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Game Night part 8

Suddenly, he withdrew from her, still clenching her hips, and said “Now, my love, it is time for me to mark you, to paint you with my cum. Because I thoroughly enjoy spilling it in all your holes, and over all your surfaces, I cannot decide where I most want to put it now. So we will let the game decide”. With that he reached over and gave the spinner a violent flick, and after at least 10 revolutions it landed squarely back on “Pussy”, where it had begun. His eyes brightened in a brief smile, and he said softly in his low growl that nearly drover her over the edge, “Mmmmm….one of my most favorite of places. You have been a very good girl tonight my love, a very obedient, accommodating, delicious slut. As I pound you, I wish for you to cum for me, hard and wet, all over my cock as I fill you. Cum for me, at your will, Slut – understand?”

Without waiting for her reply, he again grabbed her hips forcefully and plunged his purple, pulsing cock back into the depths of her recesses. The pause from his earlier pounding had left the nerve endings lining her hole electrified, alive, and teetering on the edge. The sudden intrusion of his thick cock past her opening made her core nearly exploded, and quickly she found herself being fucked ravenously, and with such an intense rhythm, she felt they might both burst into flame. He suddenly twisted the flesh in his hands to tilt her hips, and she felt his cock striking her at a slightly different angle, his speed increasing ever further. A new sensation began to build.

Then she felt it happen. A wave crashed over her like 100 tons of water, and she felt a torrent of hot liquid leaving her hole and spattering over her back. She felt him swell and grow to impossible size as a guttural cry escaped from his throat, growing in volume as she felt his own body quiver and convulse. “Fuck!” she heard him cry, as she felt his hot cum, buckets of it seemed, mixing with the flood of her squirting orgasm. For a moment that seemed to last forever, she could feel nothing but the crashing of the waves through both of them, his hands pulling her tightly to him, her own body tingling, pulsing, and clenching him as if her very life depended on not letting him go. As his release neared its end, his grip relaxed slightly on her hips, but she could still feel him convulsing, his thighs still slapping lightly against the back of her own. He groaned a low “Mine”, as she felt herself sliding down towards the twister matt, his weight settling on top of her, his now-spent cock still resting inside her. “Yes, Sir, yours….always” escaped barely audibly from her lips as she felt herself beginning to float.

The intensity of the moment left her feeling foggy, and the floating sensation began to grow. Suddenly she felt his weight lifting off of her, and his withdrawal, but one hand was still placed firmly and lovingly on the back of her neck. “Float, Baby” he whispered in her ear softly, “and I will keep you from floating away”. Still holding her neck, she felt his free hand deftly removed her shoes, then her stockings and the garter, and then gently pull a thin but warm blanket over her. Just in the instant she before she passed into sleep, he rolled her gently towards him and said “put your arms around my neck”. As she did, she felt him pull her to him and stand all in one motion, seemingly effortlessly. The fogginess was lifting slightly, but she was glad for his strength. She did not think she could stand, let alone walk. She wrapped her arms more tightly around him, and buried her face between his neck and shoulder.

She was faintly aware of him walking with her, and she wondered dreamily where they might be going. Where there more games to be played? The thought drew a slight smile from her lips. But she soon felt him leaning forward, and she felt the bed capture her as her arms slid from his neck. He slid his right hand to the back of her neck, and without letting go of her, climbed over and behind her, wrapping her in himself as he drew the warm blankets over both of them. He spoke softly, near her ear. “You my dear, are a very good gaming partner. I look forward to the next time we can play together.” Her mind whirled, the nearly overwhelming sensations of feeling used, claimed, owned, and cherished colliding within her. “Yes Sir”, she whispered softly, “I will play again with you, any game, any time, as you wish. Thank you, Sir”. And with the sensation of his hand stroking her hair, then resting firmly on the side of her head, she began to descend from the floating sensation, and felt the most peaceful surrender to the tendrils of sleep wrapping around her. As she slipped at last into tranquil sleep, she felt more than heard his last words, warm against the back of her neck. “Good Girl”…..

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The End


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22 thoughts on “Game Night part 8

  1. 27spankings on said:

    I love this twisted story!


  2. That was a really beautiful ending to the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My Sir thanks you. I was struggling with finishing the story so I asked for his help. He sat down, wrote this and I published it. Knowing this is how HE saw it ending made my insides quiver, and still does every time I reread it. ❤️


  3. Beautiful, wonderful, arousing and hot! Love the aftercare.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ok even hotter knowing that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Absolutely BRAVO darling. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Did it strike anyone else that the transition in perspective (who was writing) was seamless? Speaks volumes of relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Professor Wild on said:

    Thank you, Miss Amelia, for the kind credit, and all the circumstances that lead us to an opportunity to collaborate. Thank you as well to all the kind readers – you inspire us both.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. subspeak on said:

    I feel like a repeat record but it’s because I enjoy all your writings so much! This was unbelievably hot as usual but I also really loved the tender ending 🙂 that guy is what every kinky girl needs!


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