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Rendezvous with My BFF

Blog Post 9-25-2017-Rendezvous with My BFF

I searched the world
Far and wide
For that perfect match
To stand by my side

Some came and went
Never quite true
And then it happened
I finally met you

Don’t exactly know how it happened
But I know it was a divine act
That brought us together
And placed us on this mutual path

The connection was almost instant
Yet we both couldn’t help but protect
Our fragile little hearts
That had formerly been wrecked

Once I knew this thing was for real
Not fleeting or just the latest craze
It became crystal clear we would absolutely
Be BFFs Forever and Always

You quickly became the sister
I had always wished for
We had so much in common
Same thoughts, experiences and both being whores

You continuously make me laugh
And occasionally make me cry
But the love I have for you
Will never waver or die

So my dearest BFF
I write this little thing just for you
As a token of my affection
Until our next delicious rendezvous



Blog Post-8-4-2017-SECURITY 1

Professor and I are traveling. We are out of state, spending some time with my Bestie and her family!! After dropping our daughter off at camp, we made our way to the airport, excited to have a few days of relaxation and fun.

Being summer, the airports are almost always busy, but we were very pleased when we arrived and were able to quickly get us, and our bag, checked in. We decided to go ahead and get through security and then have a bite to eat before our flight. We were again very pleased to find the lines through security to be fairly short, so we jumped in line, rapidly made our way through the cattle maze and advanced into the security screening.

Shoes off, pockets emptied and bags going down the conveyor belt, I enter the scanner and assume the position. I am quickly and easily waved on through and focus on getting to our belongings, sitting on the end of the belt.

I look back to see Professor emerging from the scanner, but he is being pulled to the side. I hear the agent asking him if he would like to go to a private area for a full pat down. Professor and I both look confused, but he says, “No, just get it over with here. May I ask what the problem is?” The security guard firmly answers that the scanner picked up something in his right pocket and pant leg. Professor quickly pulls his pocket out of his denim shorts and shows that it is completely empty. Security still insist that they must check because there was an object detected. Professor tells him fine and the agent begins patting him down.

Using the back of his hand, he begins felling around his waist, proceeds down his hips, up the inside of his thighs and ends with a surprised, “Oh!” as he runs up the right front of Professors pants.

At this moment, I come to the realization that the scanner had picked up the bulge of Professors ENORMOUS penis down his right leg! He no longer wears underwear, so his junk often creeps down his leg. I have to admit that I almost wet myself laughing at this moment. Professor couldn’t help but smile and let out his own laugh as security waved him on.

So, my friends, we now have national security proof that I am one VERY LUCKY GIRL!!

Blog Post-8-4-2017-SECURITY 2


500 Follows!

Don’t you 500 people have anything better to do?  Well, if I have provided you with entertainment or information, I’m Happy!!  If my wicked writing has just tantalized your….I’m Thrilled!!  Thank you to all that have read, commented and become friends via this interesting medium!  Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Dear 2017


Dear 2017,

Show me what you got!!
I’m better and prepared to face it all.

Love & Anticipation

Dear 2016


Dear 2016,

I just wanted to drop you a quick letter to let you know how much you have meant to me. I knew our time together was limited, but we were able to pack SO MUCH into our quick 365 days.

We started off the year with quite a bang, when you delivered a little infidelity and a death into my life. It cost me a Grandmother and what I thought was a friend. It almost cost me a marriage, but luckily, that was saved. It was a truly cruel joke to play, but by playing it at the beginning of the year gave us plenty of time to work through it.

The way you orchestrated such AMAZING things for my daughter was quite brilliant. The wins at Drama Districts and then having her compete at State made for a magnificent experience. Watching her perform on stage was lovely. Her love of the outdoors and animals was nourished by your choices. Can’t say that I was thrilled when you made our daughter eligible to drive. And finally, thank you for your choices in friends for her. I approved.

As for my son, you let him travel rather unscathed this year, until you decided to crash him and his truck into that lady. I didn’t particularly appreciate that, but at least you let everyone walk away, so thank you for that.

You took my husband and myself on several wonderful trips.
We were able to visit our crazy friends in Colorado. I knew she was crazy before we went, but after meeting in person, I have decided he must be too. Either that, or he is up for Sainthood, but knowing the things they do, I doubt that is the case.
We got to hang with my Soul Sister and her husband both here and at their house. Bringing them into our lives was quite the gift. You know EXACTLY what you had planned for us, and what we did! THANKS!!! 😉
When you gave us the two week camping trip, I must admit, I was skeptical. Two weeks in a trailer? Well, you were right and it was AFUCKINGMAZING!! You provided Good Friends, Lots of Laughs, Awesome Music and time to work on repairing your beginning of year gift. All were Priceless.
Burning Man was a last second surprise! All I can say is WOW!!!

The people I you peppered throughout the year were such a wonderful variety of flavors. Crazy in Colorado. Zesty in Arizona. HOT and Spicy under my covers. Tempting in California. Tantalizing in Tennessee. Mouthwatering in Montana. Delectable in Michigan. Georgia is a Peach (schnapps of course). Nutty in New England. And the flavors go on and on. YUMMY!!

The biggest bombshell of the year was when you finally made me realize that I was suffering from severe depression. I think you were in cahoots with 2015 and possibly 2014. I appreciate you putting an end to the cruel joke and getting me help. Make sure 2017 knows everything so we won’t have to tell 2018 anything.

This year you provided laughter, tears, terror, relief, confusion, clarity, anger, happiness ups, downs, goods, bads and, most importantly, LOVE. LOTS and LOTS of LOVE!! I won’t say I’m happy to see you go, but I also know you can’t stay. I hope that 2017 will provide even more adventures to enjoy. Thank you 2016. I will NEVER forget you.

Love & Memories



It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us. Long hours at work, out of town visitors, holiday parties, a mini vacation, school functions, and virtually no alone time. Of course I’ve been horny, whiny, demanding and needy because of it and finally expressed my displeasure to him that I needed more touch and foreplay when it came to bedroom activities.

Yes, the “wham bam thank you ma’am” sex has been great and I’m not left unsatisfied. But sometimes I need more, I need the build-up, the exploration of his fingers, the firmness of his hand, his voice in my ear… Well I got exactly what I asked for last night.

He grabbed me by the hair and brought me to him. Kissing me gently with his ridiculously soft lips, but hard enough that his whiskers were stabbing me in the face. His hand started to massage my scalp, causing me to moan in his open mouth.

Slowly he worked down my backside, from head to neck, rubbing….. shoulders to torso, caressing….. small of my back to ass, kneading…. finally between my spread cheeks to a wanting pussy.

His firm yet caressing touch went to that of a feather as he reached my core. Barely grazing them as he worked from clit to rosebud. Why, why, why do all my girlie parts have to be encased inside my swollen lips? I lamented.

I lift my ass trying to meet his touch, Denied!

I spread my legs, hoping my lips part, Denied!

I bare down and squirm, rocking and humping air, Denied!

I close my legs trying to trap his hand against my pussy, Denied!

He continues the delicious torture for what feels like hours. Finally, I can’t take it anymore and I say, “please baby” in a whiny voice.

No response, Denied!

He traces again, clit to ass, and up over my humps. A muffled “oh, God” is sworn into the sheets.

No response, Denied!

Firm hand squeezes my ass deliciously hard and then makes it way to skim the goods again.

“Baby!” I exclaim.

No response, Denied!

I start to kick and my frustration turns to tears.

He comes in close, lips against my ear. “You wanted touch, I’m giving it to you.” He growls.

I whimper from the heat of his breath and the sound of his voice, his fingers never stop tracing my throbbing lips and hungry ass.

“You wanted foreplay, I’m giving it to you.” He says.

Than I get a complete shut out when he tells me, “Tomorrow night I’ll take my pussy, but now it’s time for bed.”

No longer Denied!

His message has been received loud and clear. He will decide what I need and when I need it.


Written by Kristi at skiphopsexflop
I wrote that many moons ago in another life, another time… my best girl read it a few months back and her voice when doing so was absolutely captivating and sexy as fuck. it’s my hope she will read this again and do an audio recording for us. no pressure sugar!

Audio by MissAmelia at missameliaandsir
It was my ABSOLUTE pleasure to record this wonderful piece written by my Good Friend. Hope you enjoy. XOXOXO

I Had Waited

Blog Post-7-20-2016-I Had Waited

I had waited.
I had agonizingly waited as the days seemed to pass at a sluggish pace immeasurable by the hands of time.
Every second had been a lifetime of yearning and want.
Now was the moment.
Now was finally the moment to experience you in the flesh, in the blood and in my arms.
Without the barrier of distance and time.

I had waited.
And I needn’t wait another second.
Your touch.
Your tender and electrified touch flowed through my welcoming body.
It tingled and tortured and lit me ablaze.
Your lips.
Your inviting lips met mine with the requirement and desire that I had dreamt of.
The suppleness and tenderness clashing with the irrepressible need.

I had waited.
And now was the time.
The pressure.
The delicious pressure of you finally claiming what I had so yearned to give.
Our bodies entwined in an inseparable dance.
The explosion.
The cataclysmic explosion of two souls imploding into one power and energy source.
Laying spent, sated and ever one.

I had waited.
And it was worth forever.

After the Auction part 5

Blog Post-4-24-2016-After the Auction part 5 (1)

The moments passed on, and I knew it must culminate. I looked at Monsieur, who looked back with a languid, eyes half-closed gaze, and knew what we both needed.  “Ladies”, I said, “You may be wondering why I have you shackled to this pole by only one hand.  That is so that you may use your free hand to paint your faces while we cum.  When we do, you will open mouths, place your tongues together, and receive our gift with all the appreciation I know you feel.”

The fever of their kissing increased, and two muffled, wet “Yes Sir’s” came forth.  In that instant I could stand it no longer, and felt the familiar contraction begin deep in my loins.  Amelia sensed it too, and quickly withdrew and placed her mouth close to my cock.  The slave did the same, and she shot her hand across to grasp my cock while amelia took Monsieur’s in hers.  In three quick united strokes, we began to cum at almost the same instant.  The women, mouths open, tongues extended and lightly touching at the tip, became glistening with our warm, shiny offering as they expertly manipulated two cocks to give each face and tongue a perfect blend. I thought for a moment that I might never stop contracting, and I looked sideways to see Monsieur apparently struggling to keep his legs underneath him.

As soon as I felt the shudders subside, I was greeted with the warm sensation of an unfamiliar mouth gently cleaning my cock.  I looked down to see the head of the slave, her hair threaded through amelia’s fingers as she guided her gently over my cock.  I then felt her mouth leave and amelia’s replace it, swirl for a moment, and then depart as I realized Monsieur was receiving the same treatment.  Back and forth the two glorious mouths went, until each cock was clean, two mouths at a time, duties shared equally between two dutiful servants.

My head began to try to wrap around the perfectness that had been this entire evening.  The incredible events combined in a harmony unlikely repeated in three lifetimes.  The stars shone just barely visible above the stunning lights of Paris.  The wet sounds of licking and kissing floated to my ears, mixed with contented sighs and the gentle touch of familiar and loving hands. The violin played on….

Blog Post-4-24-2016-After the Auction part 5 (2)

The End

After the Auction part 4

Blog Post-4-23-2016-After the Auction part 4

We lifted each woman to their feet, on legs still wobbling from the intensity of the experience.  I guided the slave, while Monsieur followed with amelia, and led them to the double French doors which opened onto a large deck.  Before us stretched an absolutely stunning view of the nighttime lights of Paris. The heat of the dungeon was replaced by cool night air, and on the slow and gentle breeze floated a soft refrain from a violin.  A large wooden pole stood in the middle of the deck, rising as a simple altar of sorts.  From it dangled a set of black leather shackles, hanging from a short length of brass chain.  I told Monsieur to place amelia’s left hand in the left shackle, while I placed the slaves right hand in the right.

“Ladies”, I growled, “Grasp the pole with both hands, arch your backs, and present yourselves to us, legs spread.”  They instantly complied, and I stood behind them with Monsieur looking at the glistening mess of feminine pleasure that coated their upper thighs and lower buttocks.  It was then that I turned to Monsieur and said, “As a final token of my appreciation, I wish for you to grace amelia with a cock-in-the-flesh, while I do the same with your lovely slave.  I believe now it is our time….”  With that I withdrew my shaft from its shelter, dripping with pre-cum and so bursting at the seams it was purple.

“On my cue.  One, two, three.”  In a seamless motion that almost appeared choreographed, I plunged into the slave as Monsieur did the same to my amelia. The ensuing sensation, both physical and mental, was intense beyond expectation.  The combination of the hot wetness of the slave, the sweet aroma wafting from both women, and the sight of amelia’s face as she slammed herself backward onto another man’s shaft, nearly sent me over the edge in an instant.  I saw the look of deep satisfaction spread across Monsieur’ face, and I knew that he was experiencing a similar euphoria.  I also knew that amelia was demonstrating the exquisite internal muscle control she was so good at, and he appeared to be approaching his own edge of self-control.

I reached up, grasped the slave’s long hair, and turned her head toward amelia.  Monsieur did the same, and again the two women found their faces inches from one another.  “Kiss her”, I commanded, “like you have been waiting to be kissed all night.”  Hungrily, the two tongues entwined again, with a fever even hotter than before.  I set into a rhythmic thrusting, and Monsieur did the same but in echo to mine. For a moment, the universe hung nearly silent, almost still.  All that could be heard was the “spat, spat, spat, spat” of thighs slapping into asses, first myself, then Monsieur.  I knew this moment could not last, and before I lost all control completely, I called out “Switch!” and again in a move that seemed all to fluid, I abruptly left the slave’s glorious hole as Monsieur did the same.  We switched places and plunged back into a waiting, wet hole, both pleased with the new sensation.  Amelia was hot and incredibly wet, and suddenly both women were pushing back against our cocks in perfect unison.

To be continued…

After the Auction part 3

Blog Post-4-22-2016-After the Auction part 3

Within moments, I sensed both women were in such a state of arousal that orgasm was eminent, but I had plans.  I leaned into the slave and told her that on this night, I held the rights to her cum and on no uncertain terms was she to orgasm unless I allowed it.  “Oh yes Sir.  I would never Sir.  Thank you Sir for the beautiful gift of your wife’s tongue, and…..OHHHHhh, Sir I am fighting hard to please you, but if she does not stop soon, my body may give me up.” Her plea made me smile, as I knew how hard both women were working to please myself and the Monsieur.

“Take her off the cross, and lay her on the floor. Amelia, you may stop and help.”  With the help of Monsieur and amelia, we unshackled the slave and lay her on the floor in front of the cross.  I looked into the eyes of each wanton girl and was greeted with a look of pure animal desire mixed with unadulterated, liquid submission.  I withdrew my very latest creation from the bag.  It was another of my carved dildos, but this time, it was double-ended, and 12 inches in length.  I held it out to the slave, and she took it from me.  “Now, slave, here is my first real command of you.  You wish to cum, your body tells me in every way.  You have served so very well, and you will be allowed to.  But you may ONLY do so when YOU have made my amelia cum, by fucking her on this shaft.  I wish to see my creation bathed in the juices of both of your bodies.  I want you to fuck each other senseless, NOW!”

My final word had barely faded when she threaded her legs between amelia’s, and placed one head of the wooden cock against her dripping opening, and the other against amelia’s.  With a slight push forward from each woman, the cock buried itself in both pussies, and an audible “smack” was heard as their sex collided in the middle.

Immediately the two started writhing and moaning wildly, pushing toward one another as if each was trying to consume all of the cock for themselves.  Amelia, her ass still marked, her inner thighs glistening with her own juice combined with the beautiful trickling that came from the slave, leaned back and looked up into my eyes.  “Oh my beautiful, you want to cum, don’t you.”  The hungry, wanton stare looked back at me, and her mouth could only manage a barely audible “Yes Sir”.  Again I was so pleased, and I turned to Monsieur grinning as I told him “Reach down and grab amelia’s nipples.  Twist them, let her feel your power and command, and count down from 5.  Upon finishing your count, she will explode for us both to enjoy.” I glanced to amelia’s eyes and said “Do you understand my love?”  She looked back at me with her look of unconditional submission, and again mouthed ‘yes Sir’, but did not stop her wild fucking.  I then turned to the salve and smiled.  Sweat poured from her face, breath came from her mouth in ragged bursts of in and out, and she too could not stop her wildly gyrating hips.

I knew that the time was perfect to orchestrate simultaneous orgasms in these two beauties.  “Begin, please Monsieur”, and his hands slid from amelia’s silken shoulders to her erect nipples, twisted them sharply, and began counting in a low, steady voice.  I fixed my gaze on the slave’s lovely, hungry, obedient eyes.  As Monsieur neared the end of his count, I could sense amelia’s body begin to tense, and the slave’s eyes widened.  When he reached the final “one”, amelia’s body let go in an amazing crescendo of shudders, and I wrapped my hand around the slaves throat and gave a firm squeeze.  The sensation of my hand closing around her throat at the moment of amelia’s orgasm pushed her body over the fragile edge she had been teetering on for oh too long. Her release came with equal furry, and I dropped my hand from her throat and stood with Monsieur, watching as the two women locked together in the throes of the most mind-bending orgasms I had ever witnessed.  As their shudders began to subside, I stood behind the slave, while Monsieur assumed a similar stance behind amelia. “Stand ladies.  You have one more duty to perform”.

To be continued…

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