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Too Much

I FUCKING LOVE THIS and just HAD to reblog. Thank you Cinn for sharing such an AMAZING post.


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Your Silence is Deafening

Blog Post-4-30-2016-Your Silence is Deafening

What did I do?
What did I say?
Why won’t you talk to me?
Why did you just go away?

Not a word,
Not a sign,
I’ve heard nothing from you,
For a very long time.

I don’t know what I said,
I don’t know what I did,
To deserve this silence.
Will you ever speak to me again?

I miss our interaction.
I miss your strong command.
I want to hear from you.
I’m confused and very sad.

My heart aches,
My stomach churns,
My eyes well with tears,
Will you ever return?

Please tell me why.
Please explain.
Your silence is deafening,
And causing me pain.

Sticks and Stones

Blog post-4-27-2016-Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.


Words can cause some of the worst hurts.  Everyone needs to be careful about what comes pouring off their tongue, because it might just scar someone for life.  I have had a few things said to me that have left marks on my soul.

I was once told by my father that he was very sad because he had always thought I would become something, and it turned out I became nothing.

I was told by my first husband, as he tossed my clothes out the door, that he had found someone prettier and skinnier that made him happier, so he had filed for divorce and I needed to get the fuck out.

A guy I was dating told me that I was really nice to have around until someone special came along.

Now, I’m not telling you these things to get sympathy.  I have just had these thoughts swirling around in my head and wanted to share.

While what my father said was terrible, and no parent should say something like that to their own child, my dad did WAY better by me than was ever done for him.  He had it ROUGH growing up.  There was very little of anything, like food, love, security, or kindness.  He left home, entered the Navy, put himself through college with a wife and a third kid that arrived his Senior year, worked his ass off for very little pay, and eventually made a real name for himself among his peers.  Obviously, he could also be a real Jackass too, but still he tried to be better.  I have made some mistakes with my own children too.  Nothing like the kind my father made, but mistakes none the less.  I just wanted to do better by my kids, and I think I have.  Someday, they will be parents and want to do better by their kids too.  That’s the nature of life, right?

As for the ex-husband, I was 18 and knew everything I needed to know about life when I married him.  But he didn’t realize you had to stop dating.  He got his girlfriend pregnant, and filed for divorce without even telling me.  I was devastated!  He said terrible things to me about all the ways I was inadequate and unattractive to him.  He had found something SO MUCH better.  I would never make any man happy.  Well, the last I had heard, he was on wife number 5.  I guess he’s still looking for perfection.

The other guy, he was just an ass and I dumped him really quick after that little gem.

All three men left serious scars on my self-esteem.  I allowed them to decide who I was and what I was worth.  Even after I met and married my current husband, for years he paid for the pain they caused.  It has only been recently that I have begun taking stock of who I am in my eyes, versus who I think I am in the eyes of others.  My husband is a HUGE part of that.  He sees me so much differently than anyone else ever has.  He sees my flaws, but he cherishes my good attributes.  Disagreement is always delivered with love, and love is NEVER conditional.  That love and support has allowed me to feel safe in exploring who I think I really am.

I’m a fucked up, flawed, stupid, idiotic, Bitch sometimes.  BUT, I’m also a loving, caring, sympathetic, educated, funny, happy, and dedicated wife, mother, daughter, friend, coworker and human being.  I LOVE sex, and to some, I’m a slut.  That word can make me tingle or cause pain, depending on how it’s delivered.  ‘I love you’ usually leaves you feeling good, unless it’s said without the real feeling behind it.  When I say it, I TRULY mean it, ALWAYS.  I still battle my inner voice telling me that I am nothing, I’m not pretty or skinny enough and that I’m not truly special, but I’m doing my very best to shut that Bitch up.

So, words can hurt you and words can heal you.  We must always remember that.

Oh, and we must also remember not to take everything so DAMNED SERIOUSLY!  While simple words can have definite negative and insulting connotations, sometimes people also go over the top in being Politically Correct.  We shouldn’t get a laugh at the expense of others, but if you know a good blonde joke, or something about a housewife whore, or a girl with EXTREMELY large tits, please feel free to tell it to me.  I accept that sometimes things are just funny because they are.  🙂

After the Auction part 5

Blog Post-4-24-2016-After the Auction part 5 (1)

The moments passed on, and I knew it must culminate. I looked at Monsieur, who looked back with a languid, eyes half-closed gaze, and knew what we both needed.  “Ladies”, I said, “You may be wondering why I have you shackled to this pole by only one hand.  That is so that you may use your free hand to paint your faces while we cum.  When we do, you will open mouths, place your tongues together, and receive our gift with all the appreciation I know you feel.”

The fever of their kissing increased, and two muffled, wet “Yes Sir’s” came forth.  In that instant I could stand it no longer, and felt the familiar contraction begin deep in my loins.  Amelia sensed it too, and quickly withdrew and placed her mouth close to my cock.  The slave did the same, and she shot her hand across to grasp my cock while amelia took Monsieur’s in hers.  In three quick united strokes, we began to cum at almost the same instant.  The women, mouths open, tongues extended and lightly touching at the tip, became glistening with our warm, shiny offering as they expertly manipulated two cocks to give each face and tongue a perfect blend. I thought for a moment that I might never stop contracting, and I looked sideways to see Monsieur apparently struggling to keep his legs underneath him.

As soon as I felt the shudders subside, I was greeted with the warm sensation of an unfamiliar mouth gently cleaning my cock.  I looked down to see the head of the slave, her hair threaded through amelia’s fingers as she guided her gently over my cock.  I then felt her mouth leave and amelia’s replace it, swirl for a moment, and then depart as I realized Monsieur was receiving the same treatment.  Back and forth the two glorious mouths went, until each cock was clean, two mouths at a time, duties shared equally between two dutiful servants.

My head began to try to wrap around the perfectness that had been this entire evening.  The incredible events combined in a harmony unlikely repeated in three lifetimes.  The stars shone just barely visible above the stunning lights of Paris.  The wet sounds of licking and kissing floated to my ears, mixed with contented sighs and the gentle touch of familiar and loving hands. The violin played on….

Blog Post-4-24-2016-After the Auction part 5 (2)

The End

After the Auction part 4

Blog Post-4-23-2016-After the Auction part 4

We lifted each woman to their feet, on legs still wobbling from the intensity of the experience.  I guided the slave, while Monsieur followed with amelia, and led them to the double French doors which opened onto a large deck.  Before us stretched an absolutely stunning view of the nighttime lights of Paris. The heat of the dungeon was replaced by cool night air, and on the slow and gentle breeze floated a soft refrain from a violin.  A large wooden pole stood in the middle of the deck, rising as a simple altar of sorts.  From it dangled a set of black leather shackles, hanging from a short length of brass chain.  I told Monsieur to place amelia’s left hand in the left shackle, while I placed the slaves right hand in the right.

“Ladies”, I growled, “Grasp the pole with both hands, arch your backs, and present yourselves to us, legs spread.”  They instantly complied, and I stood behind them with Monsieur looking at the glistening mess of feminine pleasure that coated their upper thighs and lower buttocks.  It was then that I turned to Monsieur and said, “As a final token of my appreciation, I wish for you to grace amelia with a cock-in-the-flesh, while I do the same with your lovely slave.  I believe now it is our time….”  With that I withdrew my shaft from its shelter, dripping with pre-cum and so bursting at the seams it was purple.

“On my cue.  One, two, three.”  In a seamless motion that almost appeared choreographed, I plunged into the slave as Monsieur did the same to my amelia. The ensuing sensation, both physical and mental, was intense beyond expectation.  The combination of the hot wetness of the slave, the sweet aroma wafting from both women, and the sight of amelia’s face as she slammed herself backward onto another man’s shaft, nearly sent me over the edge in an instant.  I saw the look of deep satisfaction spread across Monsieur’ face, and I knew that he was experiencing a similar euphoria.  I also knew that amelia was demonstrating the exquisite internal muscle control she was so good at, and he appeared to be approaching his own edge of self-control.

I reached up, grasped the slave’s long hair, and turned her head toward amelia.  Monsieur did the same, and again the two women found their faces inches from one another.  “Kiss her”, I commanded, “like you have been waiting to be kissed all night.”  Hungrily, the two tongues entwined again, with a fever even hotter than before.  I set into a rhythmic thrusting, and Monsieur did the same but in echo to mine. For a moment, the universe hung nearly silent, almost still.  All that could be heard was the “spat, spat, spat, spat” of thighs slapping into asses, first myself, then Monsieur.  I knew this moment could not last, and before I lost all control completely, I called out “Switch!” and again in a move that seemed all to fluid, I abruptly left the slave’s glorious hole as Monsieur did the same.  We switched places and plunged back into a waiting, wet hole, both pleased with the new sensation.  Amelia was hot and incredibly wet, and suddenly both women were pushing back against our cocks in perfect unison.

To be continued…

After the Auction part 3

Blog Post-4-22-2016-After the Auction part 3

Within moments, I sensed both women were in such a state of arousal that orgasm was eminent, but I had plans.  I leaned into the slave and told her that on this night, I held the rights to her cum and on no uncertain terms was she to orgasm unless I allowed it.  “Oh yes Sir.  I would never Sir.  Thank you Sir for the beautiful gift of your wife’s tongue, and…..OHHHHhh, Sir I am fighting hard to please you, but if she does not stop soon, my body may give me up.” Her plea made me smile, as I knew how hard both women were working to please myself and the Monsieur.

“Take her off the cross, and lay her on the floor. Amelia, you may stop and help.”  With the help of Monsieur and amelia, we unshackled the slave and lay her on the floor in front of the cross.  I looked into the eyes of each wanton girl and was greeted with a look of pure animal desire mixed with unadulterated, liquid submission.  I withdrew my very latest creation from the bag.  It was another of my carved dildos, but this time, it was double-ended, and 12 inches in length.  I held it out to the slave, and she took it from me.  “Now, slave, here is my first real command of you.  You wish to cum, your body tells me in every way.  You have served so very well, and you will be allowed to.  But you may ONLY do so when YOU have made my amelia cum, by fucking her on this shaft.  I wish to see my creation bathed in the juices of both of your bodies.  I want you to fuck each other senseless, NOW!”

My final word had barely faded when she threaded her legs between amelia’s, and placed one head of the wooden cock against her dripping opening, and the other against amelia’s.  With a slight push forward from each woman, the cock buried itself in both pussies, and an audible “smack” was heard as their sex collided in the middle.

Immediately the two started writhing and moaning wildly, pushing toward one another as if each was trying to consume all of the cock for themselves.  Amelia, her ass still marked, her inner thighs glistening with her own juice combined with the beautiful trickling that came from the slave, leaned back and looked up into my eyes.  “Oh my beautiful, you want to cum, don’t you.”  The hungry, wanton stare looked back at me, and her mouth could only manage a barely audible “Yes Sir”.  Again I was so pleased, and I turned to Monsieur grinning as I told him “Reach down and grab amelia’s nipples.  Twist them, let her feel your power and command, and count down from 5.  Upon finishing your count, she will explode for us both to enjoy.” I glanced to amelia’s eyes and said “Do you understand my love?”  She looked back at me with her look of unconditional submission, and again mouthed ‘yes Sir’, but did not stop her wild fucking.  I then turned to the salve and smiled.  Sweat poured from her face, breath came from her mouth in ragged bursts of in and out, and she too could not stop her wildly gyrating hips.

I knew that the time was perfect to orchestrate simultaneous orgasms in these two beauties.  “Begin, please Monsieur”, and his hands slid from amelia’s silken shoulders to her erect nipples, twisted them sharply, and began counting in a low, steady voice.  I fixed my gaze on the slave’s lovely, hungry, obedient eyes.  As Monsieur neared the end of his count, I could sense amelia’s body begin to tense, and the slave’s eyes widened.  When he reached the final “one”, amelia’s body let go in an amazing crescendo of shudders, and I wrapped my hand around the slaves throat and gave a firm squeeze.  The sensation of my hand closing around her throat at the moment of amelia’s orgasm pushed her body over the fragile edge she had been teetering on for oh too long. Her release came with equal furry, and I dropped my hand from her throat and stood with Monsieur, watching as the two women locked together in the throes of the most mind-bending orgasms I had ever witnessed.  As their shudders began to subside, I stood behind the slave, while Monsieur assumed a similar stance behind amelia. “Stand ladies.  You have one more duty to perform”.

To be continued…

200 Posts!

200 Posts

WOW!  I just hit 200 posts! With those 200 posts, I have had 22000 views.  I can’t believe that anyone would have wanted to read something I wrote 22,000 times!  While I think you are all completely insane, I am so very happy and humbled that you continue to stop by.  I guess the world will always need a little crazy, so luckily for the world, I am still here!  🙂

After the Auction part 2

Blog Post-4-21-2016-After the Auction part 2

The two women stood before us, and while Monsieur and I sipped our bourbon, I sensed the level of arousal in the room rise to an almost palpable level.  We enjoyed the sight of the beautiful bodies before us, and listened to the moist sounds of their kissing.  I then grabbed each by the hair and slowly pulled them apart.  “Slave” I instructed, as she gazed obediently up into my eyes. “I wish for miss amelia to taste you fully.  Place two fingers in your slit, then bring them to her so that she can enjoy your scent.”  She did as I instructed in complete compliance, and moaned again as her fingers glided downward over her clit, then lingered at her soaked opening.  When she held her fingers before amelia, I saw a shudder course through her as the sweet scent of the slave’s sex reached her nostrils.  I pushed her head toward the salves fingers and said “Now, lick those fingers clean, and tell me if what you taste would please me”.

Amelia inhaled sharply as she wrapped her lips around the slave s fingers and seductively tilted her head back, letting the tip of her tongue drag along the side of her fingers.  “Yes, My Love, your purchase tastes absolutely divine.  I’m sure you will be very pleased”.

“Then you will fuck this beautiful slave with this, and while you do, I will grant you the first taste of her treasure”.  As I said this I released my grip from their hair, and opened the small leather bag I had sitting at my feet, containing some of my wooden creations, and extracted one of my favorite pieces.  It was a hand carved dildo, from a single piece of mountain mahogany, one of the hardest woods in North America.  Its surface was polished to such a luster that it was smoother than anyone would have ever thought possible.  I grabbed one of the slave’s wrists, and motioned for Monsieur to take the other.  I turned her toward the wall, and led her to the St. Andrews cross.  Seeming to know what I had in mind, Monsieur secured her right wrist as I secured the left.  We secured each of her legs and stood back to admire this incredible beauty.

Amelia stepped forward and knelt on the floor where I pointed in front of the slave.  “Now, fuck her amelia, and while you do, you will lick her gorgeous button as if it were the finest of desserts”.  With seductive eyes opened wide and hungry, she plunged the wooden shaft into the slave’s glistening hole, into which it slid effortlessly.  She slowly began to push it in and out, and very gradually leaned forward with her lips slightly parted.  The slave began to writhe and moan, and the moment amelia’s mouth contacted her mound she let out a cry of pure animal pleasure.  My own arousal began to mount as a true life’s fantasy unfolded before me.  As amelia’s licking began to increase to a fever pitch, and the dungeon was filled with the slick wet sounds of the dildo sliding in and out, I reached into the bag and withdrew a short, brown leather riding crop.  “Hand-made by yours truly Monsieur, a thin core of yew wood with a braided elk leather sheath.  You have been so gracious in hosting this auction and orchestrating such a memorable evening. Please, let amelia demonstrate the depth of her concentration, as we marvel at her skills”.  Monsieur gave the crop a quick inspection leading to satisfied approval, and in one fluid motion brought it down across amelia’s alabaster ass with a satisfying “THWACK!”  Amelia let out a cry of pain mixed with pleasure, but it came without a pause or hesitation in her task at hand.  I was captivated by the incredible sensuousness of my lovely bride lapping at this gorgeous slave’s sex, while the slave bucked and arched her back into amelia’s delights.  Monsieur gave amelia three more strokes across her buttocks, leaving now four marks, each a perfect image of the crop head.  I looked at the floor underneath her pussy, and was pleased to see drops of her inner juices beginning to drip.  Monsieur and I continued to watch and sip our drinks.

To be continued…

After the Auction part 1

Monsieur Modigliani presented the most wonderful and creative adventure for everyone recently.  He hosted an auction of his beautiful slave.  Professor was lucky enough to be the high bidder.  As a participant, the winner was required to write a story about what happened after the auction.  This is his multi part account of the events that unfolded.  Please go back and read the wonderful posts for Monsieur’s blog that described how we got to this point in time.  We hope you enjoy.






Blog post-4-20-2016-After the Auction part 1

I stood feeling a surge of satisfaction and arousal as my sweet amelia walked toward me, holding the short leash leading to the collar of my purchase.  A beautiful slave, held in the hands of my beautiful submissive wife.  Amelia looked to me for instructions.  “Monsieur has offered us the use of any room in the estate.  Take her to the 3rd floor, through the single door at the end of the short hallway, and make yourselves ready to present to me.  You know how I wish to have you presented.”

I waived my hand to the lovely Devonne, and requested two glasses of bourbon.  Upon their delivery, I handed one the Monsieur.  “Please accompany me to your dungeon, Sir, so that you may also enjoy the service your slave is going to provide to me.”  With a wry smile he accepted his glass of bourbon, and gestured his hand toward the stairs.

When we arrived at the third floor door, I walked in to find amelia and the slave kneeling, facing the door, knees together, palms down on thighs, heads bowed.  The sight of such raw, naked, unblemished beauty sent an electric pulse through me, and I had no doubt this was about to be a truly memorable night, likely never to be repeated.

Against the wall stood a large St. Andrew’s cross, and an assortment of shackles adorned the walls and floor.  The ceiling contained several connection points for suspension.  Opportunities abounded, but I had brought some playthings of my own, and was hungry to see them put to use.

“Amelia”, I spoke softly but firmly.

“Yes Sir”, she said, looking up into my eyes as was the custom when she heard me speak her name.

“Stand our beautiful purchase and lead her to me”.  She did as instructed, and the slave moved fluidly to her feet with amelia, without a hint of hesitation. Amelia reached out to hand me her leash.  “No, my beautiful.  First, you are going to inspect her for me, and you will tell me if she is to my liking.  Now, taste of her mouth”.

Amelia turned and softly placed her mouth against the slave’s, whose lips parted lightly as two tongues collided slowly in one of the most sensuous kisses I had ever seen.  My fever and breathing increased, and I saw that Monsieur was gazing at them in rapt attention.  “Cup your hands under her breasts, and place one in your mouth”.  Amelia did as instructed, and a soft moan escaped the slave’s lips. I looked into the eyes of the slave, and she returned my gaze with a wanton, hungry stare.  “Now, taste her mouth again” I instructed, and I was greeted again with the delicious sight of two tongues gliding together as amelia pulled the slave’s mouth to hers by the leash.

To be continued…

On fire

I just HAD to share this! Read it! Learn it! Live it! 🙂


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