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Even typing my title has made my skin crawl. How many times have we heard enough is enough? I don’t often dive into anything political, but we are at a point in our history that I believe we must either stand up for what we believe in, or sit back and watch the carnage build.

I am going to begin by letting you know that these are my opinions and I ask that you respect that. I appreciate dissenting views, but won’t stand for personal attacks. I have a WONDERFUL friend that I work with every day that couldn’t be more opposite in her views from me. The reason we are such good friends is that we both respect the other’s right to feel the way they feel. We don’t have to agree, but we do have to respect. I try and give that to all views, and I ask that you do the same.

One violent death at our schools is too many, and we have had hundreds. One violent death at a peaceful social gathering is too many, and we have had hundreds. People are calling for change and action. Others are arguing that it won’t fix the problem. They are both right. No one thing will fix the entire problem, but several things CAN make a difference. Speed limits don’t stop speeding or car deaths, but we accept that we must set limits to attempt to help the greater good.

Mental illness is a huge problem in this country. The mental institutions of the past are NOT the answer, but every man for himself isn’t either. We throw up our hands to obvious signs of mental instability and say, “What can we do?” To be completely honest, I’m not exactly sure. I don’t have any one answer to that question. What I do know is I have to prove myself to buy a house or a car, via my credit score and reliability. WHY shouldn’t I have to AT LEAST do that to buy a gun?

Has anyone else noticed that when the deaths came from airplanes crashing into buildings, the Legislature was ALL OVER it with new restrictions, regulations and guidelines? I recently flew and forgot to take my bottle of water out of my bag. I got searched because I had WATER. However, when it comes to ALL the deaths from gun violence, they seem to be completely incapable of any action of any kind. The airlines need to get a MUCH stronger lobby like the NRA.

People argue that if we start registering guns, they will know exactly where to come and take them. REALLY?! That’s NOT going to happen to good, law abiding citizens, and if it does, let me know and I’ll stand on your front porch and defend them right alongside of you. I have to register my cars, campers, boats and even my dog, so my guns should be a no brainer. And do we really think that 18-year olds who aren’t allowed to buy a beer should have unrestricted access to deadly weapons?

The argument that if they take your AR-15, they will come for your shotguns next seems insane to me. We already accept that rocket launchers and fully automatic weapons aren’t allowed, so why would limiting magazines or weapons of mass killing be any different? NO, it won’t stop everyone from getting one, but if we had stopped just one, there wouldn’t be 17 families planning funerals this week.

Keeping the Feds out of my personal business has also been thrown around. Waving your gun around in the air in a show of freedom is really what you need to protect? As a female, whose vagina has been a HUGE point of discussion and legislation, I can’t help but wonder if we suddenly came after your scrotum, would you continue to wave that gun, or would you suddenly feel the need to use our hands to protect something else?

Nothing will fix everything, but it is time to stop the lip service and make something happen.

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28 thoughts on “ENOUGH!!

  1. ❤️❤️

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  2. It is time to send the NRA to hell. Who needs an assault weapon to go deer hunting? We are going to fight a war against them?

    ENOUGH. That is the correct word. Thank you for this post.

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  3. Well said!!
    As one who grew up in the country and learned at a young age to hunt never in all my time have I seen anyone hunting with an assault rifle.
    When I moved south and into a urban area I saw no need for a gun as there is no place to hunt and it would be quite a distance to travel.
    So you will find no guns here.

    Sadly the system is broken and never before is it so evident in so many ways.

    Hopefully this is the wake up call for people to take voting seriously and that the senators and people in congress work for the people not the lobbyists.

    For all that is being seen as bad at this time hopefully good will rise up.

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  4. Two interesting facts worth pondering:

    Though I don’t hunt I know more women hunters than men. All, except my sister, hunt with an AR (Armalite Rifle) style rifle. To me it is an odd choice not for the things that make the AR so popular but because it is a small caliber. It is the smallest caliber (in common use) that you can legally hunt with.

    I never hear any historical comparisons of school violence. I think that sobering information should be given along with a clear overview of how we got the numbers down this far. Given those details, the goal should be to reduce the numbers further.

    Insofar as an opinion, I’ll say that there should be far, far less media coverage. We have created a self fulfilling prophecy and made it worse by essentially giving “how to” instructions after every event. These things brought the change in body count over the recent years. Why are we informing them? Our society does this with no other crime against person so it seems perverse.

    Thank you for your thoughts ma’am.

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    • I COMPLETELY agree with the media coverage thing. The shooters don’t deserve their 15 minutes. I don’t think their names or background should ever be discussed. That is something only the investigators and scientists need to know. It’s just wrong that I knew everything about this shooters history before I even knew a single name of those who were lost.
      I don’t know about the historical comparisons, but I do know we need to do something, anything and everything possible to begin making these headlines a thing of the past.
      Thank you for your thoughts too Sir. xoxo


      • Regarding the media: I don’t follow it but I get the general feeding frenzy. Your statement on it is both enlightening and more useful than mine in conveying the idea.

        Historical: We are at an all time low. I almost don’t want it brought up because they were more creative back then and these kids need no ideas but…. The perspective would be very useful. That and maybe some coverage of all of the armed citizens who have STOPPED school shootings BEFORE they started. People should know all relevant data when making a decision.

        These acts need to become a distant memory in our society.

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      • I will admit I don’t have all the historical facts. I just know that we have to do something to stop these tragedies and make sure we don’t all become numb to it. I am completely aware that there are parts of the world where horrific things happen every day, but that doesn’t mean you just have to accept it. We can’t fix everything, but something would be nice. 🙂


      • You now have a better understanding of my world. I decided to work on it a long time ago and hence the knowledge.

        Thank you for speaking out ma’am.

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      • Thank you for teaching me. I have found you do that quite often and I truly love learning.


      • Thank yourself ma’am and do so for a variety of reasons. You spoke openly and honestly about a concern then allowed open, civil discourse where you pondered what other speakers said. This gave me a chance to have my view.

        That way is one I wish more would adopt. It is the civility I spoke of recently. It allows us all a chance to educate one another and, as a group, reach better outcomes.

        Want a parting point to ponder?

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      • My father in law has always talked about our loss of civil discourse. I completely agree. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about your views, as long as you understand they are Your Views, not necessarily everyone else’s. I find opposing views can sometimes soften my ideas or sometimes strengthen them, but I have to listen to make that decision.


      • If I had a dollar for everytime I have come to the realization that I was wrong (or misinformed) I could buy WP and make improvements!

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      • Any I ALWAYS want to ponder anything you care to share Sir. 😊


      • Ok, now I’m cranky.

        Everyone knows that things don’t exist if they aren’t on the ‘net. If it happened before the wisdom of the ‘net, it doesn’t count either. Grumble….anyway… I went looking for something to give a link. Seems better than an unsupported statement. The results have an ironic way of proving my point.

        About a year after the VT event there was a copycat attempt at a nearby college. The person had studied the VT event and used that knowledge to try and do a “better” job. They came prepared and set their plan into motion. Niggling problem. There was a soldier there taking classes, an armed soldier. They saw what was unfolding, took action and stopped the event before it began. There was no loss of innocent life. Odd thing is that I can find nothing on it. It wasn’t a story. No negative, no horror, no coverage, no memory. The only memory is for the people who succeed at being bad. They get the perverse idolization that we discussed earlier. They become lessons for future evile. Why don’t we discuss and honor those who do good and stop bad? Why not make evile seem futile?

        In my search I got to read the sources of much of our horror and emotion. Very interesting stuff indeed if you like numbers and data. Thinking about the last compiled list of shootings since Colombine is a good example. Mighty long list. About 30% were accidental. The shooter was a kid who snuck a gun into school and had a discharge while playing with it. (Bad parents, bad kid, need to spank all members of the house.) About 60% were fights or gang related. These happened at school, away from school (bus stops, dorms, etc) and at school events (games, dances, etc). They happened all hours of the day and all days of the week but were counted if it involved students or school property. This left a very small percentage that were what most think of as a school shooting. (Did you know that if a person walks onto the edge of school land on a Sunday morning in June and commits suicide it counts as a school shooting?) The numbers and facts are indeed interesting. One is one too many but the breathless repetition I hear in my day isn’t based on good data or fact. Lacking that base, a good decision or positive change would be dumb luck instead of probable outcome. I wish more people would seek education then work for change.

        Me? Time to go stack wood. That will get it off the ground so that it dries better. Educated there so I see the need and understand what I must change!

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  5. I appreciate your voice Sis! ❤️

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  6. Excellent post. If the number of guns per capita directly correlated to safety then the USA would be one of the safest places in the world – and would have not seen near on 3000 children under 12 killed by guns in the last three years. How can anyone not be horrified by that and want to do something to change it? The ‘right to bear arms’ has no place in a sophisticated and so-called civilised country like a America.

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  7. In this day and age in a ‘civilized society’ I don’t believe anyone has a ‘right’ to bear arms, I believe it’s a privilege. Just like any privilege like driving or money borrowing or owning dogs, I think it should be earned and regulated.

    I don’t think outlawing any one or number of guns or capabilities of guns is the answer, I think making sure those who have them, whatever caliber they may be are responsible, is more of the answer then regulating the type.

    Will it fix everything? No. But making sure those who have them have had to do it in time and with care certainly can’t hurt.

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    • I’m COMPLETELY open to any and all options being discussed. It isn’t until we hear from all sides that a difference will be made. A true compromise doesn’t happen until a decision is made that leaves all sides with success and disappointment.

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