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October Sun – Part III

Blog Post-11-8-2017-October Sun Part III c

“Eyes closed, keep your face to the sun.  Put your arms out to the side, raised just a little, palms toward the sun.” She wore a dark t-shirt, which began rapidly warming in the direct rays of the sun. “Do you feel it?” he asked. “The spreading of the warm sensations, unlike just being warm, spreading though you?”

“Uh huh” she breathed. She was aware that she had begun to breathe harder. She was sure he was aware of it too. Then she felt his strong hands grip her hips, and felt his face slide up her neck, where his mouth stopped just short of her ear.

“Do you know what the best aphrodisiac in the world is?” he breathed, his breath hot against her neck.

“Uh uh” she said, feeling herself growing hotter by the second.

“It’s not asparagus, or oysters, or green M&M’s, or the parts from some poor bear or tiger, or velvet antler, or rhino horn, as so much of the world would have us believe.  It is just simple sunshine.”  As he spoke, he moved his hands from her hips to her t-shirt, and slowly began to lift it.  She felt the sun strike her belly first, in a think crescent just above the button of her jeans, which spread as he lifted her shirt to just below her bra.  “Now, raise your arms straight up” he said, and in one swift motion her shirt flew over her head as he stripped it off.  She stood still facing the sun in her bra, an unbelievable electric sensation moving through her skin wherever the sun touched her.  She longed to take off her bra and feel the sun on her bare breasts.  “Take off you bra now” he instructed.  Wow, that was easy she thought to herself.  She unclasped her bra and just let it fall to the ground at her feet.  The sun on her nipples was exquisite.  She felt another shiver ripple through her as she felt his hands slide around her waist and unbutton her jeans.  He slowly pulled the flaps open to expose the bit of skin just above her panties.  As the sun hit each new piece of flesh, she experienced new waves of warmth, and suddenly realized she was shaking ever so slightly.  But she was not cold

She suddenly felt his hands withdraw, and heard him step back.  She did not turn around to face him, but stood wondering what would come next.  “Now” he began, “you have a choice to make.  You can savor the sun another few moments, put your clothes back on a piece at a time, and we’ll finish loading the gear.  Or, you can drop your pants and feel the full effect of the sun on every inch of your beautiful body.  But know that if you do, you are going to be warmed by much more than the power of the October sun.”

She hesitated only momentarily without even knowing why, before hooking both thumbs into the top of her jeans and peeling them, along with her panties, down to her feet.  She slipped out of her shoes, and tossed her jeans and panties to the side with the flick of a foot.  She stood there, naked, eyes still closed, feeling the amazing sensation of the sun now on her legs.  She spread her feet apart ever so slightly, and a warm trickle of wetness escaped between her legs.  She realized that she had not seen his face since she had first faced the log.  She felt his eyes on her, and longed to know what he was thinking.  She was just about to turn around when he spoke.

“Step back, one small step from the log.  Put your hands on it, and arch your back.”  She did as he asked, and heard him take two quick strides forward.  Suddenly, she felt something warm sliding across her back, starting just above her ass and continuing to the base of her neck.  It was smooth, and hard…..she gasped as she realized it must be the broken shovel handle.  As soon as it reached the base of her neck, it was gone, only to reappear an instant later, touching the back of her knee.  He traced a line up the back of her thigh with the rounded, slightly swollen end to the handle, stopping where the crease of her ass disappeared between her thighs.  Her breathing had quickened even further now.

“How is it so warm?” she breathed, quivering with anticipation.

“Why, I laid it in the October sun…I’ve been warming it for you”.  Slowly he pushed it in between her thighs, where it found an abundance of wetness.  He slowly spun the handle, coating her thighs and lips with the juices that seemed to be gushing forth from her.  She could stand it no longer.

To be continued….

Story Written by Professor

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9 thoughts on “October Sun – Part III

  1. "Whirled" Peas on said:

    The wait used to frustrate me, as I want the next part, but now the anticipation is starting to be the better part. I love how you write these. It is very erotic! Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AC @ The Cracked Lens on said:

    Fantastic, keeping me hanging, anticipating the next installment. I want to know what he does further with the shovel. Delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so hard and hot for me. I’m quivering with anticipation. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Do you feel it?” he asked. “The spreading of the warm sensations, unlike just being warm, spreading though you?”

    YES!!!! I feel it!!! 😈

    Liked by 1 person

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