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I Want a Fucking Play List

Blog Post-5-24-2016-I Want a Fucking Playlist


I want to put together a list of songs that are great to fuck to.  Maybe one that is good for the act itself.  Maybe another that would be good for impact play.  Maybe one that would be suitable to the times that Professor has no other intention than to make me serve his every whim.

This is where you all come in.  HELP ME PLEASE!  What is YOUR favorite song to horizontal mambo to?  What music is playing when you are inhaling all the oxygen out of the air just as that cane makes contact with your already rosy skin?  What do you listen to when you are sweaty, hot, passionate and running wild?

Please share with me and I will compile a nice set of lists that everyone can add to their iPods.

Blog Post-5-24-2016-I Want a Fucking Playlist2

Shouldn’t/Should Have

Blog Post-5-10-2016-Shouldn't Should Have (1)

I shouldn’t have made you my friend
I shouldn’t have made you even more
I shouldn’t want to hear you, see you, taste you, touch you
But I do.
I should have turned you away
I should have never let you get under my skin
I should have protected my heart, my thoughts and my desire from your invasion
But I didn’t.
I shouldn’t want to kiss you
I shouldn’t want to wrap my legs around you
I shouldn’t want to kneel in front of you and offer myself to you
But I do.
I should have been stronger
I should have been more steadfast in my convictions
I should have listened to all those voices that said you weren’t good for me and would break my heart
But I didn’t.

Blog Post-5-10-2016-Shouldn't Should Have (2)

Haiku Champion

Blog Post-5-5-2016-Haiku Champion

The pedestal falls

Leave me to my hard work friends

I build myself again


**This was unanimously chosen as the winner of a Haiku Competition in the Open Category.  Unfortunately, there were six syllables in the last sentence, so they didn’t feel they could award it first place, but decided to name it second place as a padded consolation.  It was also written by my 15 year old daughter.  I am one VERY PROUD Mother.  🙂

You and I

Blog Post-5-2-2016-You and I

I need
I want
I desire

To love
To provide
To submit

I think
I feel
I wonder if

You know
You pulsing through my veins
You feel it too

I say
I hear
I taste

Your name
Your heartbeat
Your consuming desire

I give
I take
I share

My surrender
Your command
My soul

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