Amelia took to it with such grace and ease. It took me quite by surprise, and made me swell with pride. It also gives her deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Our collaborations brought us closer and closer together. It has truly been amazing.

Another thing that happened along the way was we both met an incredible array of people, people with lives and problems and worries and cares, just like us. Sometimes radically different, sometimes much the same, but almost without exception, they have been supportive, constructive, helpful, and sometimes downright life-saving individuals. It is one of the things that has brought Amelia the most joy. Writing, commenting, creating friendships, knowing there were those would listen, and not judge. Reaching people who would encourage, support, and impart wisdom of their own. It has been a most wondrous, beautiful thing.

My lack of wisdom allowed things to happen, things that made Amelia seriously consider my ability to do and be what I professed to wanting to do and be. Thus, she was compelled to write and publish her most recent post. But there is at least one thing about me that is perhaps a good quality. I am stubborn. I also love and cherish my wife beyond my capacity to fully grasp. Hence, if it is time for a reboot, then we will reboot. What our life will look like in the future, neither of us has fully figured out and might not for some time. But we are committed to figuring it out. I am stubbornly committed to us figuring it out.

One thing is certain. I cannot sit idly by and let the things that brought us both so much joy fade. Whether on this blog, or another, Amelia will continue to write. It might not be today, or tomorrow. And it might be of a different flavor. But life is entirely too short, to let something so meaningful go, and I know that she doesn’t want to. We both will need some time to readjust, to figure out this reboot. But we WILL figure it out.

Ah, and then there are the new boots. They can take you to the same places your old boots did, and sometimes they can take you someplace new. I hope all of you wonderful people we have gotten to know will continue to follow along in boots of your own. As always, my deepest thanks to all who have supported My Amelia, my Everything.

Blog Post-10-13-2015-Reboot 2

All Good Things

They say, All Good Things Must Come to an End. Well, my friends, this is no different. I am afraid that I have to go and try and see life in a different light. I was exposed to the D/s life by a very good friend. It made me feel things that I had never felt before. I immediately went to my husband and drug him on this crazy ride with me. That should have been the first and only clue I needed to know that it was never going to work.

My exposure had opened up a world to me, which I had never even considered. It was a place where I felt more free and alive then I ever had my entire life. I thought I had finally found the answers I had always been searching for. It was laid at my feet, I picked it up and started to run. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to realize that my husband was being drug along behind me.

He tried. God knows he tried. I will love him forever for the attempt he made to make me complete. I was crushed every time he couldn’t meet my expectations and left me in free fall. I blamed him for it, when all along it was actually my fault, not his. He was trying to do something for me, not for himself.

It has finally registered in my foggy brain that I need to let this go, for him and for me. We lived a very nice life for years before I forced us on this journey. So, to save what we have, I have to stop the forward march into what I want, but he doesn’t. I know he would continue if I asked, but the cost is just too great for both of us.

So, my wonderful new friends, I must retreat from here and find a content place to live from now on, because this doesn’t work for both of us. I am grief stricken at the loss of this piece of me and the little pieces of you that you have shared. They will be forever stored in a very special place deep in my soul.

I will be keeping this site open for a while, until I decide whether I can continue writing or not. I hope I find I can. It has fed my soul like nothing I have ever experienced before. Until then, I wish you all nothing but love and a life full of happiness and freedom. I hope to find that freedom again for myself, someday.

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