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The BBQ – Chapter 10


As Rich made his way back to the bonfire, Scott came out of the house.  He noticed Rich heading to the fire with an armload of wood, and thought he would assist.  Unnoticed by Professor and Rich, he headed around the corner and through the wood room door.  He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Amelia hanging there.  She let out a gasp but quickly locked eyes with him and gave a small smile to reassure him.  He opened his mouth to speak, but she silenced him with a soft and gentle, “I am OK.  I promise,” and the coy smile grew slightly on her lips.  Without saying a word, he stepped further into the wood room and walked slowly past Amelia. He gathered a good load of wood in one arm and turned to exit.  As he walked past her again, he hesitantly reached with his free hand and lightly swept it across her breast.  With an even bigger smile on her face, Amelia whispered, “Thank you,” as he walked out the door.

Scott walked up to the fire pit and added his wood to the existing pile.  Professor and Rich shot frantic looks between each other.  Scott just smiled and said, “Thought I would help you out and grab some more wood.”

Professor gave a knowing but questioning smile and said, “Why thank you, Scott.”

Scott returned a slightly awkward smile of his own.  “No, Professor, thank you.  It was certainly my pleasure.” and the smile on his face doubled in size.


Amelia hung there waiting patiently, thankful that the mosquitoes weren’t out in earnest yet.  She could hear everyone laughing and talking around the fire.  She didn’t have to wait long before Professor came around the corner again, smiling at her as he stood in the doorway.  “Well, my pet, have you had your fill of hanging around?”  From the look on her face, he didn’t think she was as amused by his joke as he was.

He stepped up in front of her and reached to begin unbuckling her wrists, but he stopped, and brought his hands back down to his sides.  “Before I let you down, I need to check something.”  He ran his hand around her waist as he circled around to her back.  He squatted down so his face was level with her alabaster ass.  “Looky there, she is such a good listener.  It’s still right where I left it.”  She felt the plug in her ass begin to move in a circular motion.  Slowly and carefully, he pulled it out, pausing to reinsert it just once.  She experienced the sensation of its total removal, followed by a bit of relief that she had been able to adhere to his directions.  He began softly massaging and giving the lightest of kisses all over her bottom.  She began to breathe heavier and push her hips back to meet his mouth.  “No, no my love.  We have a party to get you back to.”  He gave her bottom a light swat and released the rope from the cleat on the wall, slowly lowering her arms.  He gently and lovingly unshackled her wrists and softly rubbed them in his very large hands.  He used his finger to tenderly lift her chin as he kissed her inviting lips.

There was nothing hot or fiery about this kiss.  This kiss was the connection between two people, two hearts and two souls.  When it broke, he handed her all her removed clothing and opened the door into the house and instructed, “My love, go inside and freshen up.  I will take care of all these toys.  And please hurry.  I need you next to me by the fire.  I am not complete without you.”  She gently kissed him again and went inside.  He closed the door and she ran through the house, anxious to return to him.

As the evening wore on, the guests slowly began to thin out.  There had been lustful glances and brush-by touches, but everyone had remained around the fire, enjoying the evening.  Finally, Professor and Amelia bid farewell to the last of their guests and locked the front door.  Rich was the only one that remained, he wouldn’t head for home until the morning.  Since his arrival was a surprise, Amelia quickly excused herself and readied the guest room for him.  The men poured themselves bourbon over ice, and retreated to the comfortable loungers on the deck.  When Amelia finally joined them, they were deep in a conversation about trees, lumber, and woodworking.  Both avid craftsmen, Professor decided he wanted to show Richard some of his latest wood projects.  He asked Amelia to join them.  All she really wanted to do was sit and put her feet up, but when he extended his hand to her, she knew she couldn’t refuse.  At the touch of his fingers, she tingled deep in her core, knowing the type of “wood projects” he had created in the past.  Not knowing what this latest creation might be, she felt fairly certain its use might revolve around her.


To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 9


The door opened slowly and there Rich stood.  He entered, shut the door, glanced around the room and then looked Amelia up and down the full length of her naked, hanging body.  “You have been a VERY BAD girl, haven’t you?” he grumbled as he strode a slow circle around her.

“No, Sir.  I haven’t.  I promise.” She pleaded with a look of bewilderment across her face.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Not only have you behaved badly, but now you are a liar too, aren’t you?” his tone becoming harsher still.

“NO SIR!  I don’t understand Sir.  I have been good and I wouldn’t lie to you, Sir.”  Her words were pleading and panicked as she twisted in the cuffs trying to follow his face as he continued to circle her.

“Lying Little Slut!  You lying Bitch!  You are going to MAKE me punish you, aren’t you?  You HAVE been bad and you HAVE lied.  Here’s the proof!”  Rich snatched up the little vibrating toy from on top of her neatly arranged clothing, and thrust it up to her face.  “Didn’t I tell you NOT to take this out?  And you did!  That makes you a bad girl and not admitting to it makes you a liar.  Now, hush yourself, and accept your punishment.”  Rich reached behind a small pile of boxes and retrieved a short, black, leather riding crop and wrapped the strap around his wrist, securing the handle firmly in his grip.

“No, Sir,” she quietly pleaded.  SWACK! As a stinging bite of the crop crossed the back of her thighs.  Through her gasp, “I didn’t do it!”  SWACK!  Another blow landed across her ass.  Through another gasp and muffled whimper, “Professor, he took it out Sir.”  SWACK! Across her reddened ass again.

“I know he did,” Rich whispered as a smile grew across his face and he gently placed the crop and toy on top of her clothes.

“Then why did you punish me?” Amelia softly inquired.

Rich sauntered up in front of her, pressed his body firmly against hers, wrapped one hand around her waist and drew her closer.  His other hand seized the hair at the nape of her neck and he passionately kissed her.  He kissed her hard.  His tongue plunged in and out of her responding mouth, twisting and turning like it was seeking the only thing it needed to survive.  He gently pulled his face away from hers and looked deeply into her wanton eyes.  With barely enough volume to even be heard, he whispered, “Because you wanted me to.  And here is the glorious proof.”  He released his hand from her waist and slid it down her belly to her soft mound, where his fingers found her slit, glided inside and lingered where all her juices were freely flowing.  With a satisfied smile across his lips, he lifted his dripping wet fingers to her face.  Amelia gazed at his shining fingertips for a moment, and then raised her head to lock eyes with Richard.  Without breaking their dark and desiring stare, she slowly leaned her head forward and took his fingers down her throat, sucking them clean as she slowly pulled her head back.

“Thank you, Sir.  You knew exactly what I needed.”  He softly kissed her on the lips, gathered an armload of wood and walked out of the wood room.

To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 8


The party continued as the sun began to set in all its amber glory.  Professor found Amelia and sweetly asked her to help him gather some wood from the shed to start the bonfire for their guests.  The wood shed was actually visible from the deck and the yard, but the entrance to it was hidden around the corner on the far side of the house.  Amelia lovingly followed, so they could get the traditional bonfire underway.  They rounded the corner of the house and approached the wood room door. Professor stopped and gallantly pushed the door open and stepped aside, allowing Amelia to enter first, as any good gentleman would.

Amelia inhaled sharply as she saw what hung in front of her.  From the rafters, where an eye bolt had been securely attached, hung a set of leather cuffs, tied with a long rope lashed to an anchor on the wall.  With anxiety flashing in her wide eyes, she slowly turned to face Professor, just as he closed the door behind him.

“Shhh. People will hear you.  You must be ever so quiet, my pet.” He whispered as he stepped forward, causing her to take a trembling step back, moving her even closer to the awaiting bindings.  In this wood room, there was an opening along the top of the wall that measured approximately ten inches, so if she made any noise, anyone on the deck was sure to hear.  “Hands up!” commanded Professor.

“But…” whimpered Amelia.  SWACK!  His hand came down across her cheek with great speed and precision.

“I didn’t ASK you, I TOLD you.  Hands up, Slut!” The growl and tenor of his voice was ferocious.  Uneasy about what would happen next, but knowing her duties, and knowing she was completely safe, she reluctantly complied with his demand.  With her hands above her head, Professor grasped the bottom of her shirt, drew it over her head and placed it neatly on a nearby pile of wood.  He then shackled both hands in the soft leather cuffs that hung from the ceiling.  Using the attached rope, he slowly raised her hands as high above her head as her tiptoes would permit.  Once the rope was tightly secured around the cleat, one gentle tug brought her skirt puddling at her ankles.  “Lift your foot, my pet,” he softly whispered.

“Yes, Sir,” escaped delicately with the action.

“Now the other, please.” And another “Yes, Sir,” followed.  Again he carefully arranged the skirt on top of the neatly placed shirt.  He circled her as his eyes ran the full length of her body.  “I understand you got a new present.  I don’t remember giving you permission to receive a present from another man.  Let me see this new gift.  Open your legs.”  With this command, she tried to part her legs but at her current extension, she was unable to open more than a few inches.  SWACK! His hand came down hard and fast across her left nipple.  “Now, Bitch!”

With that command, and through a muffled whimper, she quickly thought of another solution.  She raised her left knee and rested her foot on a nearby pile of wood and trusted that it would allow adequate access for him to retrieve the gift.  He plunged his fingers into her dripping wet pussy and skillfully withdrew the little vibrating egg.  He rolled it around in his hand for a few seconds, admiring its shape, size and wetness.  He silently set it down on top of her pile of clothing, gathered an armload of wood, and smiled a wry smile at her as he headed to the wood room exit.  Still smiling, he closed the door with his free hand, leaving Amelia strung to the rafters, naked, trembling slightly, and her mind racing with speculation over what might possibly be coming next.

She wouldn’t have long to wait.  When Professor arrived at the fire pit, where most of the party had already gathered, he politely asked Richard if he would go get one more armload of wood while he ignited the fire.  “Of course”, Rich happily replied, smiled broadly and headed towards the wood room door.


To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 7


The pulsations continued throughout the evening.  No matter how prepared for them Amelia tried to be, Rich kept catching her by surprise.  She would stare at him, watch his hand intently and yet, he would somehow trigger the toy again.  The speed, pulse, rhythm and intensity of the vibrations varied with each occurrence.  Her legs continued to practically crumble beneath her, such that she had to lean on virtually every upright surface in the yard.  She found herself tongue-tied in the middle of more than one conversation, unable to complete her thoughts.  Luckily, most guests attributed it to one to many trips to the punch bowl.  Scott, however, decided he had better watch after her a little more closely.

After one of the most intense vibrations yet, Amelia retreated inside to the master bathroom to splash her face with some cool water.  After composing herself and completing a little primping in front of the mirror, she decided to return to the party.  As she departed the bathroom, she found herself face to face with Professor.

The look in his eyes was dark and penetrating, his voice commanding with a deep, low growl.  “On your knees!”  Amelia quickly obeyed and dropped to her knees, presenting with her back straight and eyes downcast, just as Professor always requested.  “Open your mouth!” he commanded.  She raised her chin, closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue.  He unfastened his pants, stepped forward and rammed his hard cock into her open mouth.  Thrust after thrust penetrated deep into the back of her throat, causing her to salivate excessively and gag repeatedly.  Just as she feared she couldn’t take it another second, he stopped.  “Get up on your feet!”  She quickly stood before him with her hands at her side, eyes downturned and drool dripping from her lips and chin.  Professor slowly strolled to her side and violently snatched a handful of her hair.  He used this leverage to slam her face down onto the master bed.  While propelling her face into the comforter, he commanded, “Don’t MOVE!”  He released her hair, but she didn’t dare move a solitary muscle.  She could feel the warmth of her breath against her face, still buried in the blankets.  She waited.  The long pause came to an abrupt end when she felt her skirt being pulled up to expose her bare ass.  “You haven’t let anyone else touch my ass, have you my pet?” he whispered as his left hand caressed her soft, smooth bottom and the right hand violently jerked her head up, so she could answer.

“No, Sir.  Never, Sir.  Not without Sir’s permission,” she implored.

“Good Girl,” he replied as he gave her left ass cheek a stinging SWACK and forcefully thrust her head back into the bedding.  “Just so everything is fair and even…,” he playfully uttered as another stinging SWACK came down across her right cheek.  Both sides of her creamy alabaster bottom were now tattooed with the bright pink imprint of his palm. “Now my pet, I have a job for you.”  Amelia felt a sudden splat of cold cream hit her exposed asshole, followed quickly by the pressure of something pressing against the lubricated opening.  “I want you to take what I am about to give you, and keep it EXACTLY where I place it until I remove it.  Do you understand?”  Again, a violent jerk raised her head so she could answer.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good Girl.”  As he replied, in one perfectly orchestrated motion, her head was returned hard to its place on the bed and a soft, violet plug was rammed past her tight opening, deep into her accepting hole.  He quickly withdrew it, and with one additional hard thrust of the plug, buried it deep inside her.  He tenderly kissed her ass and stepped away.

Her face still down on the bed, she heard a light tapping on the bedroom window and was abruptly overcome by the most concentrated pulsing and vibrating sensation she had experienced yet.  She didn’t dare move, so she shrieked into the comforter as she came in a most intense, prolonged orgasm, releasing her juices as they gushed down her legs and left a puddle on the carpet under her feet.  There was another light tap on the window and the vibrations stopped.  She panted heavily and her body continued to convulse for several more minutes.  She heard him move across the room toward the bedroom door.

Before exiting, he stopped and turned to face the bed and warned, “Remember your commands and you may get up only AFTER I have left the room.”  Amelia heard a click of the door and remained motionless for a while longer.  Once she determined it was completely safe, she boosted herself up, dropped to her knees on the floor and crawled into the bathroom to clean herself up, before shakily returning to the party.


To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 6


“Don’t you DARE turn around,” came the commanding voice of Richard from behind her.  She felt him step up against the bed, and then she felt his hands, as they started at her ankles and slowly ran up her exposed claves, across the back of her knees, continuing up her white thighs, pushing what remained of her skirt up until his hands rested on her exposed ass.  “I love this ass.  I want this ass.  I know that it belongs to Professor, but if he ever gives me permission, I will take it hard and use it for my enjoyment, until I have had my fill.”  The heat and desire in his voice was palpable as the words fell from his lips.  “But, since I know that I can’t have exactly what I want, I have to want something else, don’t I?  SO, I have brought you a little gift.  Spread your legs.”

At that command, Amelia, still face down in the soft comforter, spread her legs as far apart as she could, fully exposing her glistening wet opening for him.

“You really are a true Slut, aren’t you?  You can’t help yourself.  Your body gives you away every time.”  She could hear the smile in his voice as he ran his fingers through her wetness.  She suddenly felt something smooth being pushed deep inside her opening.

“What is that, Sir?” she cautiously asked in a whisper.

“Just a little gift for you….. And me,” he lightly laughed then leaned forward, and in a harsher tone, whispered in her ear, “And it better NOT be removed or you will experience GREAT pain.  Understand, little girl?”

“Yes, Sir,” breathily exited her lips.

“Good Girl.”  And with that, he was out the door.


Amelia, still unsure about what was buried deep inside her, stood up, straightened her clothes and went into the kitchen to refill the bowl of chips and then stepped out onto the deck to rejoin the party.  A short time later, she was refilling a pitcher of iced tea when it happened.  A sudden, intense and silent vibration emanated from deep inside her pussy.  The pulsation took her breath away and caused her to lurch forward and make a huge mess, as a large slosh of tea splashed over the edge of the pitcher and onto the table top.

“Are you OK?” asked Jen, who was standing next to Amelia, getting another drink for herself.

Finding it almost impossible to talk or for her legs to continue to support her, Amelia, leaning against the table, answered with a weak, “I’m fine.  Just clumsy.”  As suddenly as it had started, the vibration stopped.  Amelia caught her breath, regained her leg strength, cleaned up the spilled mess and turned to scan the crowd.  There he was, Richard, standing across the lawn, with a mischievous smile on his face.  Amelia gave him a “What the fuck?” look and gasped as he reached his hand into his pocket and flashed a small remote control.

To be continued…


The BBQ – Chapter 5

the bbq 5 of 14

Amelia, now braless, rejoined her guests on the back deck.  Everyone was talking and laughing across the expansive backyard.  Amelia meandered from one conversation to the next, always keeping a watchful eye on her two troublemakers.  She was completely involved in a conversation with Scott and some other students, when she started as an unexpected hand touched her shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to scare you dear.  Just hoping I could steal you for a brief moment.  You guys don’t mind if I borrow my wife do you?” came dripping like sweet honey from Professor’s lips.  All heads indicated approval of him excusing himself and his wife, as he gently took her by the arm and led her to an area in the middle of the yard, where no one was currently standing.  He leaned in and whispered softly in her ear, “Your outfit doesn’t satisfy me either”.  Clearly he knew of the “adjustments” made by Richard.  “I want your panties off in the next 60 seconds, and you are not allowed to move a single step from where you stand right now.”

“What?  I can’t possibly…” she mumbled with a tone of panic in her voice.

“Tick-Tock my dear.  Only 52 seconds left.”  He smiled, turned to his left, waved another friend over and began talking.

Calm down and think, Amelia, she frantically told herself.  She quickly decided on a plan of action.  She began by tucking her shirt into her skirt.  While it appeared as a slight garment adjustment, actually she used the opportunity to shove her panties down over her hips, keeping them from falling to the ground by squeezing her thighs together.  She could feel them loosely hanging just above her knees, but she was running out of time.  In one smooth motion, she parted her thighs, releasing the panties, as she squatted to the ground, pretending she was looking for something in the grass.  A quick flourish of her skirt gave the cover she needed to slip the panties off each foot, ball them in her hand, and nonchalantly stuff them into her pocket as she stood up again.

Professor, never interrupting the conversation he was having, gave a quick sideways glance and a slight upturn of his mouth, letting her know that she had accomplished his assignment and met with his approval.

She smiled back, turned, and quickly walked away.

The party was now in full swing.  More guests had arrived than predicted.  There was food, conversation, music and laughter swirling all around the yard.  Everyone was enjoying themselves.  Amelia was almost gliding as she walked through the backdoor, into the kitchen, to refill a bowl of chips that had been emptied.  She made it exactly one and a half steps through the door when she was grabbed from behind by a set of strong arms that encircled her waist and covered her mouth.  She let out a muffled squeal and was quickly dragged through a nearby door into an unoccupied guest bedroom.  She was spun around to face the bed and thrown forward, landing face first on the pristine duvet.  She then heard the distinct click of the door being locked behind her.


To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 4


The early summer sun was dipping down as people began arriving, and the backyard and deck quickly filled with guests.  Professor was introducing Rich to all his students and local friends.  Amelia had been floating through the throngs, but now found herself needing to retreat into the kitchen to attend to the food.  As she extended her arm to reach a serving platter on the top shelf, she felt a body press against her back, hard, and the steam of warm breath on her neck.  She didn’t even have to look to know that it was Richard.

“I am still waiting for a proper welcome to your house.  I drove a long way, and I think that is the least you can do,” he growled in her ear.

“Really?  You don’t think that you were properly welcomed in my bedroom?” she quickly sassed back at him through her panting breath.

“That errant mouth of yours just got you in trouble, Little Girl.  You will be punished.” Amelia felt him move slightly and she inhaled abruptly as he reached around her and flashed a pocket knife in front of her eyes.  With a simple flip, an extremely sharp blade was gleaming in the kitchen light.  Amelia didn’t breathe.  “Now, about your outfit,” he spoke in a low growl.

Amelia finally inhaled to fill her lungs.  “What about my outfit?  Don’t you like it?”

“No, I definitely don’t like it.  Not the way it is right now.”  He continued to slowly move the knife around the side of her face, finally bringing it to rest against her left cheek.

“You had better be careful.  I have lots of guests, and someone might come walking in,” Amelia warned, a hint of panic in her voice.

Suddenly, Rich moved the knife, grabbed her by the face and spun her around so she was looking directly into his burning eyes.  He raised his hand and barely pressed the side of the knife blade to her lips.  “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that, Darlin’.  Your husband and I have that covered.”  With a smirk on his face, he slid the back of the blade slowly down her jaw and rested it against her exposed collar bone.  “Now, about that outfit.”  He used his extended pinky to move the collar of her blouse to one side and deftly slipped the knife under her bra strap.  With the tiniest of flicks, the razor sharp edge easily sliced the strap in half.

“What the Fuck are you doing?!” spit like venom from her lips. The knife instantly flashed in Richard’s hand, and flew up to Amelia’s lips, barely touching them with the glistening razor sharp edge.  Fear flashed in her eyes and she didn’t dare move, not even a single breath.

“Who do you think you are talking to, Bitch?  I will do anything I fucking want to do, and you best not forget that again,” anger and annoyance permeating his words.  He reach up with his free hand, angrily pulled the neck of her shirt off the other shoulder and sliced the remaining bra strap.  Thrusting his hand down the front of her shirt, he pulled it up over her breasts and used the knife to cut her bra between her massive tits, watching the severed pieces fall to the floor.  “There!  Much better, don’t you think?” he said with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Yes, Sir,” was all she could meekly manage between her heavy, labored breaths.

Rich leaned in, kissed her right breast, moved across and bit her left nipple, then neatly pulled her shirt down.  Again, he silently turned and walked away.

Amelia’s wobbly legs insisted that she continue to use the counter for stability for the next several minutes.  It wasn’t until she heard other guest talking and entering the kitchen that she found the strength to snatch her bra pieces off the floor, shove them into a rarely used drawer and grab a dish towel, giving the appearance that she had been cleaning up a cooking mess.  She was all smiles when they reached her, but a single drip of sweat trickled down her now braless back.


To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 3

The BBQ 3 of 14

Amelia, alone again, laid down, closed her eyes and tried to compose herself as her head began to wildly spin with memories of the past.  This twisted triangle of a friendship had begun some 20 years earlier.  Professor and Richard had met and become great friends right out of college.  They had met up at their first jobs after graduation and forged a lifelong friendship.  Miss Amelia came into the picture some ten years later.  Professor and she had quickly developed an unbreakable connection based on mutual respect, trust, desire, and an undeniable love.  When they married, Rich had even served as their Best Man.

There had also been an almost instant attraction between Amelia and Rich.  It came into full bloom one year when they all went to elk camp together.  The boys were out in the woods hunting and Amelia remained in camp.  On a midafternoon break, the boys had returned to camp and Professor prepared water for Amelia’s shower.  The shower was a primitive affair, just a blue tarp wrapped around three trees and a bucket, hung high on a sawn-off branch. A make-shift hose and sprinkler served as a shower head, and dispensed just enough water to rinse quickly.   Amelia stepped behind the tarp, undressed, and began to shower.  She hadn’t noticed that the low-angled afternoon sun allowed for a perfectly back lit view through the thin tarp surrounding her shower.  Professor pulled up a chair, motioned for Rich and whispered, “Pull up a seat, my man, and enjoy the show.”  Amelia was unaware of the viewing party until Rich wickedly commented loudly to her, “Do that thing with the soap again.  I really like that thing with the soap.”  The edge of the tarp moved aside as Amelia’s wide eyes peaked around the corner to acknowledge her audience.  With a smirk and a wink, she then returned to her shower and ran the soap the full length of her body, now fully aware of the eyes watching and her own growing arousal.

Over time, the attraction between Richard and Amelia became impossible to ignore.  While Professor knew deep in the core of his heart that she completely belonged to him, then, now and forever, he found great pleasure in releasing her to his closest friend for his enjoyment.  Amelia relished this special arrangement.

Amelia blinked open her eyes and rejoined the present world.  She realized she must have drifted off to sleep, and jumped out of bed to quickly rush into the bathroom so she could touch up her tussled hair and makeup.  She found the light blue cow-neck blouse and knee-length paisley peasant skirt she had laid out earlier, and hastily dressed so she could go and greet the guests that had already arrived.


To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 2


Amelia sensed she was in trouble – she had seen the two men team up before.  These two obviously had a plan and she knew she would be required to obey.  With heightened apprehension and a rapidly growing, burning desire, she mentally prepared herself for what was to come.

Rich moved his hands down her throat, to her breast and eagerly began pinching and twisting both nipples between his nimble fingers.  Professor grabbed a handful of her hair, jerked her head backwards and began ravaging her neck with his hot, wet mouth.  Soon hands were moving over every inch of her body, rubbing, pulling, pinching, spanking and caressing as Amelia tried desperately to catch her breath.

Abruptly, Rich stepped back from her.  He unbuckled his jeans, pulled his belt free of their loops and removed his pants, so he was standing, fully erect in front of Amelia.  In one swift motion, Professor, still with a handful of her hair, spun her around to face him.  She hadn’t noticed that he had removed his pants while she was distracted by Richard’s striptease.  He forcefully pushed her head down, bending her at the waist and her mouth automatically opened and accepted his fully erect cock into her hungry throat.  Suddenly, she felt the biting sting of Rich’ belt making contact with her exposed ass.  SWACK!  SWACK!  SWACK!  They came quickly, one after the other, and her pussy became wetter with each hit.

Amelia was jerked up to a standing position, so she was looking Professor directly in his blackened eyes.  A wicked smile grew across his lips and he growled, “Are you ready, Baby?”

With her head swimming and not knowing exactly what was coming next, she replied in her soft, submissive voice, “Yes, Sir.”

Again, he spun her around by the hair and she could see Richard stretched out on the bed, cock hard and presented for her attention.  Professor ordered her, “Get on your knees, Slut.”  She climbed on the edge of the bed, with her ass and pussy fully open and presented for his inspection and approval.  After taking his free hand and caressing her ass, he growled “Now, suck his cock you little Cock Slut!” as he pushed her head down to take Rich fully into her hungry mouth.  Professor maintained full control of her head as he moved it up and down, making sure her mouth took the full length of his shaft, pushing down until she gagged as his cock pounded the back of her throat.  She gasped for air in between retching gags.  “You take that cock, slut,” he said as he handed Amelia’s hair off to Rich’ control.

Richard continued the assault on her throat, as she drooled, spit and gagged on his cock.  Professor began ramming his hardness into her dripping wet pussy.  With every violent thrust penetrating deep inside, her desire for air became more and more frantic.

Without the slightest warning, everything suddenly stopped.  Amelia found herself alone and in the fetal position on the bed, sweaty, used, unsatisfied and gasping for breath.  Both men stood up and began getting dressed.

“What the FUCK are you doing?” came spitting from her saliva dripping lips.

Professor leaned over the edge of the bed, kissed her lightly on the forehead and said, “Oh sweetheart, I invited Rich to come to our party and to come and enjoy you.  He’s my guest.  You had BETTER watch your tone when speaking to us, or you WILL be punished.  Be prepared, my darling, this is just the beginning.  You need to finish getting ready now, as the other guests will be arriving any time.” And he threaded his hand into her hair, gave one last tug, and the two men walked out of the room.


To be continued…

The BBQ – Chapter 1


June is the perfect month for a BBQ.  The cold, biting evenings are over, the semester has ended, and everyone is gearing up for a three month break.  The annual End-of-Spring-Term party at the Professor’s house signaled the official beginning of summer.  It had become somewhat of a town legend for its food, frivolities and festivities.  His students looked forward with great anticipation to the year they would be invited.  The Professor and his wife, Miss Amelia, always had a horde of additional friends who made sure their calendars were clear, so they were able to attend every year too.  This year would be no different for any of them, except Amelia.

For weeks now, Amelia had been planning, preparing, shopping and cooking for the big party happening that night.  Every table was set, every chair arranged, every dish placed just so, and the refrigerator was full of enough food to feed everyone coming tonight, plus at least 100 more.  With everything in its proper place, it was time for her to go prepare herself, before the guests started arriving.

She convinced herself that she had more than enough time for a quick shower.  She retreated to the master bathroom where she slowly undressed, turned on the shower and climbed in.  The hot water felt amazing as she stood and let the pounding streams run over her head, down her neck, over her ample breasts, across her belly and down her slightly parted legs to the shower floor.  Feeling the ecstasy of the water and the warmth, she picked up the bar of soap and traced the same path down her body, stopping to pay a little extra attention to her large, stimulated breasts and her clean shaven, smooth mound.  Knowing she didn’t have the time to completely satisfy her growing desires, she rinsed, turned off the water and grabbed a fluffy bath towel to dry.

While she was quickly putting the finishing touches on her hair and make-up, she heard a noise coming from the bedroom.  “Who is it?”

“It’s me, my love,” was the casual reply from Professor.  “Are you about finished?  Guests will be arriving soon.”

“Yes, I am just about finished.  I just need to get dressed.  I am on my way out.”  She hung up her towel and walked briskly into the bedroom.  When she rounded the corner, she stopped suddenly and let out a gasp.  Standing in front of her was not her husband, but a dear family friend with a very familiar look in his eyes.  Professor was nowhere to be seen.  She instantly began contorting her body to hide her naked and exposed parts, but quickly realized it was a futile effort.  There she stood, naked and staring straight into the eyes of Richard.  Without saying a word, he stepped up to her, caressed her face in his strong hands and kissed her.  She knew those lips and their deep, passionate and familiar taste.  Her knees suddenly felt like they were buckling under her, but instead of falling, two other strong hands grabbed her from behind and held her upright.  From the dark walk-in closet, Professor had appeared with that same familiar, smoldering look in his eyes.


To be continued…


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