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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us. Long hours at work, out of town visitors, holiday parties, a mini vacation, school functions, and virtually no alone time. Of course I’ve been horny, whiny, demanding and needy because of it and finally expressed my displeasure to him that I needed more touch and foreplay when it came to bedroom activities.

Yes, the “wham bam thank you ma’am” sex has been great and I’m not left unsatisfied. But sometimes I need more, I need the build-up, the exploration of his fingers, the firmness of his hand, his voice in my ear… Well I got exactly what I asked for last night.

He grabbed me by the hair and brought me to him. Kissing me gently with his ridiculously soft lips, but hard enough that his whiskers were stabbing me in the face. His hand started to massage my scalp, causing me to moan in his open mouth.

Slowly he worked down my backside, from head to neck, rubbing….. shoulders to torso, caressing….. small of my back to ass, kneading…. finally between my spread cheeks to a wanting pussy.

His firm yet caressing touch went to that of a feather as he reached my core. Barely grazing them as he worked from clit to rosebud. Why, why, why do all my girlie parts have to be encased inside my swollen lips? I lamented.

I lift my ass trying to meet his touch, Denied!

I spread my legs, hoping my lips part, Denied!

I bare down and squirm, rocking and humping air, Denied!

I close my legs trying to trap his hand against my pussy, Denied!

He continues the delicious torture for what feels like hours. Finally, I can’t take it anymore and I say, “please baby” in a whiny voice.

No response, Denied!

He traces again, clit to ass, and up over my humps. A muffled “oh, God” is sworn into the sheets.

No response, Denied!

Firm hand squeezes my ass deliciously hard and then makes it way to skim the goods again.

“Baby!” I exclaim.

No response, Denied!

I start to kick and my frustration turns to tears.

He comes in close, lips against my ear. “You wanted touch, I’m giving it to you.” He growls.

I whimper from the heat of his breath and the sound of his voice, his fingers never stop tracing my throbbing lips and hungry ass.

“You wanted foreplay, I’m giving it to you.” He says.

Than I get a complete shut out when he tells me, “Tomorrow night I’ll take my pussy, but now it’s time for bed.”

No longer Denied!

His message has been received loud and clear. He will decide what I need and when I need it.


Written by Kristi at skiphopsexflop
I wrote that many moons ago in another life, another time… my best girl read it a few months back and her voice when doing so was absolutely captivating and sexy as fuck. it’s my hope she will read this again and do an audio recording for us. no pressure sugar!

Audio by MissAmelia at missameliaandsir
It was my ABSOLUTE pleasure to record this wonderful piece written by my Good Friend. Hope you enjoy. XOXOXO

Where Did You Go? a Duet with Ziggy

I was very lucky to do a back and forth write with my lovely friend Ziggy from https://zigzagstripes.wordpress.com/  I sure hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it.  Ziggy is in italics.  🙂


Where did you go?

Where have you been?

Where’d my muse disappear to?

Not to be seen?

No thought of playing?

Of sucking my cock?

No need for Ziggy?

Or what he’s got?

I guess you’ve a new muse?

I’m old news?

You’ve got a new muse?

One you can use…


I’m right here Baby!

I didn’t go anywhere!

I think of you constantly

I just haven’t had much time to spare.

You remain in my thoughts

No other muse do I need

So allow me to take you down my throat

And slurp up your seed.


Hehe such a good girl

Sucking my cock

Taking me deep

Taking the lot

I’m glad your still here

It would make me so sad

If I’d have to find

Another girl to have

Cos listen Amelia

Listen Hun

I want to fuck

Your sexy bum!


You are something else

You perverted Cad

I should be angry with you

I really should be mad.

But instead my dear

I am finding I’m not

In fact right now

My cunt is burning hot!

So come a little closer

And listen real good.

I’m going to bend over now

So you can fuck me like you should.


I like an angry fuck my dear

Let’s hammer out that anger here

Let me slap the sub back in

Let me choke you as I grin.

Smile for me my obstinate slut

Enjoy me destroying your little cunt

And never ever show anger here

Cos Ziggy will replace that shit with primal fear


You want an angry fuck?

I like it that way

I crave the burn, the passion

And the pain.

I want to see your eyes flash to black

As you bring the strap across my back

I want to feel your wanton desire

I want to burn with your animal fire

The overwhelming feeling of fear

Along with the drool and the tears

The anger, you see,

Brings me to that special place

Where you will see the bliss, a smile

And the cum on my face.


Oh, I’d scare you half to death

My hand on your throat controlling your breath

My hand forcing into your cunt

As my eyes search for weakness as I hunt

For the slightest chink that I could expose

To crush your mind, truly depose

To take away all that you are

To make you mine to truly scar.


You thought me gone

But found relief that I’m not

You moved to crude

And offered me cock

Anger entered

And made me quake

But my soul you now

Desire to take

Well, my dear Sir

You have made a perfect start

By ravaging my body

And winning my heart.

Badassery-the sequel

A Good friend of mine over at https://thelonelyauthorblog.wordpress.com/, wrote a fun piece called Badassery.  He then challenged me to come up with my own Badassery post.  I hope I have done his request justice.  You should DEFINITELY go over and check out his work, if you aren’t already a fan.  J

Blog Post-3-29-2016-Badassery-the sequel (2)

This Mama ain’t like the other mothers
Oh I can sew, cook and clean just fine
But I can also fight, flirt and bring a man to his knees
With nothing more than a look of wanton desire.

I am a strong woman
Capable of standing my ground and holding my own.
I will fight for you, with you or against you, if necessary.
But earn me, and I’ll fall to my knees at your feet in complete submission to your every word, whim and fantasy.

I have a very talented tongue.
It can lick, lap and tantalize
From your sensuous lips all the way down to those other areas that crave extra attention.
It’s nimble, pliable and loves to explore every nuance and nerve along the way.
However, it can also be sharper than any blade made by man or god
And leave you eviscerated and bleeding on the floor with nothing more than a whisper.

You can mark my skin.
In fact, I crave it.
I desire to be branded, tattooed and whipped into a frenzy of lustful desire.
I see every bruise, scar and line as a badge of honor, won rightfully through my submission.
There is one place you may never mark me.
That place is deep within my chest, pumps my life blood, and belongs to only one.

I am a friend, loyal and true.
I’ll give myself wholly and completely, fighting every fight making sure your back is covered.
We will laugh, dance and cause general mayhem whenever and wherever we go.
But if you betray me, I’ll cut you free so fast, you will be gone before you even feel the first drop of blood fall.

Generosity is a character that I embrace.
I find life is so much richer when I have given to others.
My generosity knows no limits amongst my friends and family, and even less between me and my lovers.
I warn you to never take advantage of that generosity.  While I find great joy in giving, selfish, self-centered and unappreciative people will also know just how quickly my giving will go.  A girl has needs too, you know.

And those needs.  Those beautiful, delicious, uncontrollable and insatiable needs.
I crave the touch, taste, smell and sound of passion.
It feeds me like a drug induced high that I wish to never recover from.
I will please you, pleasure you and take you to places where even your darkest imagination hasn’t led you.
We will test the boundaries between right and wrong, black and white, good and evil, rational and insane, heaven and hell.
We will explore a whole new world that belongs to only you and I.

So, love me, hate me, it makes no difference.  I am the woman I am, and I will change for no one.

Blog Post-3-29-2016-Badassery-the sequel (1)

Portrait of Light – A Duet

This duet was an alternating line exchange of vision and words. Thanks to DayDreamWriter for once again allowing us to paint this blending of words. Check out some amazing stuff He is stirring up on http://adaydreamwriter.wordpress.com/

Portrait of Light

morning light shines through,
parted curtains, cast a golden glow
where lips leave a glistening trail

eyes still peacefully closed,
reach within the heart and caress
as fingers trace every curve and line

their shadows dance upon the wall
a perfectly choreographed performance
lovers beneath a moon embedded dawn

lines of separation blurred
continuous palette spectrums the horizon
two souls effortlessly melt, fuse and consume

abstract breaths escape as sculptured kisses
artistry becomes clearer with every stroke
their contour portrays a culmination

duet written by ~Miss Amelia &

You Make…

You make my skin crawl

You make my head ache and spin

You make my stomach churn

You make me sweaty and wet

You make me shake, quiver, undulate

You make my skin flush red and steamy hot

You make me gag and wretch

And then

You make me cum







You make my nostrils flare

You make my forehead bead with sweat

You make my muscles tense

You make my breath quicken and shallow

You make my vision narrow, my focus sharpen

You make me swell with unbridled desire

You make me groan in guttural animal tones

And then

You make me explode


A Duet by Miss Amelia and Professor

My Secret Sir / My Lady a Duet with Daydreamwriter

My Secret Sir

As the trains race by, stop after stop into the city we ride
You sit across from me daily, stop after stop, day after day
Only our eyes speak across the aisle

Do you desire to discover me like I desire to discover you, Sir?

Our hands entwined, bodies touching
A hunger building deep inside as the miles pass

Do you wish for this, Sir?

Almost inaudible moans emanating from my throat
The moist, smacking sounds of two lips hungering for each other
The growls emanating from the deepest carnal recesses

Do you hear me, Sir?

Can you feel my hand firmly grasping your growing desire?
The kneading of your needing growing stronger
Your breath quickening as the desire grows and grows and grows

Do you wish to gasp for air, Sir?

I cross the isle
Knees dirty and marred by the dirt of thousands
I release your caged urges
Plunging them down my throat, finally tasting the desires of days gone by

Do you want to feel this talent I have, Sir?

Tongue undulating in long strokes of my lips
Tightness surrounding you as my throat struggles to take its pleasure
The salty coating of my taste buds bursting with desire
Running circles around the rim with my tongue as I had so longed to do
Slurping up your forbidden desires

Do you wish to loosen your restraints, Sir?

Or, do you wish to take me
Rising from your seat to pin my face against the finger smudged glass
Of the door that has accepted and released the same throngs of thousands
Running your hands between my thighs from behind
Discovering the wetness that you always knew was waiting

Do you want?

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Secret Sir 2

Want to feel my deepest recesses and desires
My folds holding you hard and deep
Devouring your thrusts with every throbbing pulse
Receiving and worshiping your liquid offering
With an offering to you in return

Can I feel your raging cock, Sir?

We separate at the sudden jerk of a stop
Doors open, people scurry
I step out, in a daze, foggy, unclear
Only aware of the trickle of release streaming down the back of my calf

Oh, do you wish like I do, Sir?

Do you wish to find pleasure, unabandoned and desperate, Sir?

The train stops and before my mind catches up to reality
I see your lustful stare, and your desire being hidden by the newspaper you don’t read.

Is that hardness for me, Sir?

Am I the one you desire, Sir?

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Secret Sir 3

Written by Miss Amelia https://missameliaandsir.wordpress.com/

My Lady,

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Lady 1

As the trains race by, stop after stop into the city we ride
You read across from me daily, book after book, day after day
Only our eyes speak across the aisle

Do you wish for desire my lady?
A hand upon yours, holding yours, along a journey to writhe with me
Fingers interlocked with yours, someone to hold, control you into ecstasy
Do you wish this my lady ?

Whispers that tingle your senses, needles that run down neck
Your love for words, what words do you wish my lady?
Words moaned against your ear, intentions sighed upon your neck
Kisses that land on those sultry moist lips, inhale my words, my essence to desire you
Do you hear me, my lady ?

Is it the lure in my eyes, to undress you with desire, stroke lust upon your body
Skin so soft my hands melt with it, smoothly skim to barely make contact
Feel you quiver beneath my palms as I reach your swollen breast
How it fits perfectly into my hold as I hear you gasp for air
Do you wish to gasp for air, my lady ?

When i move my tongue across your salty skin, towards your wetness
Nibble and suck those stiff nipples, a rigid arousal beyond your limits
Do you want to feel this talent I have, my lady ?

Lapping between your folds as required by passion, by need
Up and down your sweet honey, lick after lick, savoring your pearl
Swirl, tease, pulsate your bud, submerge my tastebuds into your warmth

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Lady 2

Do you wish to loosen your restraints, my lady ?

Free to blanket your curves with my hardness
Come together, as oral sounds electrify motivation
Release those words you hold inside, within that resistance to let go
Let go and accept my fever to spell orgasm deep inside you
Do you want ?

Want, to feel me press deep inside of you my lady ?
My hands groping your ass, pin your hips to my face
Do you want me to swallow your juices my lady ?
Devour the velvet from inside your sex
Do you want to feel this raging cock my lady?

Thoughts of you spill over me, flood my mind with ecstasy
I want to master your release, let it go my lady
Release yourself from that seat and come to me, come with me
Do you wish my lady?

Wish, to writhe in such pleasures my lady ?

The train stops and before my mind catches up to reality
I see you blush, looking up from the spilled ink left on your lap

Are your panties wet with desire my lady ?

Am I the book you are yearning for my lady ?

Blog Post-10-25-15-My Secret Sir 3

Written by Daydreamwriter https://adaydreamwriter.wordpress.com/

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