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The BBQ – Chapter 7


The pulsations continued throughout the evening.  No matter how prepared for them Amelia tried to be, Rich kept catching her by surprise.  She would stare at him, watch his hand intently and yet, he would somehow trigger the toy again.  The speed, pulse, rhythm and intensity of the vibrations varied with each occurrence.  Her legs continued to practically crumble beneath her, such that she had to lean on virtually every upright surface in the yard.  She found herself tongue-tied in the middle of more than one conversation, unable to complete her thoughts.  Luckily, most guests attributed it to one to many trips to the punch bowl.  Scott, however, decided he had better watch after her a little more closely.

After one of the most intense vibrations yet, Amelia retreated inside to the master bathroom to splash her face with some cool water.  After composing herself and completing a little primping in front of the mirror, she decided to return to the party.  As she departed the bathroom, she found herself face to face with Professor.

The look in his eyes was dark and penetrating, his voice commanding with a deep, low growl.  “On your knees!”  Amelia quickly obeyed and dropped to her knees, presenting with her back straight and eyes downcast, just as Professor always requested.  “Open your mouth!” he commanded.  She raised her chin, closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue.  He unfastened his pants, stepped forward and rammed his hard cock into her open mouth.  Thrust after thrust penetrated deep into the back of her throat, causing her to salivate excessively and gag repeatedly.  Just as she feared she couldn’t take it another second, he stopped.  “Get up on your feet!”  She quickly stood before him with her hands at her side, eyes downturned and drool dripping from her lips and chin.  Professor slowly strolled to her side and violently snatched a handful of her hair.  He used this leverage to slam her face down onto the master bed.  While propelling her face into the comforter, he commanded, “Don’t MOVE!”  He released her hair, but she didn’t dare move a solitary muscle.  She could feel the warmth of her breath against her face, still buried in the blankets.  She waited.  The long pause came to an abrupt end when she felt her skirt being pulled up to expose her bare ass.  “You haven’t let anyone else touch my ass, have you my pet?” he whispered as his left hand caressed her soft, smooth bottom and the right hand violently jerked her head up, so she could answer.

“No, Sir.  Never, Sir.  Not without Sir’s permission,” she implored.

“Good Girl,” he replied as he gave her left ass cheek a stinging SWACK and forcefully thrust her head back into the bedding.  “Just so everything is fair and even…,” he playfully uttered as another stinging SWACK came down across her right cheek.  Both sides of her creamy alabaster bottom were now tattooed with the bright pink imprint of his palm. “Now my pet, I have a job for you.”  Amelia felt a sudden splat of cold cream hit her exposed asshole, followed quickly by the pressure of something pressing against the lubricated opening.  “I want you to take what I am about to give you, and keep it EXACTLY where I place it until I remove it.  Do you understand?”  Again, a violent jerk raised her head so she could answer.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good Girl.”  As he replied, in one perfectly orchestrated motion, her head was returned hard to its place on the bed and a soft, violet plug was rammed past her tight opening, deep into her accepting hole.  He quickly withdrew it, and with one additional hard thrust of the plug, buried it deep inside her.  He tenderly kissed her ass and stepped away.

Her face still down on the bed, she heard a light tapping on the bedroom window and was abruptly overcome by the most concentrated pulsing and vibrating sensation she had experienced yet.  She didn’t dare move, so she shrieked into the comforter as she came in a most intense, prolonged orgasm, releasing her juices as they gushed down her legs and left a puddle on the carpet under her feet.  There was another light tap on the window and the vibrations stopped.  She panted heavily and her body continued to convulse for several more minutes.  She heard him move across the room toward the bedroom door.

Before exiting, he stopped and turned to face the bed and warned, “Remember your commands and you may get up only AFTER I have left the room.”  Amelia heard a click of the door and remained motionless for a while longer.  Once she determined it was completely safe, she boosted herself up, dropped to her knees on the floor and crawled into the bathroom to clean herself up, before shakily returning to the party.


To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “The BBQ – Chapter 7

  1. Clap on, clap off. More, please 😋

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  2. Damn, this just gets steamier and steamier.

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