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I’m Going to BURN!!

Blog Post-8-28-2016-I'm Going to BURN!

I’m off to Burning Man Bitches!!  Going to live in the middle of a dried up lake bed with 70,000 half-dressed strangers for the next week.  I’m SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!  I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.  Think wicked thoughts for me and pray that I don’t find myself staked naked out on the playa.  On second thought……..  🙂

Love is on the LOVE's

Blog Post-8-28-2016-I'm Going to BURN!3

An Open Letter to a Fake

I find the fact that this AMAZING Man even has to write this to be completely asinine. I would wager that you have hit all points just about perfectly. Please know that I appreciate your amazing talents and hope that you know your words have made a beautiful difference in my life. Please don’t let the lesser of society tarnish your brilliant shine. xoxo

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 2.000 Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 2.000

This is an open letter

It is addressed to https://t.co/pngeQiLYZC  – someone on Facebook using my pseudonym (Romantic Dominant) and stealing my words.But in many ways it is addressed to all those who believe that to steal the words of another and pretend that they are their own is acceptable behaviour. It is not. It is theft. It is also deeply sad.

Dear fake

You have chosen to steal my name and my words. You will hopefully understand that I am less than happy about this. I believe it gives me the right to share publicly some of my thoughts on your personality and motives.

I have to say I was initially surprised to see you had stolen first of all my name, and then so many of my words. Even though you are not the first. I suspect you will go on doing…

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Fuck Me! Suck Me!

Blog Post-8-21-2016-Fuck Me! Suck Me!

Fuck Me!  Suck Me!
Make me cry out in pain!
Spank me!  Slap me!
Drive me completely insane!

I want to be tested.
I need to be used.
I desire to provide you pleasure.
To be what some would call abused.

It’s not abuse to me
It’s an overwhelming need to serve
So take me and claim me
Give me all that you feel I deserve.

Release your inner beast.
Allow me to be your sacrifice.
Break me into a million pieces.
Then allow me to be resurrected, wrapped in your paradise.

A Crown Upon My Finger

Blog Post-8-20-2016-A Crown Upon My Finger

A crown upon my finger
No ring above my head
I tremble in anticipation
As I lay upon his bed

A gentle brush of his soft lips
His fingers entwined in my hair
Skin sliding against skin
Leaving me breathless and wantonly aware

A flush of pink across my cheek bones
Pulses increasing and goosebumps rise
As his strong legs slide slowly
Between my trembling thighs

A desperate need so overpowering
Desire reaching a fever pitch
As my breath catches in a moan
And my core begins to twitch

A release of heathenness need
Flying and floating high above
Watching two souls becoming one
Sharing an unexpected love

Seven Doors to Seven Temples

I read this and felt the most overwhelming pull to reblog it instantly. This is so beautifully written and is an unbelievably eloquent description of the trust and faith that a submissive must have to completely release. Mr M, you continue to show the most amazing glimpses into the true man that you are. I only want to learn more and more. xoxoxo

Over, Under, Around and Through

Blog Post-8-8-2016-Over Under Around and Through (1)

Over, Under, Around and Through
I want to get tied up by you.

Up and Down, Forward and Back
Please give my ass just one more whack.

Lopsided, Straight, Angle or Whore
Make me scream and beg for more.

Squeal and Yell, Pant and Growl
When I gush you’ll need a towel.

Rhythm, Pattern, Silence and Sound
Please don’t stop that succulent pound.

Peaks and Valleys, Highs and Lows
Watch as my river flows.

Water, Snack, Rest and Mend
Give me 10 minutes then do it again.


How are you doing?
I’m just fine.
Want to try again, one more time?

I don’t know.
It hurts too bad,
To remember all the fun and love we had.

I know Baby.
It hurts me too,
But I can’t help but constantly need you.

I need you too.
My body aches.
The thought of you makes my insides quake.

Then let’s try,
And do it right this time.
How about we meet and share some wine?

I don’t know.
I’m really scared.
You left me last time, bruised and bared.

This time will be different.
I promise you more.
I’ll give you my love and attention galore.

You promised me that,
Several times in the past.
I’m afraid that again, this just wont last.

No guarantees in life,
Can I make you today.
Except that I love you, and promise to stay.

Once more I’m giving you
A chance at my heart.
If you break it again, forever we’ll part.

I’ll treat it with care.
And I promise my dear,
That we have forever, starting right here.

Lots of Love

Blog Post-8-4-2016-Lots of Love

Polyamory is a hoax!  There is no such thing!  It’s not real!

Is this what you think?  I did too, but not anymore.

From a very young age, in stories and fairy tales, we are taught that every person has one true love.  Religion tells us that you must give your heart to only one person too.  But the stories and the prophesiers are partially wrong.  Just look around.

When we love, we open new accounts for each person, without having to withdraw from another account to do so.  As a child, you have an account for your parents.  More than likely, a separate account for each of them.  Sometimes one account seems to carry a slightly lower balance than the other, but they are still completely separate currencies.  Other family members have their own accounts, as do friends, none stealing from one to fill the other.

When we have children, they each have their own accounts too.  When I gave birth to my son, I couldn’t imagine EVER loving someone like I loved him.  When I became pregnant with my daughter, I actually feared that I wouldn’t love her like I did my first born.  When she arrived, I quickly learned that was NOT the case.  I loved that little girl with my whole heart too.  But, how could that be when my heart already felt completely filled by my son?  Easy, new account!  I have always told my children that I don’t love them equally, I love them both uniquely.  They don’t pull from the same account, so there is no competition for my affection.

Now, romantic love is different, right?  My heart only belongs to one man, forever and always.  This is true, and false.  My life hostage for ever and ever more is my husband.  He is the father to my children.  The other half of my whole.  The one I turn to with the best of news, and the worst.  He is a forever pain in my ass, but I LOVE Him like no other.  We were made for each other and nothing will ever change that.

However, I am completely in love with another man too.  He makes me smile.  He brings me such joy.  He challenges me.  He excites me and he drives me completely insane too.  Most would say this is disloyal to my husband, and in the past I would have too, but why?  This love hasn’t taken one thing away from my husband.  He still owns me body and soul like all lifetime committed partners should.  I have just been blessed to have had another account added to my bank that makes me happy and fulfills another part of my complete being.

If all this is true, then why is polyamory wrong?  What are your thoughts?  I’d love some constructive conversation on this subject.


Dirty Ride

Blog Post-8-3-2016-Dirty Ride.jpg

I just returned from a 12 day adventure with my husband that ended at a four day Country Music Festival.  While there, we went to see Chase Rice perform and he sang THIS song.  I swear I about completely squirmed out of not only my chair, but my panties too.  He is FUCKING HOT and this song is AFUCKINGMAZING!!  Thought I would share.

Be warned, it’s a serious panty soaker.  😉


Blog Post-8-3-2016-Dirty Ride

My Love IS/NOT

Blog Post-8-3-2016-My Love IS-NOT

My love is NOT conditional.
It doesn’t need perfection to grow and flourish.

My love is NOT uncertain.
There is never a doubt or question of its strength and longevity.

My love is NOT intermittent.
It doesn’t ebb or flow with the passing of time.

My love IS a Need.
It is essential to my life, happiness and existence.

My love IS unrestricted.
It flows through my skin, blood, heart and soul.

My love IS freely given.
And I give it to You.

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