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Space (75 words)

Space (75 words) Emergency lights flickered. Astronaut Jack Archer stared out the cracked window to find a yellow pin prick of light against the …

Space (75 words)

***75 POWERFUL words

The Wide and Awesome Kinky World

When I first began this blog, it was definitely D/s focused. Some things remain the same. I am still married and still submissive in the bedroom, so …

The Wide and Awesome Kinky World

THIS!! This is how successful relationships work! You make it your own. Protocols aren’t universal, they are unique to the individuals involved. I read this and had to share. Always be open and welcoming to new ideas, but don’t judge because it’s not exactly the way you do it. Bravo!!

Two words. One thought. All consuming.

For days now … weeks even … one thought has returned to my head. Again and again and again. Relentless. Louder each time. It passes but

Two words. One thought. All consuming.

**I found this absofuckinglutely Breathtaking.❤️**

Twelve Days of Christmas-Day Two

Blog Post- -Twelve Days of Christmas-Day Two

Today my Dear,
On day two,
I give to You,
A new stick of bamboo.

Use it to leave a line.
Use it as You desire.
Use it to draw blood,
Make my skin burn like a wildfire.

**Sorry for the Re-blog, but it’s the Holiday Season and I’m busy as HELL!  😉 **

Time Sensitive Call For Submissions: “We Will Not Be Silenced”

It’s time to stop the silence. It’s truly heartbreaking the number of woman that sexual violation has affected. I am sharing my story. It doesn’t matter if it is chosen or not, because just writing about it has given me a chance to tell one of my tales for the very first time. If you have had any experiences of your own, and you can’t prosecute it, write it. No More Silence!



Bruised But Not Broken, Whisper and the Roar, Indie Blu(e), and Blood Into Ink are joining forces to publish an anthology about the lived experience of sexual harassment and assault. We believe that it is more important than ever before that more voices speak out and reclaim their strength by owning their survival stories. All contributors, female and male, can submit up to three pieces of creative work- these can include; Poetry, Prose, Essay, Short Fiction, Prose, or original Artwork, but should be limited in length (under 1,000 words) considering that this is an anthology. You will be notified if your work is accepted. Please do not consider nonacceptance as any diminishment of your experience, but as with any publishing venture, we must try to fit the individual pieces together into a strong whole.

  • Submission of previously published pieces is acceptable if you still own the rights to your work.

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Are You Sad?






Beautiful Single Alphabet Letter Designs | Letters with Beautiful Single Alphabet Letter DesignsRegret
































Alphabet Block Letter DDerailed




question mark

The BBQ – Chapter 6


“Don’t you DARE turn around,” came the commanding voice of Richard from behind her.  She felt him step up against the bed, and then she felt his hands, as they started at her ankles and slowly ran up her exposed claves, across the back of her knees, continuing up her white thighs, pushing what remained of her skirt up until his hands rested on her exposed ass.  “I love this ass.  I want this ass.  I know that it belongs to Professor, but if he ever gives me permission, I will take it hard and use it for my enjoyment, until I have had my fill.”  The heat and desire in his voice was palpable as the words fell from his lips.  “But, since I know that I can’t have exactly what I want, I have to want something else, don’t I?  SO, I have brought you a little gift.  Spread your legs.”

At that command, Amelia, still face down in the soft comforter, spread her legs as far apart as she could, fully exposing her glistening wet opening for him.

“You really are a true Slut, aren’t you?  You can’t help yourself.  Your body gives you away every time.”  She could hear the smile in his voice as he ran his fingers through her wetness.  She suddenly felt something smooth being pushed deep inside her opening.

“What is that, Sir?” she cautiously asked in a whisper.

“Just a little gift for you….. And me,” he lightly laughed then leaned forward, and in a harsher tone, whispered in her ear, “And it better NOT be removed or you will experience GREAT pain.  Understand, little girl?”

“Yes, Sir,” breathily exited her lips.

“Good Girl.”  And with that, he was out the door.


Amelia, still unsure about what was buried deep inside her, stood up, straightened her clothes and went into the kitchen to refill the bowl of chips and then stepped out onto the deck to rejoin the party.  A short time later, she was refilling a pitcher of iced tea when it happened.  A sudden, intense and silent vibration emanated from deep inside her pussy.  The pulsation took her breath away and caused her to lurch forward and make a huge mess, as a large slosh of tea splashed over the edge of the pitcher and onto the table top.

“Are you OK?” asked Jen, who was standing next to Amelia, getting another drink for herself.

Finding it almost impossible to talk or for her legs to continue to support her, Amelia, leaning against the table, answered with a weak, “I’m fine.  Just clumsy.”  As suddenly as it had started, the vibration stopped.  Amelia caught her breath, regained her leg strength, cleaned up the spilled mess and turned to scan the crowd.  There he was, Richard, standing across the lawn, with a mischievous smile on his face.  Amelia gave him a “What the fuck?” look and gasped as he reached his hand into his pocket and flashed a small remote control.

To be continued…


Forgive Me Father

THIS!!! This works for every kind of hater, judgemental and all around miserable person that thinks it’s ok to intentionally harm others. These two people are wonderful humans that don’t deserve this. Please, always remember, for every nasty excuse of a person, there are many more that wish you only love and happiness.

The Lonely Author


This is dedicated to all my haters.  Please watch your step as you form an orderly line.  You truly are number one.   (Wanna guess which finger I’m extending?)


Forgive Me Father


Forgive me Father
For I am guilty of love
Come and be the judge
Like your modern day preachers
Orating sermons of black sludge

Little green skinned disciples
Claws preaching on holy keyboards
Judging all of your children
Clinging tight to Bibles
As they cast the first stone

Father you always taught love
Now sacred hypocrites spew hatred at the pulpit
For when they are not walking on water
These predators must be
Slithering on hallowed ground

Father, my debauchery warrants punishment
Banish me to Satan’s dark inferno
While I’m there, what should I tell
All of these judgmental disciples
When I bump into them in the bowels of hell.



Karma is a bitch.

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We’re Off!

We are off for a weekend adventure!! Hope to have some great stories to share afterwards! Wish me luck! 💋

Unconditional Love

Blog Post-3-20-2018-Unconditional Love

You offer me love
Unless, of course
I don’t meet your conditions

Nobody will ever put us
Unless, of course
You ask me to choose

We will always have open
Unless, of course
You refuse to speak

We are a forever
Unless, of course
You decide to walk away

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