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I Had Waited

Blog Post-7-20-2016-I Had Waited

I had waited.
I had agonizingly waited as the days seemed to pass at a sluggish pace immeasurable by the hands of time.
Every second had been a lifetime of yearning and want.
Now was the moment.
Now was finally the moment to experience you in the flesh, in the blood and in my arms.
Without the barrier of distance and time.

I had waited.
And I needn’t wait another second.
Your touch.
Your tender and electrified touch flowed through my welcoming body.
It tingled and tortured and lit me ablaze.
Your lips.
Your inviting lips met mine with the requirement and desire that I had dreamt of.
The suppleness and tenderness clashing with the irrepressible need.

I had waited.
And now was the time.
The pressure.
The delicious pressure of you finally claiming what I had so yearned to give.
Our bodies entwined in an inseparable dance.
The explosion.
The cataclysmic explosion of two souls imploding into one power and energy source.
Laying spent, sated and ever one.

I had waited.
And it was worth forever.

To Hell and Back: The Other Woman

Blog Post-7-19-2016-To Hell and Back-The Other Woman 2

In the greater scheme of my life, the woman my husband slept with has become completely insignificant to me.  I have not uttered a word to her since the morning before she slept with my husband, and I never will again.  Oh, it’s been hard not to tell her EXACTLY what I think sometimes.  I did write a post about her on March 28, https://missameliaandsir.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/it-took-nerve-to/ .  It was actually not so much about her, but an outlet for some of my anger and frustrations. She has continued to attempt to insert herself into our lives several times since.  I don’t even care to go into much detail, as I am refusing to give her ANY power anymore.  I am going to move forward and have no regrets leaving her in my dust trail.

The relationship between all of us was very long, 30+ years between Professor and her and 20+ years between her and I, and full of many ups and downs.  She was recently served divorce papers from her husband on their 30th wedding anniversary.  She has been spiraling ever since.  In my post, you will read about a few of the actions she has taken that I have had a very hard time with, fucking my husband of course being the most disturbing.

Professor has completely removed her from his life too.  It’s funny, but I feel kind of bad about that.  Not many people have a 30+ year friendship to talk about.  He has never once complained about it though.  He has done everything to show me that I am his priority and she was just a one night drunk fuck.

I am sure she will continue to pop up in our lives.  She sent me a text the morning after everything happened, while my husband was on his way to find me.  It said, “Sorry.  Hope we can talk about it soon.”  Six weeks later she sent an email outlining all the things she thought that I had done wrong, informing me that she had already apologized and wouldn’t be doing it again.  I kind of thought that 20+ years of friendship deserved more than a 30 character text.  I knew right then, without a doubt, I was DONE!  She has been telling people bold face lies about me, but at this point, if they choose to believe her, whatever.  She sent another email about a month and a half ago, informing us that she had no desire to ever speak with us again and wanted nothing to do with us ever.  Of course, she sent this email while sitting on my father-in-law’s couch.  She had driven 9 hours down to where he lived to spend a weekend.  They only knew each other via my husband, but she thought this was appropriate.  He called Professor after she left and informed him that she was crazy.  I just want her to go away and stay away.

What I have learned from all of this is that you need to pay close attention to who your REAL friends are.  I hadn’t been happy with her in my life for a very long time, but I maintained the friendship for my husband.  He had just accepted her and her husband for who they were, and I tried very hard to do the same.  However, I never got anything of real value back, and am now sorry that I wasted all those years trying to nurture something that didn’t deserve it.  It’s important to do things and accept some things just because they are important to your spouse, but make sure you don’t do it at the expense of your marriage or yourself.

To Hell and Back: The Descent

Blog Post-7-17-2016-To Hell and Back-The Descent (1)

I know that I have been quiet and posting only sporadically lately. Thank you so very much to all those that have commented and checked in, to see how I was and ask for more writing. I hope that the stories will be coming again very soon. I’m finally feeling like writing again.

You see, I’ve had a rough time in my life since February. After much thought, discussion and encouragement, I’m finally ready to talk about it. Not because I think it is anyone’s business, but because I think that I might be able to offer a little help to someone else. I know in the darkest of dark for me, a very special Lady (and I do use that title loosely) offered me some advice, another perspective, a big kick in the ass and all the love that I needed to begin righting the wrong.

I wrote a post on the 11th of February titled “Highs and Lows”. I told about my Grandmother dying and my daughter winning the District Drama Competition, all at the same time. What I omitted from that rollercoaster that I was on, was the fact that Professor had slept with the person I called my best friend all on the same weekend. Yes, we have invited another into our bedroom, but only one, and only when we had long discussions, were all in agreement, and were all together. This happened when I was out of town with my daughter. I found myself alone, mourning my Grandmother, trying to hide everything from my daughter so she could perform at her best. All the while, trying to figure out where the HELL I was going to go, and how I was going to destroy her world when she realized that her father and I were no longer going to be married.

People always want to know how I found out. Professor told me. The indiscretion happened very late the first evening I was gone, after much drinking and flirting. Alcohol is NOT an excuse, but it was a contributing factor. I awoke early to a text asking me to call him as soon as I woke. I had my alarm set REALLY early because the day was packed full of events. I called him right away. The second I heard his voice, I KNEW something was wrong. He came completely clean, confessed EVERYTHING. I was numb, said OK, hung up and proceeded to get cleaned up for the day. Got the kids all dropped off, and had to go find somewhere to hang for the day because parents weren’t allowed at any of the preliminary rounds of the competition. I parked myself in a booth at McDonald’s and opened my laptop to write. I have NO IDEA how long I just stared at my screen. I was jolted back into my reality when my phone rang. I answered it without even looking to see who it was. It was Professor asking me where I was. I told him McDonald’s and he wanted to know which one. See, the second I had hung up with him, he jumped in his truck and drove three hours to where I was to talk with me. The next thing I knew, he walked through the door.

It wasn’t until then that it really hit me. His face said it all. He was beyond pale, and looked like someone had just killed his grandmother and cheated on him. I remember slamming my computer and everything else into my bag and flying out of the restaurant to my car. He forced himself into the passenger seat and refused to leave. We spent the next several hours screaming, crying, sitting in complete silence and spinning. He finally agreed to get out when I had to go so I wouldn’t miss my daughter’s final assembly where they announced the winners. When they called her name, the tears flowed again, but luckily they were for her.

I must admit, the next bit of time was a blur. We drove home and I spent the next several days in bed. I couldn’t eat, sleep and almost put myself into the hospital with severe dehydration. Luckily, I was able to pass it off as a terrible bout of the flu to my family and work. HOW could he have done this to me? HOW could he have thought this was OK? HOW was I EVER going to forgive him? HOW was I EVER going to live without him?

I think three very important things happen to help give me direction. First, I told my mother I was leaving Professor. Looking back, I REALLY shouldn’t have done that since she had just lost her mother, but it ended up being a good thing too. Even though she was completely distraught for herself and me, she also gave me some very good, loving and calming advice. She said that she would support me no matter what, but I needed to remember one thing and it was VERY important. She didn’t know WHAT he was thinking, but she DID know that he loved me VERY much, so she told me to give it a little time before I did anything that I couldn’t change. She made me promise I wouldn’t do anything right away, and I promised.

Secondly, I got that advice from a very special Lady. She was calming, loving, sharing and the exact support I needed at the time. I don’t know what I would have done without her, and I will FOREVER be grateful to her for that. In moments like that, you learn who your true friends REALLY are.

Finally, my husband probably did the most to save our marriage. Yes, he was upfront, completely transparent, remorseful and devastated, but he went one step further than I could have EVER imagined. I was raised in the church and identify as a Christian. I believe in God and speak to him often, but my husband is a non-believer. His family never attended church, but he had always supported me in my desire to believe. One day, when I was in my darkest dark, I was walking into the room when I heard his voice. I found my husband praying. He said that had never believed in God before, but his wife did, and if there was any chance that God did exist, he prayed that he would hear him and save our marriage. He knew he had no right to ask, but he was begging anyway because he needed a miracle and there was no way he could live without me. I was completely stunned. For him to pray, he HAD to be truly desperate. I finally saw a distant light.

There is SO MUCH MORE to this story, and I plan on continuing to give you a glimpse into our journey. I hope, and believe, Professor will also be writing from his perspective. None of this has been easy, and we have suffered setbacks along the way. I am very happy to report that we are slowly, but surely not only recovering, but building an even stronger and better marriage.

For all of those who read this and think that, “There is NO WAY I would have taken him back. Cheat once on me and I’m GONE!” don’t be so sure. I would have said the same thing, AND if I had, I would have completely destroyed my family, lost my very best friend and never known the kind of love that I have found on the other side. So, I am ALWAYS open to comments and concerns. I think that free and open communications lead to greater understanding and learning. But, if you only want to bash and hate without constructive thought or inquiry, I would truly appreciate you keeping your comments to yourself.

Blog Post-7-17-2016-To Hell and Back-The Descent (2)

A Necklace Fit for a Princess

7-15-2016-Alison's 16th Birthday (29)

My daughter just celebrated her 16th Birthday. While that alone is something special, there was one little thing that made the day even better. Since it was her 16th Birthday, and I wanted to do something she would always remember, I decided to have something made using her birthstone, a ruby. I approached a fellow blogger, https://darkgemdom.wordpress.com, who I knew did stone work. Not only did he cut one of the most brilliant stones that I or my local jeweler had ever seen, but his kindness and generosity were immeasurable. He cut the stone and sent me pictures throughout the process, so I could compile them into a photo book for my daughter. He was an absolute professional, and when I took the stone in for mounting, the local jeweler I use was stunned at the brilliance he had pulled out of the ruby, since rubies aren’t known for their great luster. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any gem cutting needs you might have. I know that I hope to have one of his pieces in the very near future. (Hint, Hint Professor!)
Please look up some of his other AMAZING work at https://thegemstoneman.com .

I’m Willing

Blog Post-7-1-2016-I'm Willing

I’m willing to pay the price

For your indifference.

I’m willing to forgo my comfort

For your indulgence.

I’m willing to offer my flesh

For your objectification.

I’m willing to bare my soul

For your dismissal.

I’m willing to give myself

For your nothingness.

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