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Rendezvous with My BFF

Blog Post 9-25-2017-Rendezvous with My BFF

I searched the world
Far and wide
For that perfect match
To stand by my side

Some came and went
Never quite true
And then it happened
I finally met you

Don’t exactly know how it happened
But I know it was a divine act
That brought us together
And placed us on this mutual path

The connection was almost instant
Yet we both couldn’t help but protect
Our fragile little hearts
That had formerly been wrecked

Once I knew this thing was for real
Not fleeting or just the latest craze
It became crystal clear we would absolutely
Be BFFs Forever and Always

You quickly became the sister
I had always wished for
We had so much in common
Same thoughts, experiences and both being whores

You continuously make me laugh
And occasionally make me cry
But the love I have for you
Will never waver or die

So my dearest BFF
I write this little thing just for you
As a token of my affection
Until our next delicious rendezvous

Fuck You Twice!

Blog Post 9-24-2017-Fuck You Twice!Fuck You!
Fuck you twice!
You are an asshat
And I don’t feel like being very nice!

Kiss my ass!
Now kiss the other side!
The disdain I am feeling for you
I refuse to stifle or hide!

Come here!
Come stand real close!
I’m going make it crystal clear
Exactly what I want you to understand most!

Kiss Me!
Kiss me long and hard!
Now we’ll tear each other apart
And leave completely sated and scarred!

The Journey of a Kiss

Blog Post-9-22-2017-The Journey of a Kiss

I’ll begin with your cheek.
I can feel your whiskers, bristly and scruffy against my blushing.
My lips are tickled as I leave a soft kiss.
The delicious sensation sends electricity through my entire being.
Can you feel my warm breath flowing over your skin?

I’ll move to your lips.
Brushing my lips softly, gently and tenderly across yours.
I’ll linger, allowing our lips to stand still.
In that moment, we can feel our bodies beginning to heave with the labored breathing of passion.
Can you feel what’s coming next?

I’ll remain at your lips.
Slowly, my lips part and your lips part as the tiniest glancing of tongues begin.
This lasts but a moment as our mouths begin a violent dance of lips, tongues, heavy breath and Need.
My hands are clasped upon your bristled face as one hand firmly grasps my neck and the other pulls me closer and tighter against your firm body.
Can you feel my growing hunger?

I’ll begin sliding down your chest.
As each button opens, you will feel my warmth and wetness following them down.
Hands pushing aside cloth, exposing your bare and intoxicating chest.
A nipple lick, suck and the trail continues.
Can you feel the anticipation?

I’ll settle upon my knees.
Unbuckle, unzip, unbutton and release that most welcoming need.
The shiver that shoots down your spine when you feel my warmth, followed by my lips, then tongue, then throat leaves you gasping for breath.
Slow, delicious strokes of my tongue, as I savor the taste I have craved hoping to satisfy me.
Can you feel the explosion coming from my core?

Destination arrived!

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