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I Bared My Soul

I bared my soul
And body to you
You used it hard
Like you always do

You used it in ways
Unknown before
Left me tired and thirsty
Battered and sore

When you were through
And I needed you most
You disappeared
Like the wisp of a ghost

I didn’t understand
Why you left in a hurry
Alone I remained
Feeling used up and dirty

You didn’t understand
Why I took it so rough
You had said it all before
Wasn’t that enough?

My Best Friend Moved Away

I am very sad today
Because my Best Friend moved away
Your family always comes first
And you can no longer come out and play

I want you here with me
I don’t know what I am going to do
When the playground calls me out
And I don’t have you

The bars no longer beckon
The seesaw no longer dips
The swing no longer flies
The slide no longer slips

I know I will laugh again
When a new friend comes along one day
But it won’t ever be the same
Because my Best Friend moved away

(Picture taken from internet. If you know the origin, please let me know.)


The High School that my daughter attends, my son played for and my brother currently coaches, just won the


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wishing you and yours a WONDERFUL day, wherever you are. 🙂

Blog Post-11-25-2015-Happy Thanksgiving!!2Blog Post-11-25-2015-Happy Thanksgiving!!3Blog Post-11-25-2015-Happy Thanksgiving!!4

All images taken from the internet. Origins unknown.

I Need to Know

I Need
I Need to Know
I Need to Know Who you are.
Are you the person you pretend to be? Are you the picture you have so beautifully painted? Are you really the person who I see when I close my eyes and dream?
Who are you?

I Need
I Need to Know
I Need to Know What you are.
What do you look like? What do you sound like? Do your lips taste as sweet as I imagine them to be when they brush against mine?
What are you?

I Need
I Need to Know
I Need to Know Where you are.
Do you actually exist? Where do I find you? Are you just a figment of my imagination that I run to in my fantasies, awake and asleep?
Where are you?

I Need
I Need to Know
I Need to Know When you are.
When will I see you? When will I touch you? When will this consuming need be fulfilled so I can again return to sanity?
When are you?

I Need
I Need to Know
I Need to Know Why you are?
Why do you haunt me? Why do you seethe in me? Why do you consume my thoughts as I try desperately to rid myself of this aching desire to be close to you?
Why are you?

I Need
I Need to Know
I Need to Know How you are.
How did you happen? How did I let myself desire you like this? How can I let you know how much I crave your attention, your touch, your kiss?
How are you?

I Need
I Need to Know

It was Late part 2

Suddenly, he had a fist full of her hair, jolting her head up and telling her it was now time for her to go to work. He twisted her head sideways, shoving his hardening cock through her panting lips and pushing until he hit the back of her throat. She began a full mouth, rhythmic worship of his cock. The drool dripped from her lips as she sucked, licked and slurped up and down, taking it deep into her throat until she gagged repeatedly. She could feel him pulsing and growing harder and harder with need. She relished the taste and his mounting desire.

She was abruptly flipped onto her back as he hastily positioned himself between her legs and slammed his full length deep into her swollen hole. He began an unrelenting pounding that released another gush, again soaking the bedding underneath. She felt the burning sting of his hand as it repeatedly slapped across her cheeks. It was sex, uninhibited, wild and wicked.

She knew he was close to his release, when he stopped for a moment. He reached beside him and picked up the riding crop still laying on the bed. His eyes flashed dark as he stared down at her and she submissively whispered, “Yours.” He brought the crop and a hand down around her neck and began squeezing at the same time he returned to his relentless pounding of her aching cunt. She gasped and struggled for breath. He was merciless. She began to feel herself floating just as he came hard and deep inside her, leaving his entire body convulsing as sweat dripped from his head. He released her neck and she choked for air as she again filled her lungs.

They remained in that position for a few minutes while he recovered and she enjoyed the weightlessness of her float. When it was time to get up, he slid backwards, expecting her to roll off the bed and retreat to the bathroom. Instead, she remained on her back and took in a large breath, enjoying the sensation of his offering streaming out and down her exposed slit. When he noticed that she didn’t move, he smiled and ran a finger through the creaminess. Her body responded to his touch and he noticed.

He glided one finger inside her, enjoying the slippery feel. He plunged another finger in with it. Her hips moved involuntarily to meet the new addition. Very quickly, he had all his fingers inside providing an intense sensation that released another gush, completely soaking his invading hand. He slowly removed his fingers and wiped the handful of fluid across her exposed skin. When he tried to return for yet another round, she rolled over and begged him to stop. She was completely spent, drained and her quivering body needed rest. He smiled, kissed her on the forehead and helped her into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

She returned to the bed where he greeted her with a glass of ice water and a neatly straighten bed. She climbed in and he tucked her in the warm covers. He walked around the bed and slid in behind her, spooning and wrapping his arms tightly around her waist. Whispers of I love you were exchanged and they both quickly drifted off into a much needed, completely sated and peaceful slumber.

The End

It was Late part 1

It was late, and a work night, so when he turned off the TV, held out his hand and said, “It’s time for bed,” she just smiled and followed. It had been a very long day, and she knew she was ready for a good night sleep. He opened the bedroom door, then stepped aside to allow her to enter first, as he always did. She went into the bathroom, executed her evening routine and returned to the bedroom undressed and washed, ready for a night of peaceful slumber.

As soon as she saw him standing at the foot of the bed, naked himself, she instantly knew that sleep wasn’t on his mind. A wicked smile grew across her face and she tried to scurry around him, grasping for the safety of the blankets. She was DEFINITELY not fast enough. He clasped his fingers around her extended wrist and quickly flipped her onto her back, in the middle of the bed and straddled her, pinning her to the soft duvet.

Now he wore the wicked smile as he informed her she needed to obey him completely from this moment forward. He ordered her to roll onto her stomach and she immediately complied. He grabbed both wrists and pinned them above her head, leaning down and growling in her ear, “And DON’T you DARE move them.” She tingled at his forcefulness and the warmth of his breath on the skin of her neck. He instructed her that she was to remain in this position, face down, eyes closed as he slid down her body, grasped both ankles and spread her legs open wide. He was about to play a little game of Guess Where and What is coming next. Her respirations and heart rate increased.

He taunted and teased her for a few seconds before the first little sting bit her right shoulder. She instantly knew he had come to play when the leather riding crop touched her skin. Soon, there was another snap on her left thigh. Then the barrage began. There were soft wisps and breath-taking stings all over her back, legs, feet and ass. He used the crop skillfully, utilizing the wicked tip, shaft and hardened handle in multiple intensities. He also used his hands, delivering blows that left instant evidence. At one point, his fingernail began at the base of her neck and with ever increasing pressure, carved a line into her skin that she was sure drew blood. Her entire body quaked and quivered. She moaned and gasped and cried out in pleasurable pain. It was absolutely delicious.

She was waiting in quivering anticipation for the next strike, when she felt him ramming her favorite manzanita toy hard and deep between her spread legs. The initial thrust was so intense that she wanted to launch through the headboard, trying to find escape and relief. The relief came in a torrent of pleasure-filled fluid gushing from her orgasming hole. He continued to pound her mercilessly until she had soaked the comforter a second time, and began begging him to claim her and fuck her hard himself.

To be continued….


Blog Post-11-16-2015-Autumn

When I close my eyes and imagine, no matter the scene, it is almost always autumn. My senses come alive when I feel the change from the heat of summer to the comfort of a fall wind. The sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feel of the impending winter, fill my senses with a longing for rest, ending with a renewal of everything.

The first sign of the earth preparing for hibernation is the changing of the forest. The leaves make their transition from the crisp greens to the warm hues of gold, red, orange and brown. There is a slow shower of colors, gracefully floating to the ground, leaving the land covered in its multicolored blanket of fall.

I can smell the faint scent of decay as the leaves build thick and the damp begins. I might be gifted with a wafting of warm cider or the first pumpkin pie of the season. Cinnamon begins to permeate my mind and takes me to the memories of meals, warmth and bygone love.

The first bite of that sticky, sugary, crisp caramel apple rushes flavor sensations through my veins. The wafting of a turkey that has been roasting for hours brings an uncontrollable salivation that only a stolen taste can satisfy. The warmth that a cup of hot chocolate brings to the belly of the partially frozen can only be enjoyed when the weather has turned harsh.

An afternoon walk brings the crunching of leaves under foot, ringing to my ears. I can hear the cracking of the trees as the winds push hard against the steadfast branches. The pitter patter of the rain as it hits the roof, runs through the gutters and disperses into the welcoming ground brings comfort in the night, while snuggled under the newly acquired quilts.

I can feel the season changing inside me. I have a strong need to button up and prepare for the harsh and cold. Wood shed filled, yards raked clear, flowerbeds put to sleep until they reawaken with the spring. Pantry stocked, freezer full and bedding changed to allow for slumber through the achingly cold nights.

All is ready. All is prepared. The home and the earth slowly fade into the dark of winter.


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There are things in life that are forbidden.  Those things that we know are not pastimes or pleasure that we will ever partake in.  Yet, we desire them.  We crave and need and yearn for those things that we know we can’t have.  We can put those thoughts away, lock them up tight, hoping they will never return.  But, still they do.

Sometimes these forbidden things are dangerous.  We can’t and won’t do them just because the price might be your life.  Some give in and play.  Some of those return the victor.  Some never return again.  Is the rush really worth the cost?  Only the player can decide.

Things can be forbidden by beliefs, mantra and religion.  Someone, somewhere has decided or been given divine insight into something, decreeing it wrong, unnatural or against god.  This decree marks it forbidden, so you must avoid it or be prepared for the wrath to fall upon you.  Sometimes, your faith alone can protect you from this evil.  Sometimes, that faith falls short of shielding the human you are.

And, of course, there is the forbidden that is primal in its origin.  We can obtain everything we wanted in this life, yet still desire the taste of more.  We may be committed and entwined with another person, swearing to love, honor and desire only them, yet our mind wanders to the delicious worlds of what if, maybe and if only.  One tiny step can begin the path to destruction.  Even under the best of intentions and strongest of convictions, a drink leads to a touch leads to a caress leads to a kiss leads to an uncontrollable blaze and all that remains are the ashes of what was never supposed to be.

Sometimes it seems that so many of the things we crave are forbidden.  For some of these things, perhaps we need to give ourselves permission to imagine, and dream, but leave the forbidden desire just short of fruition.  Perhaps sometimes, we need to let go of dogmatic inhibitions, and take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

red cup righteousness

This Lady is wise, wicked and right. We need to spread love, not worry about the fucking coffee cups.

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