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Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to all the men and women who have served.  And thank you to all the families that have sacrificed to allow your loved ones to do their jobs.  And a very special thank you to my Dad.  Thank you for not only serving your country so bravely, but for serving your family so lovingly too.Blog Post-11-11-2017-Happy Veterans Day.jpg

October Sun – Part IV

Blog Post-11-9-2017-October Sun Part IV

“Are you going to fuck me with that?  Would…..you……..please……fuck me with tha……OH!” She gasped as the handle slid easily up inside her, and stopped.  “Oh, oh, oh….HOLY SHIT!” was all she could manage. She felt it withdrawing slowly, while at the same time one of his hands gripped her left hip.

“Brace yourself” he said in her left ear, as the handle rammed home again.  He began plunging the handle into her in a delicious rhythm, his fist clenched around the shaft slapping into her ass.  Every 4th or 5th stroke, he would withdraw it completely and slide it between her lips, over her clit, before pulling back and thrusting it home again.  Her body wracked with shivers and electric pulses.  She used the log to push herself forcefully back against his thrusts, until she felt as if any moment she would burst into flame.  He sensed she was close, and his hand suddenly left her hip, appearing seconds later between her legs, fingering her button.  He was only able to make 3 quick circles across it, when she exploded into orgasm, clenching her legs tightly around the handle, gripping the log forcefully.

When her spasms began to subside, she felt the handle slide from within her, and his left hand move from her clit back to her hip.  “Oh….” She moaned as she felt the handle leave. “It felt so good…..to be……full.”  Suddenly she felt his right hand on her other hip, and saw the handle hit the ground at her feet.  She gasped as he pulled her hips hard toward him, and was immediately full again.  Only this time, she knew it had to be his cock.  It was hot, hotter than the handle had been, and felt easily as big.  Hell, maybe bigger.  It felt sooo good….she began to push back against him in a slow rhythm.

He grasped her hips, stopped her rocking, and spoke for the first time since he had told her to brace herself. “I have one more thing I’d like to give you.  May I give to you right in the middle of your back?” The way he asked, so politely, like asking for a cookie, drove her wild.

“Please” she said fervently, “pul-leeeeeezzzzz!” as he began pulling her sharply against his hips in an ever quickening rhythm.  Her eyes, which until now had been clenched tightly closed, flew open as she swore he grew larger inside of her.  “OH….MY…..GOD!” she yelled as he suddenly withdrew and spilled hot and wet across her back. The first spurt shot between her shoulder blades nearly to her neck, while the remainder trailed down to a pool at the small of her back.  His grip on her hips relaxed as his rough hands rubbed his offering into the skin of her back.  She leaned her head on the log, between her hands, asking herself if what had just happened had just fucking really happened.  Her back was dry and smooth, when he straightened her and turned her around to look at him.  His eyes were piercing, green, and smiling.

“You” he began as he held her by the shoulders “now know the power of the October sun.  Why don’t you get dressed, and we’ll finish caching the gear, and maybe we can take a walk in the woods.  I can tell you what I know about elk.”

She smiled back at him and leaned against the fir log.  “If you don’t mind” she said “I’d like to just stand for a moment and let the sun warm my back.”

“Of course” he replied as he cinched down his leather belt after putting himself away.  “Take your sweet time.  October sun will turn cold here any day now.  Best savor it.”  With that, he left her there smiling in a pool of her clothing, as he walked toward the truck to finish the task at hand.

The End

The coals of the campfire glowed a dull October orange as he finished his story.  His wife turned her head to look at him.  “Well” he asked “what do you think?”

She reached around behind his neck, and pulled his lips toward hers, stopping just short of the sensual kiss he had hoped was coming.  “You” she breathed almost inaudibly “need to fuck me right now.  And tomorrow, we’re going shopping for a shovel!”

The REAL End 😉

Story written by Professor

October Sun – Part III

Blog Post-11-8-2017-October Sun Part III c

“Eyes closed, keep your face to the sun.  Put your arms out to the side, raised just a little, palms toward the sun.” She wore a dark t-shirt, which began rapidly warming in the direct rays of the sun. “Do you feel it?” he asked. “The spreading of the warm sensations, unlike just being warm, spreading though you?”

“Uh huh” she breathed. She was aware that she had begun to breathe harder. She was sure he was aware of it too. Then she felt his strong hands grip her hips, and felt his face slide up her neck, where his mouth stopped just short of her ear.

“Do you know what the best aphrodisiac in the world is?” he breathed, his breath hot against her neck.

“Uh uh” she said, feeling herself growing hotter by the second.

“It’s not asparagus, or oysters, or green M&M’s, or the parts from some poor bear or tiger, or velvet antler, or rhino horn, as so much of the world would have us believe.  It is just simple sunshine.”  As he spoke, he moved his hands from her hips to her t-shirt, and slowly began to lift it.  She felt the sun strike her belly first, in a think crescent just above the button of her jeans, which spread as he lifted her shirt to just below her bra.  “Now, raise your arms straight up” he said, and in one swift motion her shirt flew over her head as he stripped it off.  She stood still facing the sun in her bra, an unbelievable electric sensation moving through her skin wherever the sun touched her.  She longed to take off her bra and feel the sun on her bare breasts.  “Take off you bra now” he instructed.  Wow, that was easy she thought to herself.  She unclasped her bra and just let it fall to the ground at her feet.  The sun on her nipples was exquisite.  She felt another shiver ripple through her as she felt his hands slide around her waist and unbutton her jeans.  He slowly pulled the flaps open to expose the bit of skin just above her panties.  As the sun hit each new piece of flesh, she experienced new waves of warmth, and suddenly realized she was shaking ever so slightly.  But she was not cold

She suddenly felt his hands withdraw, and heard him step back.  She did not turn around to face him, but stood wondering what would come next.  “Now” he began, “you have a choice to make.  You can savor the sun another few moments, put your clothes back on a piece at a time, and we’ll finish loading the gear.  Or, you can drop your pants and feel the full effect of the sun on every inch of your beautiful body.  But know that if you do, you are going to be warmed by much more than the power of the October sun.”

She hesitated only momentarily without even knowing why, before hooking both thumbs into the top of her jeans and peeling them, along with her panties, down to her feet.  She slipped out of her shoes, and tossed her jeans and panties to the side with the flick of a foot.  She stood there, naked, eyes still closed, feeling the amazing sensation of the sun now on her legs.  She spread her feet apart ever so slightly, and a warm trickle of wetness escaped between her legs.  She realized that she had not seen his face since she had first faced the log.  She felt his eyes on her, and longed to know what he was thinking.  She was just about to turn around when he spoke.

“Step back, one small step from the log.  Put your hands on it, and arch your back.”  She did as he asked, and heard him take two quick strides forward.  Suddenly, she felt something warm sliding across her back, starting just above her ass and continuing to the base of her neck.  It was smooth, and hard…..she gasped as she realized it must be the broken shovel handle.  As soon as it reached the base of her neck, it was gone, only to reappear an instant later, touching the back of her knee.  He traced a line up the back of her thigh with the rounded, slightly swollen end to the handle, stopping where the crease of her ass disappeared between her thighs.  Her breathing had quickened even further now.

“How is it so warm?” she breathed, quivering with anticipation.

“Why, I laid it in the October sun…I’ve been warming it for you”.  Slowly he pushed it in between her thighs, where it found an abundance of wetness.  He slowly spun the handle, coating her thighs and lips with the juices that seemed to be gushing forth from her.  She could stand it no longer.

To be continued….

Story Written by Professor

October Sun – Part II

Blog Post-11-7-2017-October Sun Part II b

Thus she found herself at the edge of a 6’x5’ hole, three feet deep, watching him dig, on the first Saturday in October.  They had left early, in the dark, and arrived while the sun was still low, and the air decidedly chilly.  He paused from his digging, thrusting the shovel handle-first toward her.  “Rock bar, please” he said, and she grasped the shovel handle and leaned the rock bar toward him.  He worked the hard ground on the bottom of the pit, prying loose another layer of rock, deepening the pit by another four inches.  The sun had now risen above the trees, and the air was rapidly warming.  He paused to remove his sweatshirt, tossed it across a downed log, and resumed plunging the rock bar into the stubborn bottom of the pit.  Her core tingled ever so slightly as she began watching his arms move, as he raised and rapidly dropped the bar.  It was solid steel and heavy, but he moved it with apparent ease.  “Shovel please” he asked, and she took the rock bar from him and passed back the shovel.  He was cleaning the last of the dirt from the corner of the pit, when the shovel gave a loud CLANK against a melon-sized rock under the dirt.  Rather than ask for the rock bar again, he jammed the shovel under the corner of the rock and gave a hard downward tug.  With a sharp CRACK, the shovel handle parted, a long, angled break forming mid-handle.

“Fuck” he swore, followed by a quick “sorry” as he glanced at her.  Always the professional, she thought.  “Well, that’s what I get for being impatient” he said, eying the two broken pieces in his hands.

“Can you fix it?” she asked.

“Oh, I could strap it back together with some fiberglass tape, make it work for cleaning out the hole, but really, we’re done”.  As he spoke he was turning the upper part of the handle in his hands, eyeing it thoughtfully.  “Hickory…..hard as nails, and polished by hundreds of hours of handling.  I suppose I’ll find some use for this”.  He laid the two broken pieces of the shovel next to the pit, and climbed out.

It was then that she noticed that he was looking intently at her, in a direct way he never had before. There was a hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth.  “You’re still wearing your sweatshirt, and here I am down to my T” he said.

“You’ve been digging.  I’ve just been……..watching.” she said, smiling back at him slightly.  He studied her for a moment, then reached down and took her hand.  She tingled in response to his grasp, strong, confident, yet so unexpected.

“Do you know about the power of the October sun?” he asked. She stared directly into his eyes.

“No” she replied, and he pulled gently on her hand and said “Then let me show you”.

He led her just a few yards, through the tall yellow grass, to the edge of the ridge, where the slope dropped away sharply to the southeast.  A large dead fir had fallen and lay in front of them, suspended 4 feet from the ground. He stopped her, stepped behind her, and placed his hands on her shoulders. His grip was firm, guiding her to within arm’s reach of the fallen fir. “Close your eyes” he said “and tilt your face up to the sun.  Put your hands on the back of the log. Tell me what you feel”. She did as he instructed, and felt a slight shiver course through her.  She did not know where he was going with this, but she knew she wanted to find out.

“The sun…..it feels good on my face.  The log…..is still cold.”

“Now, slide your hands over the top of the log to the side away from you, slowly.  Tell me what you feel now.”  She moved her hands, gradually feeling the cold give way to warm, and then to nearly hot.

“North versus south aspect” she said smiling. “You taught us that in Forest Ecology.”

He laughed softly, still holding on to her shoulders. “Glad you remember something from then. Now, take off your sweatshirt.”  It was not a demand.  It was simply stated as if it were the next logical step.  He dropped his hands from her shoulders as she peeled the heavy hooded sweatshirt over her head.

She glanced back at him and asked “what next?” He gently placed his hands on the side of her face and turned it back toward the sun.

To be continued….

Story Written by Professor

October Sun – Part I

Blog Post-11-6-2017-October Sun Part I a

They sat by the glow of the campfire, him leaning against the trunk of a massive ponderosa, his knees parted slightly, she leaning against his chest, resting her arms on his legs. “Tell me a story” she said.  He ran his hands over her shoulders, gripped the base of her neck firmly, and began massaging between her shoulder blades with his thumbs.  And then he began…….

“October Sun”

She stood at the edge of the hole, looking down watching him dig.  She leaned on a heavy steel rock bar, handing it to him at his request.  He stood down in the hole, shovel in hand, cleaning out the dirt and rocks with deft, hard strokes.  Strangely, she found herself becoming slightly aroused watching him work.  Even though he still wore his sweatshirt in the morning chill, there was something stimulating in watching him labor physically.

She had found herself on this mountain with him quite unexpectedly.  She knew him from three years earlier, when she had taken classes from him at the community college where he was a professor. She had been attracted to him then but shyly, secretly, certainly not in a way she would voice to anyone.  She was 24 at the time, he was…well, she didn’t know how old he was, but she thought he was probably older than he seemed.  She wasn’t quite sure what exactly it was about him she found so appealing.  His looks were fine, average was the word that came to mind.  But it was his way, his being, that spoke to her.  He was always quick to smile.  His sense of humor showed often in class, and he was so damned smart.  At least, he was good at making it seem that way.  That’s what he had said when another student had jokingly asked f there was anything he didn’t know.  He had smiled and laughed that laugh again, always looking down slightly, as if embarrassed.  “It’s easy to look smart.  I just have a head full of mostly useless party facts that are news to you guys”.  Maybe the humility in the face of his own intelligence was part of the attraction.  It didn’t matter.  She just knew that by the time she was finishing her last class, she was wondering what he might be like in …….other ways.

But he gave no hint of any reciprocal attraction.  Fun as he was in class, there was never a hint of unprofessionalism, no inkling of even the slimmest thought of impropriety.

So it came to her as a great surprise when 3 years later he had asked her if she’d like to accompany him to the mountains. She had stopped by his office, to say hello and ask if he had any leads on jobs.  She had left the community college and finished a Bachelor’s degree at the university, but jobs were a little slow in coming.  He’d given her a few announcements, a few phone numbers to try, and offered words of encouragement.  And then the conversation had turned to what each had done with their summers.  His eyebrow raised when she said she had taken up archery, and was considering going elk hunting with some friends the following year. “But I really don’t know a damned thing about it” she’d said.

“Well, then you should come with me this weekend” he offered.  “I am headed to the Blues to put in my rifle camp.  We hunt a road closure area there and bury all our non-perishable food and gear in a big pit before they lock the gate in mid-October.  I’ve got extra people coming this year, and I need to make the dang pit bigger.  None of those slackers can help with putting in camp, so you can come and be my assistant, and I can show you some of what I know about elk”.  She found herself grinning and saying yes without much hesitation.

To be continued….

Story Written by Professor

I Stand Teetering

Blog Post-11-5-2017-I Stand Teetering

I stand teetering on the edge of sanity
Take me into your darkness
Allow me to fall into your abyss

Show me the your malicious light
As you extinguish my innocence
And light me on fire

Lead me
Use me
Manipulate me

Mark me deep and permanent
With your unseen curse
And damage me forever


Sexy Halloween ABC

Blog Post-10-31-2017-Sexy Halloween ABC

Blog Post-10-31-2017-Sexy Halloween ABC2

Amorous Apparition
Animalistic Alien
Balls deep Beast
Brutal Banshee

Caning Corpse
Cathouse Creeper
Defaming Devil
Diddling Demon

Explosive Elf
Erotic Effigy
Fucking Freak
Fellatio Fein

Gluttonous Ghost
Gang bang Ghouls
Hedonist Hobgoblin
Horny Harlot

Insatiable Imp
Illicit Idol
Jerk off Joker
Juicy Jester

Kneeling Kisser
KY Kraken
Licking Liar
Lashed Liaison

Masochistic Monster
Masturbating Mad Man
Naughty Nightmare
Nude Nymph

Orgasmic Ogre
Oral Offender
Paddling Phantom
Pumping Poltergeist

Quivering Quack
Quaking Quadruplets
Rutting Ruffian
Ramming Rogue

Skewered Skeleton
Safe word Spirit
Tied up Troll
Titillated Tramp

Urinating Undertaker
Uncircumcised User
Vulgar Vampire
Voyeuristic Vixen

Whorish Witch
Wanton Warlock
X rated Xenophile
Xantippe Xenolith

Yanking Yes girl
Yummy Yelper
Zelophile Zombie
Zorber Zealot

Blog Post-10-31-2017-Sexy Halloween ABC3

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