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2015 in review

So, I know these numbers and facts aren’t much compared to so many others, but they sure make me happy.  🙂  I began this journey into Bloglandia back in February, and it has provided me with so much joy.  I have been able to express my feelings, both good and bad, hear about the successes and failures of others and meet some of the most absolutely fascinating people I have ever been graced to know.  I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for us all.  Happy New Year to all who visit, and from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Happy Birthday Rita!!

I ABSOLUTELY MUST wish the most AMAZINGLY AWESOME woman I know a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Rita, I know you don’t like to accept praise or accolades, but you Lady (and I use that title cautiously) are a FUCKING ROCK STAR!!  I LOVE YOU and hope you have the most WONDERFUL Day!!

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita2

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita3

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita4

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita5

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita6

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita7

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita8

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita11

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita12

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita10

Blog Post-12-29-2015-Happy Birthday Rita9

~All images taken from an internet google search~


Stunning words from someone I have not had the pleasure of reading before, but absolutely will now.

Just a Girl Lost 2

When my fingers hit the keys

I’m free

I’m also held within a place of understanding

a scary place of mind, heart, soul

a place of writing

Writers, people who write, they are a rare breed

they hold deep stuff inside

they hold homicides

they hold love deeper than God

they are not quite human, but more human filled with humanity

they are deluded and loving

they are beautiful and ugly

they are all I wish to be


I love them and wish I loved me


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And The Winner Is…

Blog Post-12-28-2015-And The Winner Is...

If there was a contest for the STUPIDEST, DUMBEST, MOST BONEHEADED, REDICULOUS AND IMATURE ACTION OF 2015, I know EXACTLY who would win, hands down, no competition.  It would be the two tenants that we have renting the studio apartment on the second floor of our house.

First, a little background.  Seven years ago we added onto our house.  The addition included a 550 square foot upstairs studio, with its own entrance, bathroom, kitchen and balcony.    It is part of the house, so it shares all the utilities and heating system with our living space.  My brother lived there for a year until he bought the home across the street.  It was used for a few years as a game/hang-out room for my son through High School.  When good friends of ours had a child coming to town to go to culinary school, we offered it as a place for him to rent.  He lived there for a year by himself and now lives there with his girlfriend.

So, this brings us to Christmas Eve.  The two of them left to go visit his mom.  No problem.  Then on the day after Christmas, my mother and brother were returning from a morning walk, when my brother noticed the upstairs window on the front of the house was open.  We do NOT live in one of those places that have been having record highs.  In fact, we have inches of snow and the temps have been down in the low teens at night.  So, we immediately texted our tenant and asked for permission to go upstairs to shut the window, since they wouldn’t be home until the 29th.  He eventually got back to us and this is where they won the prize.

He informed us that they had actually left all the windows open.  You see, they had fruit flies and they wanted the cold to kill them.  If we really thought that those windows being opened were affecting the rest of the house, we could go up and close them.  Remember, we have one central heating system for the entire house, so yes, it affected everything else.  When we got upstairs, they had indeed left EVERY window open, but just to make sure the fruit flies were really dead, they also propped open the French doors onto the snow covered balcony. (I know this is where you are thinking I am kidding you.  Unfortunately, I’m not and it only gets better.)

So the rooms were colder than my freezers downstairs and EVERY pipe was frozen solid.  The faucet on the bathroom and kitchen sink had exploded the diffusers.  The shower handle had exploded and water and ice were shooting across, hitting the wall and splattering onto the floor.  The toilet bowl and tank were solid blocks of ice.  I swear you must have all heard the string of screaming obscenities that came streaming from my mouth as I rushed downstairs to call for an Emergency/Holiday/Weekend Plumber.

I also contacted our renters and informed them that if they wanted to FUCKING KILL FRUIT FLIES, THEY SHOULD REALLY TRY USING THE GLASS OF WINE AND PLASTIC WRAP NEXT TIME!!!!  They were also told that any and all charges would be their responsibility.

So, we sat for the next several hours without water, thawing out the room.  The plumber finally arrived at 9:45 PM, worked for hours, repaired all the fixtures and finally left at 1:30 in the morning.  Luckily we had used the really good Pex piping so there was no damage inside the walls.  However, once everything was thawed, repaired, cleaned up and warm again, they DID still have fruit flies, because they left the old FUCKING FRUIT ON THE COUNTER!!

This is why I nominate and declare them the winners of the 2015 STUPIDEST, DUMBEST, MOST BONEHEADED, REDICULOUS AND IMATURE ACTION!!

Blog Post-12-28-2015-And The Winner Is2...

More Holiday Humor

Wanting to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate, then have a Fucking Awesome Day!  🙂

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor2

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor3

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor4

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor5

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor6

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor7

Blog Post12-24-2015-More Holiday Humor8

**All funnies taken from the internet.**

Holiday Humor

Happy Holidays!!
A little funny to get you through the stress and family visits. 🙂

Blog Post-12-21-2015-Holiday Humor

Blog Post-12-21-2015-Holiday Humor2

Blog Post-12-21-2015-Holiday Humor4Blog Post-12-21-2015-Holiday Humor3

NOT Your Mothers Christmas Carol

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas 
Covering every inch of my skin
As plump plums glisten with kisses
Flowing over fingers again and again

All I want for Christmas is You
Spread by my fingers and under my tongue
Lapping and titillating
Until you come completely undone

Oh, what fun it is to ride
With legs opened wide, snowcaps begin to melt
Dripping as we slide…in a frantic trib
Splashing all the way in each orgasm spilt

On a Silent Night together
The only sounds you will hear
Is slurping, slapping and sucking
And lustful moans emanating near

Baby it’s Cold Outside
And we have nowhere else to be
So come and celebrate the season
And spend a little time with me

~A Duet with Wet Bliss
Thank you Wet Bliss, for making this collaboration so much fun and so easy to write. Your talent knows no bounds and I look forward to doing this again soon. 🙂

The Naughty Girls of Christmas~A Duet

This is a little piece that I was honored to write with Wet Bliss.

Thank you SO Much Bliss, for asking me to write with you.  It was great fun to write with such a talent.  Be sure to go and check out her amazing catalog of work.  https://wetblissdotme.wordpress.com/

We both hope you have as much fun reading it.  XOXO

We’re sugar and spice
We play naughty and nice
We’re sweet and light
But we’ve been known to bite.

Nibbling here and there
Removing pretty underwear
With appreciative stares,
So glad the men let us share.

Joy to the world for beautiful girls
Soft, pink petals ready to unfurl
Slowly, to expose hidden pearl
Anticipation makes our heads whirl

A kiss and a lick
A gentle squeeze and a tongue flick
Igniting my nipple like a candle wick
Coating my thighs in a warm wet slick

Silent is the little drummer boy
Watching as he rubs his toy
What we present is not a ploy
Our performance is for him to only enjoy

~A Duet with Wet Bliss and Miss Amelia

Portrait of Light – A Duet

This duet was an alternating line exchange of vision and words. Thanks to DayDreamWriter for once again allowing us to paint this blending of words. Check out some amazing stuff He is stirring up on http://adaydreamwriter.wordpress.com/

Portrait of Light

morning light shines through,
parted curtains, cast a golden glow
where lips leave a glistening trail

eyes still peacefully closed,
reach within the heart and caress
as fingers trace every curve and line

their shadows dance upon the wall
a perfectly choreographed performance
lovers beneath a moon embedded dawn

lines of separation blurred
continuous palette spectrums the horizon
two souls effortlessly melt, fuse and consume

abstract breaths escape as sculptured kisses
artistry becomes clearer with every stroke
their contour portrays a culmination

duet written by ~Miss Amelia &

You Make…

You make my skin crawl

You make my head ache and spin

You make my stomach churn

You make me sweaty and wet

You make me shake, quiver, undulate

You make my skin flush red and steamy hot

You make me gag and wretch

And then

You make me cum







You make my nostrils flare

You make my forehead bead with sweat

You make my muscles tense

You make my breath quicken and shallow

You make my vision narrow, my focus sharpen

You make me swell with unbridled desire

You make me groan in guttural animal tones

And then

You make me explode


A Duet by Miss Amelia and Professor

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