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Blog Post-3-31-2016-Question (2)

If I was to put together a rendezvous of Bloglandia folks, to get together in the “REAL” world, let’s say Las Vegas, who would be interested?  I have been playing with this thought for some time now.  I think it would be fun to meet up and actually get to hug a few of you crazy people in person.  My first thought was Las Vegas because there is something for EVERYONE there.  We could have a few organized things or meet and greets, and then everyone could have time to go and explore on their own or in small groups.  Nothing formal, except I thought it would be fun to get someone to come and do a Shibari demonstration. (Calm your jets Rita.)  Blog Post-3-31-2016-Question (1)But if others weren’t interested in that, maybe something else.  I don’t want this to be anything over the top, just fun.  If there were enough interested, I would approach the hotels for discounts.  So….Would you be IN?!


Blog Post-3-31-2016-DRAMA TIME!

We are OFF!  We will be spending the next three days at my daughter’s State Drama Competition.  She seems to be handling the pressure just fine.  I’m a MESS!  Not only will she be competing, but we get to see some really AMAZING shows too.  So, keep your fingers crossed for her, and have a drink for me.  For SOME reason, they don’t allow chaperons of a school sponsored trip, to consume any alcohol.  SERIOUSLY?!  Three days with 20 teens?!  Drinking should be mandatory.  I’ll let you know how it all went when we get home. 🙂

Important Things

Blog Post-3-30-2016-Important Things

This was an email I received from my Husband.  Couldn’t get shit done at work afterwards. 🙂

Yes, make sure you stay busy doing “important” things today.  Do not take too much time to think of me.  Don’t pause and let your mind drift to my hands sliding softly, then firmly around your neck from behind.  Do not be tempted to think of my breath alongside your face, and the feel of my fingers threading into your hair to tilt your head back with a firm pull, putting your wet lips up where I can kiss them. Best not think too much about what the rope I am shopping for might look like, or feel like….about how I might cut it into 10-foot lengths, using each one to bind a part of your surrendered body, leaving it exposed, vulnerable, and totally at my whim. Best not imagine how my breath will quicken at the sight of your submissive eyes looking up into mine, or how my cock will hunger to explode all over you, leaving you marked and smelling of my scent.  No, best you concentrate your mental energies on “important” things today, because time is coming when you won’t be able to think of a single other thing……


Badassery-the sequel

A Good friend of mine over at https://thelonelyauthorblog.wordpress.com/, wrote a fun piece called Badassery.  He then challenged me to come up with my own Badassery post.  I hope I have done his request justice.  You should DEFINITELY go over and check out his work, if you aren’t already a fan.  J

Blog Post-3-29-2016-Badassery-the sequel (2)

This Mama ain’t like the other mothers
Oh I can sew, cook and clean just fine
But I can also fight, flirt and bring a man to his knees
With nothing more than a look of wanton desire.

I am a strong woman
Capable of standing my ground and holding my own.
I will fight for you, with you or against you, if necessary.
But earn me, and I’ll fall to my knees at your feet in complete submission to your every word, whim and fantasy.

I have a very talented tongue.
It can lick, lap and tantalize
From your sensuous lips all the way down to those other areas that crave extra attention.
It’s nimble, pliable and loves to explore every nuance and nerve along the way.
However, it can also be sharper than any blade made by man or god
And leave you eviscerated and bleeding on the floor with nothing more than a whisper.

You can mark my skin.
In fact, I crave it.
I desire to be branded, tattooed and whipped into a frenzy of lustful desire.
I see every bruise, scar and line as a badge of honor, won rightfully through my submission.
There is one place you may never mark me.
That place is deep within my chest, pumps my life blood, and belongs to only one.

I am a friend, loyal and true.
I’ll give myself wholly and completely, fighting every fight making sure your back is covered.
We will laugh, dance and cause general mayhem whenever and wherever we go.
But if you betray me, I’ll cut you free so fast, you will be gone before you even feel the first drop of blood fall.

Generosity is a character that I embrace.
I find life is so much richer when I have given to others.
My generosity knows no limits amongst my friends and family, and even less between me and my lovers.
I warn you to never take advantage of that generosity.  While I find great joy in giving, selfish, self-centered and unappreciative people will also know just how quickly my giving will go.  A girl has needs too, you know.

And those needs.  Those beautiful, delicious, uncontrollable and insatiable needs.
I crave the touch, taste, smell and sound of passion.
It feeds me like a drug induced high that I wish to never recover from.
I will please you, pleasure you and take you to places where even your darkest imagination hasn’t led you.
We will test the boundaries between right and wrong, black and white, good and evil, rational and insane, heaven and hell.
We will explore a whole new world that belongs to only you and I.

So, love me, hate me, it makes no difference.  I am the woman I am, and I will change for no one.

Blog Post-3-29-2016-Badassery-the sequel (1)

It Took Nerve to…

Blog Post-3-28-2016-It Took Nerve to.. (1)

It took nerve to call yourself my friend for 25 years

Taking and taking while giving very little back.

It took nerve to include yourself on our anniversary trip

Where you ditched us in the strip club because you needed “me” time.

It took nerve to say, “Oops, sorry.  Forgot it was your anniversary”

Like it was no big deal.

It took nerve to call me to help you when your world came crashing down

Eating up all my vacation time trying to help you cope with the devastation that you brought on yourself.

It took nerve for you to come stay at my house while I was away

And using my hospitality and absence to fuck my husband, and her husband, and her husband and…

It took nerve to say that I was free to call you if I wanted an apology

But you weren’t going to “grovel” and call me.

It took nerve for you to inform my husband that he and you were never going to be a couple

Like he ever wanted you for anything more than a fuck.

It took nerve to…

NO IT DIDN’T!  It just made you a SELFISH BITCH!!

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Blog Post-3-28-2016-It Took Nerve to.. (5)   Blog Post-3-28-2016-It Took Nerve to.. (6)   Blog Post-3-28-2016-It Took Nerve to.. (7)

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Happy Easter!

Blog Post-3-27-2016-Happy Easter! (1)

Happy Day my Friends!!  I hope that you find love, happiness and unmelted chocolate in your baskets!

Blog Post-3-27-2016-Happy Easter! (2)

Blog Post-3-27-2016-Happy Easter! (3)

Blog Post-3-27-2016-Happy Easter! (4)

Blog Post-3-27-2016-Happy Easter! (5)

Blog Post-3-27-2016-Happy Easter! (6)

Blog Post-3-27-2016-Happy Easter! (7)

The Rider part 4

Blog Post-3-18-2016-The Rider part 4

“What the FUCK?” she screamed as she began wildly pulling against the heavy chains and pounding on the floor with her fists.

“I warned you girl.  You shouldn’t have asked.  You see, I am the Dominant, and I won’t have some bratty little girl directing me to do anything.  Settle down and enjoy a good night’s sleep.  I’ll let you out in the morning, AFTER you have had time to understand just who a Dominant is.”  He crawled into his sleeping compartment, and proceeded to toss and turn.  Eventually, his heart rate finally slowed to a more normal pace, and allowed him to drift off to sleep.

In the morning, he opened the rear door to find her still sleeping.  He quietly unshackled her wrists as she slowly began to awaken, shielding her sensitive eyes from the rays of the rising sun.  Suddenly, she realized the doors were open and her hands were free.  She sprung to her feet and came flying out of the back, right at Ken.  “YOU SON OF A BITCH!!  WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?  I’M NOT SOME CARGO THAT YOU CAN JUST LOCK BACK THERE AGAINST MY WILL!  I SHOULD HAVE YOU ARRESTED. FUCK, MAYBE I WILL!”  Ken found himself mesmerized by her auburn hair blowing in the breeze of the morning.  It wasn’t until her hand made contact with his cheek that he snapped back to the present, and the wild rant going on in front of him.  Knowing he probably deserved that from her, he handed her a carton of juice and an energy bar.

She snatched it from his hand, scowled and then proceeded to devour every last drop and morsel.

“If you have gotten that all out of your system girl, you can climb back up in the front and I’ll get you further down the road,” Ken said as he relocked the back and headed to the passenger side to open the door for her.  She followed, still scowling and sulking as she climbed into the seat.

They traveled down the road for a while before Mimi finally broke the silence.  “So, are ALL Dominants assholes?”

Without looking toward her, Ken’s face showed the very slightest hint that he might want to smile.  But he didn’t.  He simply answered, “No.  Just me.”

She could no longer help herself.  Mimi began laughing, and not just a simple laugh, but a genuine laugh that came from the deepest recesses of her belly.  It just continued on and on.  Ken looked over at her, and now could not stop himself from smiling and letting out a very controlled laugh of his own.

Once she settled, he asked, “So, shall I drop you off at the Police station so you can file a complaint against me?”

“Nah.  I’m just glad to know that not all Dominants are assholes like you.”  And they both smiled again.

They finally reached the offload station in Missoula.  Ken turned off the truck, turned to Mimi and sternly said, “Stay put.”  He climbed out of the cab and disappeared.  He reappeared about 20 minutes later at the passenger side door.  He helped Mimi down and reached in and retrieved her backpack.  He grabbed her by the arm, much more gently this time than when they had first met, and led her across the parking lot to another awaiting rig.  “Mimi, this is Michael.  He’s a good friend of mine and he is going all the way to Seattle.  He will give you a ride if you still want one.”

Mimi looked at Michael and then looked back at Ken.  She smiled at Michael and said “Thanks Michael, I’d really appreciate that.”  Michael walked around to the driver’s side and Ken opened the door for Mimi.  Ken began to close the door when her arm suddenly came out and stopped it.  She gave a very mischievous grin to Ken, then turned toward Michael and asked, “So, do you have any interesting tattoos?” as she pulled the door closed behind her.

The End


** Darkgemdom served as my muse for this story.  He is a Dominant in every sense of the word, and a good man too. (But don’t tell him I said that last part please.)  Go check-out his blog at https://darkgemdom.wordpress.com/.  You won’t be disappointed.  Thank you Sir.  xoxo

The Rider part 3

Blog Post-3-17-2016-The Rider part 3

She looked at the sandwich for about two seconds, then tore into it and devoured it quickly.  Ken wasn’t sure she even chewed it.  As he took another bite of his sandwich, she unceremoniously announced, “I have to pee!” and turned to get out of the cab.  That plan came to a quick halt as her ankles reached the limits of the very heavy chains she was still shackled in.

Ken let out a loud laugh.  “You are going to fall right out of this truck on your face, girl.  Hold still for a minute and I’ll come release you.”  He walked around the truck, opened her door. Using the keys on his ring he unlocked each ankle cuff, grabbed her by the waist and lowered her to the ground in front of him.

He went to take a step back from her, but she grabbed ahold of him and pulled him into her as she quietly whispered, “So, what exactly does a Dominant do?  Will you show me please?”

“Little girls shouldn’t ask questions they can’t handle the answers to,” he said with a straight face. He set his jaw, and that vein suddenly appeared again.

A devilish smile spread across her lips as she leaned in closer and said, “Oh, when I get back from the bathroom, I’ll be asking.”  She gave him a quick and unexpected kiss on his lips and turned to skip off to the bathroom.

When she returned, he was still outside the truck. She walked up to his face and asked again, “Show me what a Dominant does.”

His vein pulsed harder and he was becoming visibly agitated when he snapped, “I’m warning you girl.”

“Show me,” slipped from her lips just as hers grazed his in soft, yet brief kiss.

In a motion so fast she could scarcely believe a human capable of such speed, He grabbed her by the ponytail and tilted her head back.  He unceremoniously drug her around to a side compartment where he reached inside and retrieved a large hank of rope, then continued to pull her over to a nearby tree.  With his free hand, he threw the rope up and over a sturdy limb.  He then proceeded to bind both of her wrists above her head, finally securing the tag end of the rope to her ponytail.  She was now hanging helpless by her wrists and hair.  Suspended there in the dark, away from the lights of the rest room, she felt as though she should feel afraid, but she never uttered a sound.  She watched with her heart nearly leaping from her throat as his demeanor began to change.  Adrenaline was coursing through his body as he unbuckled his belt, gave a sharp tug, and ripped it through his loops.  He walked around behind her trembling body, and in on fluid, almost choreographed motion brought the belt down across her tiny short covered ass in a loud THWACK!

Mimi let out a loud moan of unexpected pleasure, turned her head as far as she could until her wide eyes met his.  “Please Sir.  Again,” she begged.  Ken marched up to her and jerked her tiny white tank over her head, leaving her unable to see what was coming next.

He stood in front of her, admiring her perky breasts and her fully erect nipples for a second before bringing down his open palm in four full-force slaps, twice across each nipple.  Again, she begged for more.

Without even undoing the button, he forcefully ripped her tiny shorts off her hips and let them fall to the ground at her feet.   He walked behind her again and began a rhythmic pattern of hits to her now bared behind, leaving red welts that he could only describe as beautiful.   He continued until he noticed the juices running down her inner thighs, and he stopped to admire her body’s response.

With an almost indescribable need coursing through her veins, Mimi began begging Ken to fuck her.  She felt his hands run from her hips, up her sides, over her arms and up to the knots keeping her hands bound.  He released the rope and scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the back of the trailer.  He carefully set her down on her feet and opened the large double doors.  There, laid out so beautifully, were blankets and a pillow.  Mimi grinned like a child as she jumped up on the back bumper and hopped onto the awaiting bed.  She turned to hold out her hand to her soon-to-be lover.  He reached under the edge of the blankets and pulled out another set of chains and cuffs and quickly clasped them around her wrists.  Her face bloomed into a giant wicked smile as she admired the steel cuffs and pulled against them to find they were secured to the floor of the trailer.  She looked up to say something to him, just as the doors shut and locked, leaving her in complete darkness.

To be continued….

The Rider part 2

Blog Post-3-16-2016-The Rider part 2

They rode on in silence.  She mostly stared out the side window, watching the vast nothingness pass with the miles, and the sun sinking lower on the horizon.  He used those opportunities to watch her.  Her beautiful breasts rose and fell with every breath under that tiny tank top she wore.  And those cutoff jeans barely covered the deepest and darkest of recesses.  He could see her milky white thigh nearly all the way to her exquisite hip bone.  The way her curly auburn hair tickled the back of her long neck was the distraction that finally caused him drift a bit, and have to jerk the steering wheel not to run right off the road.

“What the hell was that?” she gasped.  He stared straight ahead.  The gasp turned to a smile when she realized he had been watching her and not the road.

In turn, she thought she would return the favor.  As he stared forward, she observed his very nice physique.  She admired his chest, the tight fit of his jeans, his perfectly groomed facial hair and the darkness of his eyes.  She also noticed his very masculine hands and arms, fixing her gaze on a tattoo he bore on his right forearm.  After a moment, she broke the silence asking “What does that symbol on your arm mean?”

Without turning his head, or showing any other acknowledgment, he simply stated, “It’s the symbol of a Dominant.”

“A what?” she asked almost flippantly.

“You heard me,” he gruffly answered her.

“Hmm OK, but what does that mean,” she asked, almost goading him.

“It means that I am a Dominant.”

He leaned over, reached under the passenger seat and pulled out a set of heavy metal chains with locking cuffs at the end, and tossed them in a loud, clanging clump at her feet.  He straightened back up in his seat and again stared down the road.

She reached down and picked up the heavy chains and began admiring them.  A wicked smile spread across her face.  “So, a dominant wears these?”

His face went straight and cold, “No, silly girl, my submissive does.”

She instantly replied with a taunting, “Like this?” as she closed one of the cuffs fast around her ankle.  “And this?” as she fastened the second around the other.  She looked over at him, still staring forward, watching the road, but the vein at his temple was now much more prominent and pulsing.  His jaw seemed hard set and his eyes were a very dark black.  He never answered, and they continued down the road into the ever growing darkness.

Mimi suddenly felt the sensation of the truck slowing and turning.  She realized she must have dozed off to sleep.  A large sign proclaimed a rest stop ahead.  She groggily read the sign out loud.  “Bad Route Rest Area.  Why are we stopping here?”

“We are stopping here because I have reached the end of my driving time for the day.  I’ll get the required sleep and then it’s on to my final destination tomorrow,” he replied.

“Seattle?” she asked with great enthusiasm, now suddenly feeling awake.

“No, I’m not going to Seattle.  I only told you I would get you further down the road, not all the way home.”  He reached back behind his seat and retrieved an ice chest.  He reached in and pulled out two sandwiches and tossed one into her lap.  “Here, eat that.  It’s all I got.  I wasn’t planning on having company.”

To be continued….

The Rider part 1

Blog Post-3-15-2016-The Rider part 1

“FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!”  She screamed it at the top of her lungs as she kicked the front quarter panel.  She could be as loud as she wanted because there was not a soul anywhere around to hear her.  The pile of junk she had bought for $500 and a carton of cigarettes had finally up and died on her.  Not sure what she had expected at that price, but she had hoped it would get her all the way home.  Unfortunately, home was still a long way away.

Mimi had been living in Minneapolis with her loser boyfriend for the past six months.  Everyone back home in Seattle had tried to tell her not to move there with him, but she wouldn’t listen.  Now, stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere, she finally had to accept that they just might have been right.

The sun was beating down, so Mimi grabbed her backpack, hat and water bottle, and started walking down the highway.  She was wearing a pair of cut-off shorts, a white tank top and the new cowboy boots the loser boyfriend had given her for Christmas.  It was the only thing he had ever given her, besides that horrible rash she had to treat last month.   Her cute figure was topped with a head of auburn hair that had natural curl, and was pulled up in a ponytail on the top of her head.  She knew she was somewhere in a Dakota state, so how far could it possibly be to a gas station?

She had been walking for a little over an hour when she heard the first sound of an approaching vehicle.  She spun around, stuck out her thumb, and the car sped right past her doing about 80.  FUCK!

Another forty-five minutes passed when she heard another vehicle approaching.  This one wasn’t going to go flying past.  She stepped out into the middle of the road and began waving her hands back and forth over her head.  The approaching semi began making the most hideous of sounds as its brakes locked up and began smoking.  It barely stopped in time not to make her a very attractive road kill.

The trucker put his flashers on and came flying out of the driver’s side door.  “ARE YOU TRYING TO GET YOURSELF FUCKING KILLED?”  He was pissed.  He marched right over to her and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her to the side of the road.  “What the HELL were you thinking?  I can’t stop that thing on a dime.  Do you realized you could have died?”

She knew he was really upset because she could see his red sweaty face, hear his labored breathing, and feel tiny drops of spit hitting her as the enraged words exited his mouth.

“Hey, Dude.  I wasn’t trying to kill myself.  Calm down before you blow a vessel.  I just needed a ride.” she said with an air of annoyance as she tried to pull her arm free from his grip, but he held firm.

“What the hell are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?” he asked as he began to calm down.

“My piece of shit car died a while back, and I am trying to get home,” she matter-of-factly replied.

“Where’s home,” he asked with a furrowed brow.

“Seattle!  Can you take me there?” she asked with cheerful emphasis on her home town.

He just laughed, let go of her arm and said, “No.  But I can get you a little bit further down the road.  Grab your bag and get in.”  He pointed to the passenger side of the truck as he began walking around to the driver side.

She opened the passenger side door, flung her bag in and hoisted herself into the seat.  Her eyes were wide with wonderment as she scanned the inside of the cab.  “I ALWAYS wanted to ride in one of these.  Cool.  What’s your name?”

“Put your seatbelt on, sit back and be quiet.”  He put the rig in gear and began moving down the road.  “Ken” he finished, looking ahead down the long, empty stretch of state highway. She smiled.

To be continued….

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