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That we were clay

Rita led me to this blog and this piece. EVERY woman should read, absorb and live this. I will be sharing it with my 15 year old daughter and discussing how important it is for me, her and every female. Poetic Perfection. 🙂

Touch Me!

Blog Post-1-29-2016-Touch Me!

Touch me!

Touch my skin

Touch me and tease me

Touch me, tease me and make my skin tingle

Touch me, tease me, make my skin tingle and watch what happens

I’ll touch you, stroke you and make you quiver and quake

I’ll please you and pleasure you

Just touch me

Touch me!

Touch my mind

Touch me and tease me

Touch me, tease me and make my imagination soar

Touch me, tease me, make my imagination soar and watch what happens

I’ll touch you, torment you and make your dreams reality

I’ll fuck you and suck you

Just touch me

Touch me!

Touch my heart

Touch me and tease me

Touch me, tease me, but be careful, show care

Touch me, tease me, but be careful, show care and watch what happens

I’ll love you, worship you and be yours forever

I’ll kneel and you will own me

Just touch me!

some other times…

I did NOT write this, but these are MY words. Thank you shygirl, for expressing exactly what I feel so beautifully. 🙂

serenity through submission

I like zero tolerance.
I like very little room for error.
I like hard and fast rules.

But other times…
I like a soft place to land.
I like a little space to thrash around.
I like tolerance that is all-encompassing.

I like impact that makes me scream.
I like hair-pulling that makes me cry.
I like words that make me feel less (more) than human.

Other times…
I like the hits a bit lighter, more sensory.
I like soft tickles that send me to sleep.
I like words that comfort and soothe.

I like to handle it all myself.
I like to function in my own way, on my own time.
I like to be a strong girl needing no-one.

Other times…
I like to be taken by the wrist and told exactly what to do.
I like to not have to use my brain at…

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My In Box

Blog Post-1-28-2016-My In Box

Oh, how my stomach flips and flops whenever I see His name in my in box.  And then, to open the email and find something like this…Ahhhhh….Pure Bliss!


I am sitting here at my desk, trying like hell to find some focus.  I find my mind wandering straight back to this morning.  After a much better night’s sleep than I’ve had in a while, I woke before the alarm and lay on my back. Visions of you began threading through my head…..your smooth, erotic skin. Your legs, ending in your hotter-than-the-law-should-allow heels. A silky nightie, thin straps over silken shoulders, ending just north of the lower curve of your ass, hints of warm slippery wetness trickling down your inner thigh.  I saw your hands wrapping around me, and I felt myself grow to bulging between your perfectly manicured fingers….And that’s all it took.  Just lying next to you, seeing you walk through my waking dreams.  I had to claim you.  I had to have you know how much I wanted you. And there you were, so willing….so warm, so ready for me.

So now I sit, my skin tingling, my hands ever so slightly trembling, my head unable to wander far from you. Thank you, for what you do to me, for what you do for me, for what you are to me.

-Husband, Lover, Professor…….Sir….

Defining Dominance and submission

Blog Post-1-27-2016-Pienso Guest Post    Blog Post-1-27-2016-Pienso Guest Post2

I am happy to post something written by a friend of mine, Pienso En Ti.  I really liked what he had to say.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Defining Dominance and submission
One of the biggest barriers to understanding Dominants and submissives is the insistence they can somehow be defined, that is adequately described with words in a paragraph or bullets in a list.  Every Dominant and submissive has his/her own way, his/her own preferences, needs, impulses, manner of interacting.  Some might say degradation is a hard limit but even in that there is abundant ambiguity.  Is eating from a dog bowl degrading?  Wearing a leash?  Proudly showing off a beautiful sub’s body online?  The hard limit line will be drawn in a different portion of the sand by every submissive and/or Dominant.  This particular hard limit is one of a thousand similarly variable decisions applying to the D/s world.  A general definition of Dominants and submissives simply cannot be adequately penned using one person’s perspective (or even a group opinion), yet it seems to be such a common objective.  The internet overflows with “A Dominant is…” posts.

Left to themselves, these posts are harmless, nothing more than a declaration by one person with similarly-minded folks reposting.  Problem is, everything on the internet is the gospel, right? Nearly every neophyte submissive I’ve met begins with the internet definitions to help her understand first whether or not she is a submissive (mistake #1), how good submissives normally behave (mistake #2), and how good Dominants interact with submissives (mistake #3).  They then go on to gauge their progress as budding submissives and the progress of their budding D/s relationship, judging both poorly if somehow they don’t stand up well to the definitions they’ve poured through (mistakes #4 and #5).  These neophytes predictably find disappointment, in themselves, in their Dominant partner and in their D/s relationship because “He (or she) isn’t doing it right”.  In time they might learn their own colors, and the true colors of their Dominant and comfortably adjust their way into a D/s life they find truly their own.  Others though do not.

I know a natural submissive who insists she’s not because she’s not like the typical online submissive she reads about. She’s tormented because everything inside her screams “submissive” while outside definitions say she’s not.  It causes her great confusion when she’s around me because she involuntarily, instinctively assumes a very submissive demeanor, never realizing it until some point later when I’m using it in an argument to illustrate her submissiveness to her.
“I didn’t do that.”
“You most certainly did and you didn’t even realize it.”


One might argue everyone needs to go through these growing pains, but I disagree.  Much of the growing pains are a result of expectations based upon internet definitions, definitions the D/s community seems so anxious to create.  If we would only create our own definitions, applicable only to us, and not feel compelled to share it with the rest of the world, others entering the D/s sphere might more quickly realize our colors are all different, and relax some until they find their own palette.  It might also help observers outside of the D/s sphere categorize us less rigidly.


Blog Post-1-22-16-Frenzy

I was reading the blog Respectfully Submitted tonight. https://marriedsubmissive.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/looking-back/

It really struck me because I had a pretty good idea how she was feeling.  Now, I could be completely wrong about that, but I have also felt that same reaction with other blogs I have read.  So, I decided to write a short book in her reply box.  I thought I would share it here, just in case it could possibly help someone else too.

It sounds like you are suffering through some of the same problems I have experienced. It starts off so hot and frantic. Everything is new and perfect and better than it’s ever been. You just can’t get enough. You have entered “Sub Frenzy”. It’s absolutely euphoric and manic, but COMPLETELY unsustainable.

So, you finally realize that anything other than everything seems like a letdown. You start to almost resent, if not rebel, against this thing that brought you so much joy, which is now letting you down. Something has changed and you feel like it will NEVER be the same.

I think you are right about that. It won’t and can’t be the same. The frenzy feels wonderful, but is unbelievably destructive. We have “Real” lives that still happen and need our attention. So, you retreat from this new way, trying to pull back into your old way of living, but you’re left feeling somewhat lost and less than you ever were before.

I can tell you that you don’t have to stay that way. First, you have to decide to accept Him and yourself for the flawed individuals that you are. Next, you have to get over all the shit spinning around in your head, telling you one thing, then convincing you of the exact opposite. Then, and this is the hardest part, you have to let go and leap. Not into the crazy that you just escaped from, but into the unknown. It is scary but if you are with the one you love more than anyone else, and you communicate, you can find the perfect mix that is Y/you. We have to stop trying to be anything other than who we are with the person that we are with. You don’t have to question His or your every action and reaction. Sometimes, we just have to let go and feel what is. I hope you can take that leap and that you find a soft place to land. The landing can be the VERY BEST part so far.

Decide what is truly important to you, and live for THAT. The rest of the shit will fit in around it, or just roll away. XOXO 🙂


Blog Post-1-19-16-GET OUT!


Get Out of my head!
Get Out of my every thought!
Get Out of my restless and sleepless and erotic dreams!

You have consumed me!
You have taken control!
You have left me longing and wanting and needing and aching for you!

I want relief!
I want my sanity back!
I want peace and calm and serenity and surrender!

I want YOU!

Slave to Love

This stirred things that made my whole body tingle. DAMN this man is talented. I just HAD to share. 🙂

The Lonely Author

This piece was inspired by Bryan Ferry’s song “Slave To Love,” which was featured in the movie “9 1/2 Weeks” starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke.

Slave To Love

Chained by desire
He keeps her begging for more
For him she’ll do anything
Be his everything
His angel
His whore

Igniting her passions
Her lover slowly drives her insane
He teases her to the brink
He fulfills her needs
The pleasure
The pain

He is her addiction
A thirst that can never be quenched
She needs it again and again
She’s a slave to love
His siren
His wench


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Taking Out the Trash part 2

Blog Post-1-12-2016-Taking Out the Trash part 2

With her eyes closed, she slowly raised her arms up and over her head, bringing them to rest gently upon each still bent knee.  Almost as if she was prying them apart, her legs slowly separated and fell to either side, leaving her sex open and exposed for him to see.  He was captivated by every layer and crease that opened so completely.  He could see every fold and flow that led to the glistening portal into her depths.  He watched as her hands slowly slid off her knees, down her thighs and began a torturously slow glide to her awaiting sex.  His own hands began rubbing across the front of his jeans, trying to tame the beast that was growing inside.

Her fingertips worked her lips, gently lapping up and down their smooth softness.  Her left hand went to rest gently on her inner thigh.  Her right hand began a slow downward slide between her folds until it came to that dark portal.  He watched electrified as she slid two fingers deep inside.  She made movements that alluded to the internal motions her fingers were making.  She made several strokes in and out, in and out, in and out, ending with a hard deep plunge in as far as her straining fingers would allow.  She slowly pulled out, allowing her slippery wetness to slide up her slit and come to rest on her pulsing clit.  He couldn’t help himself, and plunged his hand down the front of his pants, gripping tightly to his throbbing cock.

She began using the wetness on her fingers to make small circles.  Slow and seemingly gentle at first, quickly picking up speed and aggression as her need grew stronger.  Her hips began to move and thrust with the circling of her fingers, as her nipples tightened to a straining peak.  Faster and faster, harder and harder, her fingers circled, rubbed and manipulated their target.  Her head twisted and turned.  Her tongue and lips danced wildly together.  Her heels planted firmer into the bedding, surely about to punch right through.  Suddenly, her entire body arched, her neck extended and her knees flew together in a whole body wracking, convulsive, mind blowing orgasmic release.  She twitched and trembled as her spent and sated body curled into a fetal position and she went still.  He just stood there, and watched as the wetness he produced slowly began seeping through to the outside of his pants.

After a brief moment, she began to stretch her body back out.  Her right hand gently raised up to her mouth, where she took those two fingers, sensuously slid them between her lips and across her tongue, and then sucked them clean as they emerged from her mouth.  She straightened both legs, and one at a time flicked her shoes off and onto the floor.  She rolled onto her stomach, raised up onto her knees and began to crawl across the bed, reaching for the light on the bedside table.  But before she flipped the switch, she paused.  She turned her head to look back at the still open window.  Her eyes seemed to be looking directly at him.  A wicked smile quickly spreading across her lips, she winked, waved, and blew a kiss directly at him.  Before he had time to ponder whether she had really seen him, the room went dark.

He slowly and quietly turned and made his way back into the ally.  Adjusting his shirt so there was no visible evidence, he made his way back into the house where he was met at the door by the sounds of kids still arguing and his wife yelling his name from the other room.  The difference this time was, he just didn’t care.

Taking Out the Trash

Blog Post-1-12-2016-Taking Out the Trash

Oh My God!  Seriously?  What could POSSIBLY happen to the trash between now and five minutes from now when the game would go into half time?  Don’t worry, I’m NOT watching that, or anything!

His wife and kids were driving him crazy.  The urgent need for him to take out the trash at this very minute seemed absurd.  And the kids hadn’t stopped arguing since he walked through the door from work.  He only wanted a little bit of peace and quiet to enjoy the game and a beer while he unwound from the stresses of the day.  Yet, here he was, walking into the ally, taking out this emergency trash, just as his team was about to score.  Seriously?

He lifted the lid and slung the bag into the can.  As he was replacing the lid, he happened to look up at the house behind his.  There was a light on.  Apparently someone new had moved in.  He hoped they were better than the last renters.  They had been a real pain in the ass.  He took a step to turn towards his yard when the bedroom curtains flew open and there stood a gorgeous half-naked woman.  He stopped still in his tracks and stared.

She had long, beautiful blond hair cascading over her shoulders, ending at the top of her perfectly perky breasts.  Her pink nipples stood taught and erect.  Her sleek belly gave way to amazing hips, ending in a precisely cleaned and cleared sex.  Her long, toned legs were accentuated by the thigh-high black stockings and the perfect pair of black patent fuck-me pumps.  She was a goddess and he couldn’t help but take a step towards her, trying to conceal his presence behind a nearby arborvitae bush.

She began swaying her hips to music he was unable to hear.  Her movements were slow and sensual.  Her eyes closed and a pleasing smile spread across her glistening lips, as she seemed to become consumed by the rhythm.  Her hands moved effortlessly through the air and found their way to rest upon her bare belly.  They slowly slid up, moving to the silent beat, and began caressing her naked breasts.  She circled her fingers around her areolas until she moved her hands so her nipples were rolling between her thumb and forefinger.  She moved and swayed in a way that spoke of pleasure.

One hand released its station at her nipple and began sliding back down her stomach.  She suddenly began doing a slow turn, circling her hips and pivoting her body with them.  When she was facing directly away from her hidden audience, she slowly bent over, running both hands down her legs, presenting the most stunning ass he had ever seen.  He gasped.  He hadn’t realize that he had been holding his breath.

She slowly began turning again as she arose and faced him with her hands now performing a leisurely slide across her hips, lower abdomen and thighs, continually grazing her sex as they roamed.  She suddenly turned and walked away from the open window.  Without thinking, only needing to see more, he walked right into her backyard, found another tree against the house as cover and settled just out of the light emanating from the window, where he could see her again.

She had not moved far, just up to the edge of her pristine white bed, where she stood facing away from the window.  The stark contrast of the white duvet and her black stockinged legs was intoxicating.  She slowly lowered herself onto her belly, stretching across the bed.  Her knees bent and her silken ankles crossed high in the air, still wearing her fuck-me pumps.  She slowly rolled onto her back, arms stretched above her head, knees bent and heels firmly planted into the bedding.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  This unknowing Temptress had him snared.

To be continued…

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